10 Commandments on Display in New York

The oldest complete copy of the Ten Commandments is going on display as part of an exhibition in New York’s Time Square.

The document is part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and dates back to 30 B.C. This document is so rare and delicate, that this is likely to be the last time it will be on public display. After the exhibition the Ten Commandments scroll will be returned to it’s protective vault in Jerusalem.

The Ten Commandments have shaped our society and culture, and it is a great honor that the final public viewing of this scroll should be in Times Square, New York.

Times Square was once thought of as the centre of sin in New York. However, as ICOTG New York meets in this region we seek to change the atmosphere and rule and reign with Christ, so His Presence is in the city.



One thought on “10 Commandments on Display in New York”

  1. Q1: “Adam is the first Christ, even as Christ is the final Adam.” Adam/Eve were unique in all of God’s coirtean, made in the image and likeness of God and therefore sacred, ie. “set-apart” from all other aspects of coirtean. They were Holy! Do you agree? Do you feel love toward Adam & Eve? I’ve spent much time contemplating Adam is the first Christ, and I have to admit that I am not receiving it. I can receive Adam as the first Jesus; we are all God’s children. We are made in God’s image and likeness. It may be semantics, but for me it’s significant. For me, Jesus is fully man. But once we discuss Him as Christ, the Messiah, then He is fully God. Yes, we are God’s adopted children; I get that. But God is God. Do I need a little deliverance from a religious spirit or am I making any sense? Any thoughts?Are Adam and Eve holy? Yes. Do I feel love toward Adam and Eve? I’ve never really thought about them in that light. I’ve envied them, I’ve been angry with them, but now I respect them. True forgiveness came the evening we discussed the truth that God didn’t love Adam and Eve any less after their fall. They were naked before and they were naked after. Their behavior had not changed, but their perspective of God had. That truth shook me to the core. They did not jeopardize my relationship with God, so what’s there to be angry about? I forgive and I ask forgiveness for judging them. Yes, I love them.

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