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Boris Johnson to Become New Prime Minister of UK

Boris Johnson has won the race to take over the leadership of the Conservative Party, meaning that he will become the new Prime Minister of the UK.

The current PM, Theresa May resigned after her party’s dismal performance in the European Elections, and her failure to deliver on Brexit.

Johnson campaigned on his pro-Brexit credentials. Vowing to take Britain out of Europe by October 31st.

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Fight in Supreme Court Over Border Wall Funding

The Trump administration have asked that the Supreme Court Stay a lower court order blocking the reallocation of Pentagon Funds to the building of the border wall.  The administration wants the ruling to be  put on hold whilst litigation is ongoing.

However a group of environmentalists and House Democrats have urged the Supreme Court to uphold the court order. Saying that, “If a stay is granted and wall construction begins, there will be no turning back”

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Things have gotten so bad in Congress that a priest prayed to ‘cast out all spirits of darkness’ on the House floor

WASHINGTON — It has been quite the week in Congress, with lawmakers battling over a forced impeachment resolution for President Donald Trump, partisan squabbling, and rampant infighting within the House Democratic Caucus.

Things have become so vexed in the Capitol that Rev. Patrick Conroy, the House of Representatives’ official chaplain and a Jesuit priest, prayed to “cast out all spirits of darkness” on the House floor Thursday morning during his opening prayer.

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“This has been a difficult and contentious week in which darker spirits seem to have been at play in the people’s House,” Conroy said. “In your most holy name, I now cast out all spirits of darkness from this chamber. Spirits not from You.”

“I cast out the spirit of discouragement, which deadens the hope of those who are of good will,” he added. “I cast out the spirit of petty divisiveness, which clouds the sense and the desire to be of fruitful productivity in addressing the issues more appropriately before this House. I cast out any sadness brought on by the frustration of dealing with matters detrimental to the honorable work each member has been called to engage in.”

Conroy then prayed to God to “anoint your servants here in the House with a healing balm to comfort and renew the souls of all in this assembly.”

“May your spirit of wisdom and patience descend upon all so that any spirit of darkness might have no place in our midst,” he added.

Conroy typically leads the opening prayer on the House floor, while leaders of other religious groups will often take his place to perform as guests.

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The last time Conroy made headlines was in the spring of 2018, when then-House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to fire him as House chaplain. According to several lawmakers at the time, Ryan became frustrated with one of Conroy’s prayers in which he called for a fair tax code while Republicans were pushing through their landmark Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Conroy ultimately rescinded the resignation that Ryan had requested after many members of Congress came to his defense. He then continued in his role as House chaplain, a position he has held since 2011.



Foreign Purchases of American Homes Down 36% as Chinese Buyers Leave Market

There has been a 36% reduction in demand for U.S. homes by foreign buyers. The plunge is due partly to tighter currency controls by the Chinese government but also due to a slump in the housing market.

“A confluence of many factors — slower economic growth abroad, tighter capital controls in China, a stronger U.S. dollar and a low inventory of homes for sale — contributed to the pullback of foreign buyers,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “However, the magnitude of the decline is quite striking, implying less confidence in owning a property in the U.S.”

The Chinese were still the largest foreign buyers of US homes for the seventh year running. However there was a 56% decline in Chinese home buying in the US in the last 12 months. Although economic factors appear to be playing a part, some are asking if the current political climate between the US and China is also fuelling the decline.

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New York’s Upper West Side Rat Problem Getting Worse

New York City have removed 110 trash cans and now the city’s rat problem is worse than ever. Since 2014 the city has seen a 38% increase in rat complaints in the city, despite Mayor de Blasio spending $32 million to try and fix the problem.

The rodents are attracted to overflowing trash cans, as it is an easy food source. Campaigners say the problem will not improve until a better system for the city’s garbage is put in place.

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The black woman who will be the next 007

Since Daniel Craig announced he was standing down as James Bond, debate has raged whether the next 007 should be a woman, or black.

Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she will be both – thanks to the intervention of feminist TV writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

In what’s been called a ‘popcorn-dropping moment’, British star Lashana Lynch, will be given Bond’s licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK.

Come in 007: British star Lashana Lynch walks in when the James Bond spy number is called

Come in 007: British star Lashana Lynch walks in when the James Bond spy number is called

Take a behind the scenes look at the Bond 25 filming in Jamaica
However, traditionalists can relax: she’s not the new Bond, but a new character who takes over his secret agent number after he leaves MI6.

The story begins with Bond retired in Jamaica. But spymaster M – played by Ralph Fiennes – calls him back in desperation to tackle a new global crisis.

