One thought on “» Iranian Ayatollah: “War Within Weeks””

  1. More Islam always leads to more conflict. If they are not on an agenda to fight the non Muslim infidels, they are busy killing each other within thier own sects (Sunni vs Shia). And yet the media loves to annoint it “the religion of peace”!

    Does the ideology or spirit on Islam have anything to do with all this violence?
    As wrong as the catholic crusades were, does anyone realize that it started as retaliation to the constant jihad provocation by the Islamic empire first? Then suddenly the pope declares a new doctrine that dying in the cause of the crusades gets you a guaranteed ticket to heaven…sounds exactly like the Muslim concept of blowing yourself up to guarantee paradise. The pope didn’t just make all this up, his template for the crusade was infact Islamic jihad. You could argue that the pope himself got inspired by the same Islamic spirit!

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