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In December Mr. Williamson was arrested for hate crimes against the state for telling his 10 year old boy that “anal sex was not only wrong but that a plethora of deceases arise from such practice” allegedly forcing his son to read it for himself from the Bible.

After his son read this, he told his 11 year old “gay” boyfriend at school and the teacher overheard and brought this to the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center who immediately picked up the case.

Within two weeks Mr. & Mrs Williamson’s son Tommy, was forcibly removed from his biological parents home by Child Protective Services and was placed in a foster home with Mr. and Mr. Joe Robberson until the child’s fate could be determined by the courts.

During his trial Mr. Williamson backed up his claim that anal sex is not God’s way and many diseases come from this practice stating “just because the Affordable Health Care Act will pick up the additional health burden on the failing US economy, is it really right to teach children unsafe sexual practices?”

This did not fair well with the San Francisco judge being homosexual himself, and very quickly it was determined by the courts that Tommy’s Bible reading parents, were imparting hate to their child, and for his protection, Tommy was made a ward of the Court.

Two weeks later Mr. & Mr. Joe Robberson, Tommy’s foster parents during this time, filed a petition to adopt Tommy, whom they had both fallen in love with stating: “We can give Tommy the love and up bringing every child in the United States deserves and is provided for under the law.” Mr Robberson cried to Mr. Joe Robberson “I can’t imagine the emotional damage Tommy could have suffered, being raised with that hateful world view his biological mother and father were imparting to him. Every child has the right to have anal sex with whom ever and how many partners he chooses and decide for himself if he likes it, without being told that behavior is against his own body and against God”.

Within 2 months, Mr. & Mr. Joe Robberson adopted Tommy, and now Tommy’s thinking is strait. (Pardon the pun) “Finally Tommy understands true love and acceptance of all people. Tommy has completed our barren marriage in a way we never could have known without him, and united us as a true American law abiding family”.

In addition Mr. & Mr Robberson, filed a restraining order against Mr. Williamson who is now serving time for violating that restraining order to see his son. Mr. Williamson could not be reached for comment as he is now in solitary confinement for the duration.


The Catholic Church’s top exorcist, who claims to have sent 160,000 demons back to hell, says he wants Pope Francis to allow all priests to start performing the ritual to deal with a rising demand for exorcisms from the faithful.
Father Gabriele Amorth, 88, who also heads the International Association of Exorcists, told The Sunday Times that he will ask Pope Francis to allow all priests the right to do exorcisms without the church’s approval. According to the report, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite and it is rarely granted.
“I will ask the Pope to give all priests the power to carry out exorcisms, and to ensure priests are properly trained for these starting with the seminary. There’s a huge demand for them,” said Father Amorth.
He explained that he was inspired to make the request after watching Pope Francis perform what he insists was an exorcism on a man “possessed by four demons” in St. Peter’s Square.
“The Pope is also the Bishop of Rome, and like any bishop he is also an exorcist,” Amorth reportedly told La Repubblica newspaper. “It was a real exorcism. If the Vatican has denied this, it shows that they understand nothing.”
“There was now, more than ever, a need for exorcists to combat people possessed by ‘sorcerers’ and ‘Satanists,'” he noted in that report.
An 84-page update of exorcism rites compiled in 1614 and drawn up in 1998 stipulates how Catholic priests trained as exorcists should operate. According to the guidelines established by the church, they have to follow a ritual known as “De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam,” or “Of exorcisms and certain supplications.”
Amorth explained that Pope Francis’ exorcism on May 19 helped to balance the growing atheism in the world where people don’t believe in the devil anymore.
“We live in an age in which God has been forgotten. And wherever God is not present, the Devil rules,” said Amorth.
“Today, unfortunately, bishops don’t appoint sufficient exorcists. We need many more. I hope that Rome will send out directives to bishops around the world calling on them to appoint more exorcists.”
Amorth is also an outspoken critic of yoga and Harry Potter books and dismissed them as ungodly hobbies.
“Practicing yoga brings evil as does reading Harry Potter. They may both seem innocuous but they both deal with magic and that leads to evil,” he said.
In addressing Harry Potter, he said: “People think it is an innocuous book for children but it’s about magic and that leads to evil. In Harry Potter the devil is at work in a cunning and crafty way, he is using his extraordinary powers of magic and evil.”
“Satan is always hidden and the thing he desires more than anything is for people to believe he does not exist,” he noted. “He studies each and every one of us and our tendencies towards good and evil and then he tempts us.”

(FYI that was not an Exorcism… nothing came out!)

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The world’s tax havens must be “eradicated” and French banks must declare all of their subsidiaries, declared French President Francois Hollande today.

