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The Master Loses Control of Its Flock: Underserved Cast Overacts in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Pretentious Sermon | Observer

Cringing at cinema’s latest in a line of ‘lobotomized catatonia,’ our critic laments the golden years


I never cease to be amused by the pile of unmitigated crap that gets shoveled off onto the moviegoing public by pretentious critics. They’re at it again with The Master, a load of film-festival tripe that was BOOED IN VENICE and greeted with MASSIVE WALKOUTS IN TORONTO but is now being defended in an organized rescue mission that hopes to develop a minor cult following in New York before the whole thing mercifully vanishes in a puff of twaddle. With an embarrassing, overwrought performance by the dependably creeped-out Joaquin Phoenix…

With so many amateurs who run what’s left of the once-great movie industry making bad movies that pander to an easy-to-satisfy youth market that doesn’t care what it’s watching as long as the projectors keep running, and with so many bogus producers who used to be parking lot attendants at the Brown Derby always miraculously raising the money to make more, one thing is certain: no matter how rotten the movie is that you just suffered through, there’s always another one on its way that is 10 times worse. Paul Thomas Anderson, the egomaniacal writer-director of The Master, is a member of the new group of anarchists that includes Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze, David O. Russell, freaky Todd Solondz and the dismally overrated, no-talent Charlie Kaufman, who wins critical praise for writing incoherent movies about why he can’t write coherent movies. Abominations like the neo-Kafka burlesqueSynedoche, New York are algebraic extensions of all of them put together—eccentric but brainless. And now The Master, which follows in a perfect line—all style and no content—and therefore offers no fresh equation of its own.

Call The Master whatever you want, but lobotomized catatonia from what I call the New Hacks can never take the place of well-made narrative films about real people that tell profound stories for a broader and more sophisticated audience. Fads come and go, but as Walter Kerr used to say, “I’ll yell tripe whenever tripe is served.”

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Kanye West raps about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

How charming. Kanye West is proud of his “perfect bitch” Kim Kardashian and her sex tape.

TMZ has heard West’s new single “Clique,” in which he references his girlfriend’s infamous sex tape from 2007.

West raps: “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

If there’s any doubt who Yeezy could be rapping about, consider the title of Kardashian’s sex tape: “Kim Kardashian Superstar.”

West is a “self-described porn connoisseur,” according to TMZ, which also notes that Kardashian credits her initial fame to the film.

What a perfect pair.

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“Nobel Peace Prize? You didn’t earn that. Somebody else made that happen.”  Jon Lovitz, a former Saturday Night Live comedian and critic of President Obama.

Lovitz of course is referring to some of Obama’s comments “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,”.

Source Jon Lovitz criticizes President Obama | PopWatch |

Katie Holmes went stealth to leave Tom Cruise and Scientology

On July 11 a new report about Katie Holmes showed that the soon-to-be ex-wife of Tom Cruise used stealth methods to leave him and his religion of Scientology.
According to “Extra” via several sources, Holmes took special measures to end her marriage by using disposable cell phones to orchestrate this move that apparently had been long in coming for the actress who had been wed to Cruise for five years.
 While Tom was filming his newest movie called “Oblivion” in Iceland, Katie went to some key players who became her confidants as she decided to pull the plug on her legal union with Cruise.
One such player was her dad, attorney Bert Fields, while the other was another former Mrs. Cruise, Nicole Kidman. Both helped Katie execute the complicated exit Holmes felt was necessary in order to leave her husband.Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is said to be in bad shape after this personal set-back as he continues to film “Oblivion” in June Lake, California.
People reports that the accomplished actor keeps asking, “Whats happening?” as if in a fog of some sort regarding the disillusion of his marriage. However, reports say that Cruise will be seeing his and Katies daughter Suri as soon as this weekend since custody arrangements have been made. Whether or not Katie Holmes will be on hand when Tom arrives in New York City is not known.
Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has left Tom Cruise and Scientology but she has joined a Catholic church in New York City as she starts her new life without the man who wooed her all over the world only five years ago. Stay tuned for more on this complicated matter. In the meantime take a look at L Ron Hubbard’s son speaking out about Scientology.

more at: Katie Holmes went stealth to leave Tom Cruise and Scientology – National Celebrity Headlines |



Caiden Cowger is a 14 year oldwith his own internet radio show. In a recent broadcast he said “Obama is making kids gay”. His show has now been removed from two internet radio hosting sites, under “hate-speech” rules.

In the program Cowger tells how he believes homosexuality is  “perverted” and that the it is becoming increasingly hard to tell other teenagers the gospel, if they are gay. He tells about a boy in his school who claims he has bullied after a girl witnessed to him. The boy’s mother, Rhonda Mangus, (she is a former gay news feature editor for Now Public Media) led the campaign to have Cowger’s program removed from Speaker internet radio.  She claimed the program breached the terms of usage policy, which state: “unlawful, defamatory, libellous, slanderous, threatening, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, harassing, harmful, hateful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive or is otherwise inappropriate.”

There has been some confusion over Cowger’s youtube video of the program. Some saying that YouTube removed the program under it’s hate-speech policies. However, Cowger dismisses this, saying his account was hacked and he has had to set up a new YouTube channel.

However, listening to Cowger’s program he merely states his opinion. His comments may upset and offend a lot of people. But states he is against “gay bullying”, and at no point does he endorse abuse against homosexual teens. The problem with the usage policy is it is subjective. What is offensive to one person, is not to another; what one person deems “inappropriate” is different from anthers. The Bible, the Koran, is offensive to some people. Are we going to ban the Bible, for fear of offending?

