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Thousands of anti-Trump activists in New York City claim they will converge on Trump Tower this weekend to protest the billionaire’s so-called “fascist policies.”

A Facebook page set up by Cosmopolitan Anti-fascists has roughly 5,000 RSVPs for a protest at the 68-story building hovering over 5th Avenue. The event, which appears to be the Big Apple’s attempt to answer anti-Trump protests March 11 in Chicago, will be held Saturday at noon. Approximately 15,000 people said they are interested in attending.

“Trump’s policy threatens many of us in the Black, Latino, LGBT, Muslim and other communities. These policies and this type of speech has no place in this country, and certainly does not have a place in the city that Trump grew his empire in, which is considered such a melting pot and home for many of the same people Trump continues to wage war on,” the group’s invitation states. “Join us at Columbus Circle as we march to Trump Tower as we say no to hate, no to divisiveness, no to fascist policies and, most importantly, no to Donald J. Trump.”

Trump, the front-runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, canceled a campaign event at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion last Friday over security concerns. Thousands of protesters tested the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Fire Department, the Secret Service and the FBI until the rally was scrapped., which receives funds from billionaire George Soros, took partial credit for shutting down the rally. The group told supporters in an email, “This is what standing up to hate looks like – and it’s a huge win for student and community organizers who knew they were risking their own safety by taking action,” Mediaite reported March 11.

Four people were arrested and two Chicago cops suffered injuries trying to restore order.

As busy as March has been for anti-Trump activists, they show no signs of letting up in April. The hacking group Anonymous announced plans of waging a large-scale digital war on the Republican starting April 1.

“We need you to shut down his websites, research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know,” an individual wearing a Guy Fawkes mask said in a YouTube video posted March 4. “We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand. … This is a call to arms.”

Democracy Spring, which has been endorsed by Soros-funded groups, the Institute for Policy Studies and Demos, has planned the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The group will head to the U.S. Capitol next month to protest “billionaires and big money interests” during a sit-in from April 11 through April 18.

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“We will demand that Congress listen to the people and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do – or until they send thousands of us to jail,” the group’s website states, WND reported Thursday.

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‘Anonymous’ claims it has hacked Trump’s personal info

Anonymous is the NAZI group, threatening peoples personal freedom, hiding behind the internet, trying to rule using mafia tactics in-sighting the blacks, muslims, Illegals and the LGBT to destroy him, giving out his personal information and the addresses of his family?

The Right, The Left, The Media, The Establishment, The Fringe Element… why are so many against Trump?

Maybe cause he’s the one !

So popular vote of the culture can only be controlled by threatening Trump’s family? And you though you’re neighbors were sane?

Mass Exorcism Needed: Mexico Swept by Wave of Satanic Killings

Mexico is being swept by a wave of satanic ritual killings with exorcists saying there is an unprecedented demand for their services.

Father José Antonio Fortea, a leading Mexican exorcist, who once ordered the mass exorcism of the whole country, has warned of an increase in satanic ritual killings.

He said that “devil worship” stemmed from the so-called cult of Santa Muerte, depicted as a human corpse with all the flesh picked off the bones, and dressed like a bride for her wedding.

The name means “Holy Death” – and it harks back to the days when to be sacrificed to the Aztec gods was considered the greatest honor.

“The vampire fad is something that’s very close to Satanism,” Father Fortea stated.

Edwin Juarez Palma, a 24-year-old restaurant worker, was beaten, strangled and had his neck slashed with a broken bottle by the proponents of the vampire cult during a ceremony intended to turn him into a vampire, the Sun wrote.

Police said that the young man was killed after being fooled into taking part in an initiation ceremony to become part of a satanic cult called the Sons of Baphomet 1.

Instead he was tortured after having his hands tied behind his back after one of the alleged killers persuaded the others that their victim should be sacrificed so he could return to life as a vampire. Two men and one woman, later arrested in connection with the killing, admitted that they belonged to the Sons of Bahomet 1 cult.

Police Chief Pablo Rocha said: “This crime took place during an initiation ceremony led by a satanic sect called Sons of Baphomet 1 during which the victim was supposed to become a vampire.”

The Mexican drug cartels reportedly pray to Santa Muerte for protection from the police and from death. They ask the skeletal saint to watch over their shipments of drugs and offer up human sacrifices to her.

Father Fortea linked the rise of satanic cults to secularism.

“The more a society abandons the ways of God, the more cases of Satanism. The more a nation is Christian, the fewer the cases of devil worship,” he said.


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Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions

By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Pentagon is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do, from testing weapons to training troops to war planning to joint exercises with allies.

A new directive’s theme: The U.S. Armed Forces must show “resilience” and beat back the threat based on “actionable science.”

The Pentagon defines resilience to climate change as: “Ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from disruptions.”

To four-star generals and admirals, among them the regional combatant commanders who plan and fight the nation’s wars, the directive tells them: “Incorporate climate change impacts into plans and operations and integrate DoD guidance and analysis in Combatant Command planning to address climate change-related risks and opportunities across the full range of military operations, including steady-state campaign planning and operations and contingency planning.”

The directive, “Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience,” is in line with President Obama’s view that global warming is the country’s foremost national security threat, or close to it. Mr. Obama says there is no debate on the existence of man-made global warming and its ensuing climate change. Supporters of this viewpoint label as “deniers” any scientists who disagree.



January 30, 2016

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has decided not to take any further action against David Petraeus, a former U.S. military commander and CIA director who pleaded guilty to mishandling classified information, according to a letter seen by Reuters.

The short letter was sent by Stephen Hedger, the assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs, and the decision is in line with an Army review.

It was addressed to Senate Armed Service Committee Chairman Senator John McCain and Senator Jack Reed, who had recently asked Carter not to take further action.