Presenting a draft law “moralising” french public life, he also has demanded that all 37 ministers disclose their personal wealth and assets by this Monday, following the recent tax fraud scandals by leading government figures in France.

As his popularity since election last year dwindles, President Holland said French banks “will have to publish every year the full list of their subsidiaries in the world, country by country”. “They will also have to explain their business”, he said.

“In other words it won’t be possible for a bank to hide transactions carried out in a tax haven.”  In addition, “a high-level authority will be created to monitor the assets and interests of ministers, members of parliament and top elected officials“, he said.

Mr Hollande said a new national, specialist prosecutor would focus on corruption, with tougher penalties for those found guilty of fraud.

The banking system across Europe is being shaken once again, following recent banking scares in Cyprus, where Russian investors lost billions of Euros deposited in Cypriot banks. The government decided on an immediate tax on all accounts over 100,000 Euros and banks closed for a whole week while they negotiated an EU bailout deal, to prevent a run on their banks.  Some sources claimed Cyprus was a “tax haven” and a “money laundering” center, though today Cyprus announced citizenship rules are to be relaxed in Cyprus to encourage foreign investors who lost 3 million Euros under the Cyprus EU bailout deal last month.

The reaction of the french banks, and the rest of the corporate world, to Francois Hollande’s proposals will make interesting reading over the next few days.



Hopi tribe masks fetch record prices at Paris auction


A "Chof Cachina" sacred mask of the Arizona's Hopi native American tribe
The Hopi say the masks are blessed with the spirits of their ancestors

A mask from a native American tribe in Arizona has fetched 160,000 euros (£135,000) at auction in Paris, more than three times the pre-sale estimate.

Friday’s auction of 70 masks fetched some 930,000 euros after a legal challenge to stop the sale failed.

Lawyers for the Hopi tribe had asked for the auction to be cancelled on the grounds that the masks must have been stolen from the tribe.

It considers them sacred and blessed with divine spirits.

Auctioneers, however, say the masks had been bought and sold in the past and were legally acquired.

They said blocking the sale would have implications for the trade of indigenous art and could potentially force French museums to hand back collections they have bought.

‘Criminal gesture’

The masks – mysterious looking faces fashioned from wood, leather, horse hair and feathers, and painted in a vivid array of colours – are spiritual artefacts thought to have been taken from a reservation in northern Arizona in the 1930’s and 40’s.

To Hopi Indians they are sacred – tools through which the living can communicate with the spirits of the dead.



International Church of the Gates, New York, was officially started 31st March 2005, and is about to celebrate it’s eighth anniversary.

The official opening coincided with the sword of William Wallace being paraded through the streets of New York; the first time the sword had left Scotland in 700 years.

The church was planted in Manhattan New York, in order to build a spiritual wall of protection around the city, so the city would be protected from further destruction like that seen on 9/11.

For many years DPM (founder of the church) was inspired by Mel Gibson’s films and has been revealing the Biblical stories or the spirit the films were of, illustrating spiritual truths.

For example: Braveheart – William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson), couldn’t understand why those leaders whom we admire that seek to rule over us, (represented by the “religious system” currently in place) compromised with the enemy instead of destroying him.

Since these leaders wouldn’t fight, God Himself rose up from the ranks of the common man in Scotland, one of the spirit of David if you will, a man to raise an army to overthrow the ruling demonic principalities (then represented by England).  He gathered some comrades together and did battle, and Scotland (God’s people) were free of the ruling principality forever.

The same sword used by the actual historical William Wallace, has never left Scotland and has remained as a historical treasure for over 700 years to this day!

Scotland prophesied, the enemy would never have William Wallace’s sword!

This sword has ALWAYS meant FREEDOM! (as Mel Gibson so eloquently put it!)

Before the New Years Trip to Manhattan NY, DPM had no desire whatsoever to go.

But told God he would be obedient and asked if God would please warm up the weather for him.

Results? 2005 News Years Eve in Times Square was one of the warmest in centuries.

The day before leaving for NY, Prophets told DPM that men would begin to hear what DPM had been speaking for years, as the rule of the religious vail was broken.

Then, at the end of the New Years Eve trip God gave DPM a dream, a ruling principality, confronting DPM says: “You stole my WATCH, and I want it back!

DPM understood this to mean one level of controlling spirit had lost it’s foot hold over the city/nation, and that the fight was on to completely eradicate that which resisted the rule of the Spirit of God over our media cities, which control our perception of God and the perception over our nation.