What should be of greater concern, than a 14 year old boy saying he thinks “Obama is making kids gay”. Is that the liberal left media is trying to shut him down. Right or wrong what about free speech?


What is the CAA?

The CAA is the Creative Arts Agency

The CAA represents many of the A-list of Hollywood as well as top musicians and sports stars.

They boast an enviable client list including: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, James Cameron, Steven Speilberg, Bruce Willis… the list goes on.

Such is the power of the agency their offices are nicknamed the “Death Star”

The CAA has six partners: Richard Lovett, Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane, Rick Nicita, David “Doc” O’Connor, and Rob Light.

But the main power, lies with Richard Lovatt and Bryan Lourd.

These men can make or break a career; if they don’t like you, you won’t get work, and they are feared throughout the industry.

Richard Lovatt is Jewish with a passion for Yoga, his brilliance at securing big names, has seen his rise to the top of the CAA.

Bryan Lourd was the husband of Carrie Fisher, before leaving her for another man, when he “came out” as homosexual in 1994.

The studios tend to do what they suggest, as they hold great influence within the industry;  Name any top movie or TV show, and the chances are the majority of the cast, as well as the director, are clients of the Creative Arts Agency.



Prophet TV focused on the New York Fashion Week in Spring of this year. We became established at Lincoln Centre where fashion week is held. During that week Prophet TVencountered heavy spirits of death over the event, as well as sodomite spirits. As the week progressed the demonic spirit over Fashion Week was broken. Prophet TV, continued this intercession into the Paris Fashion Week which followed on and the result was the exposing of the ant-semitic spirit over John Galliano. John Galliano has now been removed as creative director at Christian Dior. After these events the “gothic death look” was no longer “in”; but was replaced by a fresher, clean living look, based on natural tones.

Fashion Week was again in New York this September, and Prophet TV was quietly holding our presence once again, and interceding over the event. The death spirits of before were unable to gain access, and Christians’ within the industry were able to evangelize openly, and saw many people within the industry saved.

When the demonic spirit over a region is removed, and the Spirit of God is able to come in, then people are open to the Gospel, and the evangelists are able to operate successfully in their gifting.  Support Prophet TV to enable this openness to the spirit of God to continue.


It is interesting that in recent history, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) groups have shied away from the ballot box in their fight for same sex marriage. The American population have made their feelings known: they do not want homosexual marriage. However, these groups have turned to the legislature to win their battle.

After California rejected sodomite marriage in a referendum, homosexual law makers from San Francisco have sought to use the law to force their agenda through and they are seeing success fueled by the “equal rights” strategy.

In the meantime, Hollywood are pushing the LGBT agenda relentlessly. Teenagers today will view homosexual and lesbian lifestyles as normal; they are constantly bombarded with imagery via the media especially aimed at teenagers.  For example, American Horror Story, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Broadwalk Empire, Glee, Law and Order, Downton Abbey and Southland.

This is why Prophet TV has become established in media centers – To block the demonic spirits which seek to influence the leaders, law makers and celebrities who decide what will play on our TV and movie screens and what children are taught about healthy relationships and marriage in our society . However, we often stand alone!

Our New York and Santa Monica gates need more people to walk in this revelation and to stand in the gap to protect the people.  We also need a gateway established in San Francisco where lawmakers are pushing the sodomite marriage agenda through the courts. The devil is using the media as a tool to demonise and destroy this generation – and we have so much ground to cover in the battle….  Become a monthly partner so we can extend the places we are established, by joining with ICOTG!


Charlie Sheen a Prophet

Hollywood gossip columns have been gripped by the continuing problems of actor Charlie Sheen for months now. After Warner Brothers requested he enter rehab for help with his drug and alcohol problems, the “Two and A Half Men” star refused, and was consequently fired.

Since then Sheen has had a very public meltdown, seeming bent on destroying his career and those of the people he has work with on “Two and a Half Men”.

However, despite his very public displays of hedonism and drug abuse there are those in the far left media who are applauding him, hailing him as a hero and as a modern day prophet, as one journalist writes, “He is a psychopathic prophet warning of the dangers, lunacy, and criminality of the mainline media and everything they stand for. No wonder he looks so crazy.”

In an interview after his dismissal Sheen described himself as a “warlock”. However, such references to occult practices have drawn the attention of Christian Day, a Salem based Warlock. At first he took offence at Sheen’s causal use of the term “warlock”, as well as other terms alluding to witchcraft Sheen had been using.

However Day and  his cadre of witches are seeking to now “help” Sheen through their magic. They have already held a “magical intervention” ceremony in Salem- Day alleges evidence that his initial spell is already working. “He’s coming out of the house, he’s on tour, and he’s at least playing into the fun of it all, which shows that he’s leaving the crazy side and turning this into an opportunity,” Day said. And later: “it is the power of manifestation.” They now want to use their magic to see him “healed”. They are planning to watch him on his upcoming “Violent Torpedo of Truth” Tour, where they will cast spell during the show for Sheen’s healing.

The witches access spiritual power and see things manifest, they do so under the power of the demonic. However the church does not even understand the power “Spiritual” power of God. God has given the church “Spiritual” power to manifest His Kingdom, and bring about healing and freedom from addiction. Do the witches listen and obey the spirits they are of, more than the church?

Note: our prophet lives next door to one of the Sheen’s properties and knows the family, however he is never there to build relationships, as he is protecting many other areas, because of the lack of “Spiritual” Authority, and responsibility, that other believers should walk in. Therefore, problems in the world are the direct results of peoples lack of relationship with the creator, instead desiring a sleepy religious experience, all the while being seduced!