The Pentagon could have potentially sought to further reprimand Petraeus under military law.

In April, the retired four-star general was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay a $100,000 fine but was spared prison time after pleading guilty to mishandling classified information.

Petraeus, a counter-insurgency expert with a Princeton University doctorate, served stints as the top U.S. commander in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was once considered a possible vice presidential or presidential candidate.

He resigned from the CIA in 2012 after it was revealed that he was having an affair with his biographer, Army Reserve officer Paula Broadwell.

The Pentagon declined to comment.



“Gray State” Film Family Killed, Labeled ”Murder-Suicide” – Dead For Weeks
David Crowley, aged 29, had headed up a small crew for an ongoing full-feature and highly anticipated production called Gray State. The project had been in the works for over four years. A description excerpt from the film’s website, which raised over $61,000 from fans:

The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order.

Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control. Fearmongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance – these are the terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone becomes a terror suspect….

The following concept trailer has amassed nearly one million views since its YouTube debut in 2012:

In a stomach-churning turn of events, the filmwriter/producer David Crowley, his 28-year-old wife Komel, and young daughter, Rani, were found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home – after not being seen or heard from since before Christmas.

Most of the information about the discovery centers on neighbor Collin Prochnow who saw packages piling up and decided to check up and ring the door bell, when he glanced in the window and saw all three Crowleys on the floor, that “just didn’t look human.” He had actually told his wife there were dummies [mannequins] on the floor along with a black handgun, before calling police. But the police reported finding people who were “obviously dead.”

How can an entire family, including a five-year-old daughter go unnoticed for so long? All reports indicate that their bodies had been on the living room floor since before Christmas. The neighbor figures that it happened before Christmas, as packages were piling up at the Crowley home and there was no activity stemming from the home since before then. Reportedly, family and at least one colleague tried unsuccessfully to reach them before Christmas. The actual cause or time of death has not been released. By Sunday, the previously crowded mailbox and front stoop were bare.

Mainstream media have labeled it an apparent “murder-suicide” but – hear for yourself what police found when they arrived on January 17th….

Audio of the police communication is public and at around 2:35 mentions that the officers found the rear sliding door unlocked, and slightly ajar.

Notably, there is no suicide note. Details linking the event to a murder-suicide have not been released except to call it “apparent.” A black handgun on the floor next to the family is, so far, where the investigative details end. In other words, definitive information of what happened to the Crowleys is either unknown or unreleased.

Yet, in a low attempt to frame the entire situation, Daily Mail headlined their story “Gun-enthusiast, his dietitian wife and their five-year-old daughter lay dead from murder-suicide in their suburban home for WEEKS before neighbors discovered them” and featured pictures of Crowley in movie gear, including a gas mask, and unflattering pictures of his wife Komel who had been a nutritional dietitian. Whereas many headlines will feature stories of former veterans with reverence, Daily Mail has decided that this means lunacy and have obviously framed Crowley as the instigator. With so few details known, that is an incredibly disrespectful and reactionary way to create a different story stemming from a tragic event.

Other headlines have followed similar suits here, here and here by sculpting their own summations of his film project, using selective comments, and pointing to gun-lovin’ Instagram photos which might actually be showing mere movie props. The exploitation fires have been stoked by neighbors’ comments of Crowley wearing fatigues, having tattoos and short-cropped hair – which, in any other context wouldn’t be newsworthy in the least.

Not only should the police audio warrant some pause, but also the strangeness that no one in the neighborhood heard or witnessed any commotion leading to the family’s death, nor barking from a hungry dog that survived for weeks after the event. The neighbor who reported the discovery had shoveled their driveway a couple times, and his wife noticed that the curtains had been wide open when they were usually closed. Upon further reflection, Prochnow remembers a night in December when he awoke to something like gunshots but did not think on it anymore until Saturday when he made the call.

Even the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office who are assisting the Apple Valley Police Department with the investigation, confirm that “they are treating the death as ‘suspicious.’”

No other details are have been released by investigators at this time.

In 2013, Michael T. Winter, a contributor for Activist Post, wrote a speculative op-ed entitled “Is Gray State a Psy-ops?” which garnered considerable commentary from supporters of the film. David Crowley reached out to Winter and together they created an interesting follow up Q&A that includes an editor’s note, and significant openness on Crowley’s part. Winter reportedly went on to be a script consultant for the film.

The Gray State Facebook page hasn’t been updated since late November 2014. Gray State: The Rise was a dual non-fiction project that was to feature interviews with Col. Douglas McGregor, Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Abby Martin, Dan Dicks, Jordan Page, Jason Bermas, Aaron Dykes, Matt Medina, and many more. After experiencing a data wipeout, the crew mentioned they were working to get back on track and were on the brink of releasing The Rise film online for free. It was during this time, that he and business partner Mitch Heil parted ways.


San Bernardino: This Would Never Happen at a Real Terrorist Shooting Crime Scene

(Truthstream Media) Just in case you weren’t absolutely sure, the dog is absolutely being wagged in San Bernardino.

Never in a million years would what you are about to see happen at a real terrorist mass shooting crime scene.

Reporters from every mainstream media outlet you can think of swarmed the apartment of mass shooting suspects Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, the couple we have been told are the ISIS-pledged terrorists who shot 14 people at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino just two days ago.

In one of the most insane things you might ever see, dozens of “journalists” with camera crews rampaged a fresh crime scene, stomping all over everything, touching stuff without gloves as they rummaged through the couple’s belongings like it was a flea market going out of business or a Black Friday Christmas sale instead of part of an ongoing investigation of what America has been told is the deadliest shooting since Sandy Hook and an ISIS-linked terror attack on U.S. soil.