The spirit DPM took the “watch” from, represents a ‘religious spirit’, which blinds many of today’s Christians as to the gifting and power of the Holy Spirit that God has given us, so we could truly rule and reign over ALL the works of the enemy!

What does all this have to do with the new church plant in New York?


Thursday March 31 2005, the New York Church in Manhattan NY officially opened.

Friday April 1 2005 the sword of William Wallace, which represents freedom from tyranny, left Scotland for the first time in 700 years and arrived in New York!

Saturday April 2 2005, Pope John Paul II died. In a sense, this represents the old religious system or procedure that is passing away, making way for a fresh, new move of God that indeed is already here.

And on the eve of the anniversary, only one month ago, did the following Pope quit his office…


Over the last 2 days, the Supreme Court have heard the arguments for and against the Defense of Marriage Act, 1996,  which currently defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

The main issues raised in the Supreme Court this week touched on the role of individual State decisions to allow gay marriage, (so far in 9 States), and the 1100 federal laws which affect all States and define marriage in the traditional way.

If federal law redefines “marriage”, what happens in the 41 States who have voted against same sex marriage?

Would they be forced to accept it?  The majority have not yet decided…..

Therefore, the argument to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, seen as the “problem” area in terms of the law, became the central issue.

The question raised by the judges were essentially, “How can we get around this definition, to embrace all “types” of marriage so they are all treated the same under the law”.

Simple:  If this is about money/taxes and benefits – which the court case seemed to be saying – then call “marriage” between a man and a woman “marriage” and any other type of union a “civil partnership” within the DOMA definition.  Add those words to the federal law and it’s done.

But isn’t it instead about the longer term consequences on our society, to change it beyond recognition?
…are we allowed to say “No” or “lets just wait and see” without offending somebody? Do we have a choice?

Consider this;
1.    If marriage is redefined, where will it stop?  If the criteria is sexual orientation based, rather than biological (one man/ one woman), other groups who think differently about marriage could demand  “equal rights”.

For example:  Could marriage then become legal between one man and two or more woman, as in Muslim societies?  Could they bring a challenge under Sharia Law regarding marriage in the US in States which have strong Muslim communities?

2.  Lesbian, gay, transgender relationships,  are very new to society compared to the traditional marriage set up as defined for hundreds of years.  Children are secure in families and parents try to protect them from minority group influence they may disagree with.

Events such as the Folsom Street Fair, which allows all those with “different” ideas of sexual deviance, to display their “affections” in public.  Psychologists are now suggesting pedophilia is becoming likened to homosexuality.  These developments of “freedom of expression” could become common-place in our local communities as “normal” behavior.

Will those who disagree with the same-sex marriage ruling now be penalized if they don’t comply? Will church Pastors who disagree be sued if they don’t marry same-sex couples?  This has already happened in parts of Canada.

Most of the push toward gay marriage began in San Francisco and so it is not surprising that the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act started with Proposition 8, (the ruling of the people banning same-sex marriage) being challenged from California.

After World War II the US military dropped off it’s embarrassing gay recruits in San Francisco around Haight & Ashbury. At the same time the Hindu invasion lead by the Beatles and several Yogis entered our society. It is important to note here, this was all happening right after the fall of Hitler and his friend the Dalai Lama.

This was a spiritual invasion into western society that very few understand, but everything we are seeing is exactly what happened in Germany before “Nazi” Germany… it too was a “spiritual” invasion of these eastern deities.. This level of Occult is exactly WHY China kicked the Dalai Lama out and indeed fights anyone to this day, who promotes him.. but that’s another story.

Today in this same region of San Francisco it is normal to see naked people walking the streets in bondage and live anal sex acts performed for a world audience all streamed live to subscribers, being created and broadcast from the San Francisco Armory. NOTE: the court, government buildings and the federal reserve are all in the same neighborhood, and those who work in them, live work and play with their neighbors. Yes indeed this government sold the San Francisco Armory to the sex bondage company and were/are very aware of what they are doing in these “Upper Room” sexual debauchery events.

It is also important to note that during Arnold Schwarzenegger reign as Governor of California, Maria Shriver, under the tutelage of the Dalai Lama was brought in to influence “Woman’s Groups” and indeed first hand accounts of Maria putting the screws to Arnold, to sign Gay marriage or else… Once he did, and was no longer Governor, Maria let it fly about the child Arnold had 10 years prior and divorced to gain 250 million dollars to further invest in setting up his un-holinessines the Dalai Lama as the new Pope of the world…but this too is another story.

Harvey Milk, played by Sean Penn, was a close friend of the infamous Jim Jones, who used his sexual christian cult and black followers, to indeed, vote and re-vote, by busing them around to different precincts, getting elected those who would block the feds from investigating him. Harvey Milk indeed diverted a federal investigation away from Jim Jones. What bed fellows? forgive the pun, but facts are facts.

