Anti-surveillance Fashion on the Rise

Artists and fashion designers are coming up with ways to remain hidden in a world of surveillance cameras. Artists in London went walking the streets with bold make up across their faces in a bid to outsmart the cities facial recognition cameras. The Dazzle Club as they are called, used their form of camouflage to “reclaim ownership” of their image. Their walk was triggered by news that a private housing development was using sophisticated facial recognition technology to track people walking through its site without peoples permission.

Other companies have designed t-shirts with stylised faces or fake number plates in a bid to feed the surveillance systems with fake data. However, artists say their main purpose is to alert the public to the prevalence of surveillance in our daily lives.

One US artist,  Leonardo Selvaggio,  has even created 3D prosthetic copies of his own face. His reason, as well as disguising the wearers face; was to also feed to system false data- linking his face with multiple other bodies. Selvaggio’s company has since folded.

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