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Governors rush to slam door on Syrian refugees

Governors across the country are scrambling to close off their states to resettled Syrian refugees in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Paris that are linked to Islamic State extremists.

The list of states climbed quickly to 23 by Monday evening, after President Obama said that the U.S. would continue to accept refugees and denounced efforts to stop those fleeing violence from coming to the United States as “shameful.”

Governors of Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Alabama, Texas, Kansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas — a majority of them Republican — have said that they are seeking to stop the relocation of new Syrian refugees to their states out of fear that violent extremists posing as refugees might gain entry to the country.


Dickinson College to open a ‘Gate of Hell’ to evoke 750 evil entities from the underworld- What a Blessing !! 21 days later watch the destruction- dumb babies…

The BULL….

Buddhist monks formerly of Tibet from Drepung Monastery’s Gomang College will visit Dickinson College for a five-day residency beginning Tuesday.

The residency serves as part of the monks’ Sacred Arts tour of the United States, which gives spectators the chance to experience various Tibetan cultural traditions.

During their time on campus, the monks will construct a mandala (a spiritual symbol representing the universe) out of colored sand; perform a puja, a spiritual showcase of prayer and ritual; and perform a cultural program with traditional Tibetan dances and chants. Additionally, the monks will have the opportunity to interact with Dickinson students and staff in classrooms and in the dining hall.

“The monks are traveling the country for one year sharing their culture and offering prayers,” said Clarke Forum Program Manager Jolie Rankin. “It should be a really interesting experience.”



With all this Muslim terrorism plaguing the world, perhaps it is time to take a look at a country not suffering the same fate and analyze exactly why that is…

…Muslim terrorists can be proud: their share in world terrorist attacks is now close to 100%.

What Japan did to avoid problems related to Muslims was much simpler and cheaper; Japan is practically closed to Muslims.

Officially, immigration to Japan is not closed to Muslims. But the number of the immigration permits given to the applicants from Islamic countries is very low. Obtaining a working visa is not easy for adepts of Islam, even if they are physicians, engineers and managers sent by foreign companies that are active in the region. As a result, Japan is “a country without Muslims”.

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Why so many illegal aliens? Elections are won by Electoral Votes, Electoral votes are granted on the size of the population of a city not on the size of legal citizens in that city.

This may come as a shock to many people, but representation in Congress is based on total population, not on the number of citizens.

An influx of illegal immigrants changes the political map dramatically.

That is why “they” do not care if they are “legal” are not. Just bring them in.

Even if illegal immigrants cannot actually vote, they as a group, generally flood the already Democratic utopias (large U.S. cities) that already vote 80% + Democratic.

This gives those places more electoral college votes even if there are not more citizens.

This also gives those places more members of the House of Representatives (also taking those members away from other smaller (usually more conservative) states & towns.

This is the “fair” system that is being used against us.

Not enforcing the deportation of illegal foreigners has rigged the electoral college.

Founding fathers never thought laws would be cherry-picked to be or not be enforced.

This is why when you look at a voting patterns map of the United States county by county over the last two decades you see islands of blue surrounded by oceans of red.

Spencer Stone, hero in French train attack, in reportedly in stable condition after stabbing

Days earlier another one of the hero’s school in Oregon is shot up after the gunman searched school enrollment records days before the shooting, though he was enrolled in school, he was at rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars.

Now Obama wants to bring in thousands of muslim refugees… Obamas dad was muslim.
EPA set to crash Americas economy.

Russian gangs trying to sell radioactive material to Isil terrorists in Moldova

By Roland Oliphant, Moscow, video source Moldovan Police / APTN6:10PM BST 07 Oct 2015

Moldovan authorities have teamed up with the FBI in push to prevent nuclear material falling into the hands of Islamic State extremists in the Middle East and Africa.

Moldovan police working with the FBI have disrupted a string of attempts by gangs in the former Soviet Republic to sell radioactive materials to Islamic extremists, including a putative deal to supply Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) terrorists with enough caesium to contaminate several city blocks.

No less than four such attempts by groups with suspected Russian connections have been interrupted in the past few years, the sellers repeatedly seeking out buyers who would use the radioactive products to target the United States.

The alarming findings, made in an Associated Press (AP) investigation based on documents provided by Moldovan police, raises fresh concerns about unaccounted for materials taken from vast stockpiles of radioactive substances when the Soviet Union collapsed 24 years ago.

And to make matters worse, investigators have warned that the recent break down in intelligence sharing and inter-governmental cooperation between the United States and Russia has created a favourable environment for future nuclear smuggling operations.

“We can expect more of these cases,” said Contantin Malic, a Moldovan police officer who took part in all four investigations. “As long as the smugglers think they can make big money without getting caught, they will keep doing it,” he told AP.

But he warned that attempts to round up the ringleaders of the smuggling rings have been thwarted by a police tendency to swoop in the early stages of a deal – often catching front men, but giving masterminds further up the chain time to flee.

In the case involving the caesium, the would-be smuggler wanted €2.5 million (£1.8 million) for enough of the highly radioactive substance to contaminate several city streets with a dirty bomb.

When police broke up the deal in a dramatic raid in February, they recovered a single vial of caesium in a less radioactive form than the gang had said it could provide – possibly a case of false advertising. Moldovan officials said the most serious case they had encountered was in 2011, when a middle man working for a Russian called Alexander Agheenco tried to sell bomb-grade Uranium 235, along with bomb designs, to a Sudanese buyer. The seller reportedly insisted that the product went to “an Islamic buyer” because he could be sure that they would use it against Americans.

Eastern Europe is not the only potential source of radioactive material for would-be nuclear terrorists. Transnistria is known to have had some stockpiles of radioactive material when it split from Moldova in a war in the 1990s.

Isil militants seized up to 40 kilograms of uranium compounds from Mosul University when they overran the northern Iraqi city last summer.

In a letter to Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations secretary general, Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim, the Iraqi ambassador to the UN, warned that the compounds, which are not believed to have contained enriched uranium, “can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it separate or in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts.” He also warned it could be smuggled out of Iraq.