One person lead the movement through a relationship from San Francisco into the East Village in Manhattan NY and from their spawned the movement we see today.

Their focus were “Seats of Power”, Government, San Francisco Supreme Court, and Media Manhattan New York.

Important to note that despite the good citizens of California striking down gay marriage, out of San Francisco Supreme Court the Gay judge, involved with his neighbors and friends, as described above, over turned millions of voters in favor of the sexual deviance coming out of his neighborhood, to indeed affect the entire world.

Fox recently asked “Why do the muslims hate us?” Could it be the immorality we push via our media to an unsuspecting world?

Marriage as an institution has already suffered at the hands of historical social “norms”. In western society today we are reaping the legacy of the “progressive” 70’s and 80’s era of drug addiction and sex outside of marriage, with abortion used as the latest form of birth control today.  Where does someone’s moral opinion count?

Who is paying the price?  Our children of course !

The court mentioned that this was very much in the experimental stage –  to see the affects long term requires a 40 year span of time before the affects on children and family could be measured effectively.

So,…..will we see more mentally mixed up and abused children grabbing guns and mass shootings?  Who can tell…

Where is the nurturing mother in a sodomite male on male union who adopt children?  Nature made women nurturers……so how will this work?

Our future generations are at stake, and therefore the Supreme Courts decision will be life changing for us all .

3.   The country is already in crisis from a financial recession and on the verge of breakdown – Has the cost of this decision really been calculated?

In financial terms – who will pay the extra benefits and cover the loss of revenue, if this opens the floodgates for every “type” of “challenge” to federal law, decided by a minority group?

Note: California is on the verge of collapse and it is the largest economy in the USA. Depending on how this case goes, it could take California over the edge…
Has the cost been counted?

Isn’t this case about more than discrimination to a minority group who wish to achieve benefits for themselves?

Isn’t the real issue brought before the Supreme Court fundamentality challenging the solid principles of our society?

Legal discussions take no account of the implications on our society in general, because they decide on the individual outcome on a case by case basis usually. However, with the DOMA question, their vital decision will rule over the desires of ALL individual States, (the majority of whom have not embraced gay marriage), and shows clearly that the Law will not protect our nation from erosion and harm, where moral or spiritual issues are at stake. Let us hope they make a decision for the greater good, rather than just the legal dilemma brought before them.



View Mattie Kelly Arts Center FL in a larger map

Mattie Kelly Arts Center

Niceville, Florida

February 5, 2013

Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery created a sand mandala at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College.

Half of the sand from the mandala was given to the people present for the ceremony. The other half was dispersed into an unnamed body of water nearby.


Sheriff: New Mexico teen planned family shootings
Jan 23, 2013 12:30 PM EST
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The New Mexico teen accused of killing his parents and three siblings is portrayed in charging documents as a teen haunted by homicidal and suicidal thoughts that included fantasies of killing his girlfriend’s parents and gunning down random people at a Wal-Mart.

To his family, he was a bright, curious and talented musician who played in the church choir. He also was a champion wrestler who dreamed of following his family’s long tradition of military service, and a boy who accompanied his pastor father on rescue missions to Mexico.

In a statement issued Tuesday night on behalf of family, the boy’s uncle Eric Griego described those traits, and called on the media and the public not to use 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego “as a pawn for ratings or to score political points.”

“He is a troubled young man who made a terrible decision that will haunt him and his family forever,” the statement said.



View Lone Star College Shooting in a larger map


Jan. 22, 2013,

Lone Star College, Houston Texas

At least three people were injured in a shooting incident at Lone Star Community College, including one gunman.  Another woman near the incident suffered a heart attack, however, no deaths were reported.

The Houston shooting comes only a month after the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Elementary School that ended with 26 people dead — including 20 children ages 6 and 7.

3 wounded, 2 detained in Texas college shooting


These people live in Sandy Hook Connecticut.
They are both “Inspired” by the atmosphere over Sandy Hook…
What do you think?


View New Mexico Teen kills family in a larger map

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jan. 22, 2013

Nehemiah Griego, 15 yr old son of a former pastor, shot and killed both his parents and three siblings.

He had also planned to go on another killing spree at the local Walmart with his 12 year old girlfriend, with possible plans to also kill her parents.  Instead, the boy and his girlfriend on Sunday evening reported that his parents died in a car crash.  A church staff member made a call to 911.

This comes just a month after the Newtown Connecticut shooting by another young man, 20 year old Adam Lanza.