A movie insider said: ‘There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says ‘Come in 007’, and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman.

‘It’s a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman.

‘Bond, of course, is sexually attracted to the new female 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but is baffled when they don’t work on a brilliant, young black woman who basically rolls her eyes at him and has no interest in jumping into his bed. Well, certainly not at the beginning.’

The source added that the phrase ‘Bond girls’ is now forbidden, saying: ‘We were all told that from now on they are to be addressed as ‘Bond women’.’

Waller-Bridge, who wrote the BBC comedy Fleabag and the female-led thriller Killing Eve, was recruited to ensure the 57-year-old franchise moved with the times. She said: ‘There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Bond is relevant now because of who he is and the way he treats women.

British star Lashana Lynch is reportedly the new 007

007: Daniel Craig in action in the new movie which promises to be packed with humour

007: Daniel Craig in action in the new movie which promises to be packed with humour

‘I think that’s b******s. I think he’s absolutely relevant now. [The franchise] has just got to grow. It has just got to evolve, and the important thing is that the film treats the women properly. He doesn’t have to. He needs to be true to his character.’

Ms Lynch, 31, had a breakthrough role as the fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, released earlier this year.

Film-makers create avatar of Daniel Craig’s face for dangerous stunts

Daniel Craig’s desire to do all his own stunts on the new Bond film has been thwarted by injury.

But now producers have come up with a high-tech solution worthy of Q to make it look as if he’s in the thick of the action.

Special-effects wizards have created a computer avatar of the 51-year-old star, which will enable his face to be digitally superimposed on to the body of his stunt double – Frenchman Jean-Charles Rousseau, 31.

Craig was forced to change his stunt plans after injuring an ankle while filming a chase scene in Jamaica in May. In his 13 years as Bond, he has also smashed two teeth, dislocated a shoulder, sprained a knee and sliced the tip off one of his fingers.

A source said: ‘Daniel is in great shape but there are some scenes he can’t do because they are too physically challenging. Plus the insurance company won’t let him. So his face will be superimposed later.

Originally from Hammersmith, West London, she made her debut in the 2011 drama Fast Girls, has appeared in Silent Witness and Death In Paradise and was a regular cast member on the short-lived 2015 BBC show Crims. She also played Rosaline Capulet in the American period drama series Still Star-Crossed, set after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

The source said: ‘Lashana is absolutely brilliant and Phoebe’s script is as sharp and funny as you would expect. This Bond pays tribute to some of the earlier films with a lot of humour.’

Indeed, one photograph taken on set shows Ms Lynch in a safari suit similar to the one Roger Moore famously wore when he played 007.

‘This is a Bond for the modern era who will appeal to a younger generation while sticking true to what we all expect in a Bond film,’ the source added. ‘There are spectacular chase sequences and fights, and Bond is still Bond but he’s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo.’

So hopefully the script will be the least of the problems for a film that has already been hit by the replacement of original director Danny Boyle, injury to Craig, and a crew member getting hurt in an explosion on set.


Con Ed warns more blackouts could be coming

Con Edison is still baffled over what caused the weekend’s major blackout — and warned on Monday that more outages could be coming with a heat wave on the way.

“We expect that there could be service outages — those things happen during heat waves,” the power company’s chief spokesman, Mike Clendenin, said during a morning appearance on PIX11.

Insisting that the company invests $2 billion every year to prepare for soaring electricity demands when the mercury rises, Clendenin claimed Con Ed will be “prepared.”

“We know it’s going to be intense,” he said of forecasts predicting temperatures reaching 100 degrees this week. “This heat wave coming up is something else and we’ve got to get ready for it.”

But he admitted that engineers still have no idea what caused Saturday’s outage that left 73,000 without power in Manhattan.

“We are very, very focused on examining exactly what transpired and caused that outage,” Clendenin told the station, saying they have no idea why breakers “did not isolate the problem” of a “significant” transmission disturbance.

“There’s a lot of patience and poise that New Yorkers displayed during the outage itself. The same kind of patience and diligence is gonna be needed as engineers and experts dive into the date and actually analyze how equipment tripped off, or what went wrong, that led to the large outage,” said Clendenin. “Unfortunately, with outages like this, it takes a little bit of time and understanding.”

Confirming that the blackout was not connected to heat or overusage, he said that “fortunately, there was no major or extensive damage” — conceding that that would have left the power out for even longer.

Clendenin tried to shake off criticism of the company — with Gov. Andrew Cuomo warning Con Ed “can be replaced” — by insisting that it provides “the absolute best grid that New Yorkers expect and deserve.”

“In fact, New York’s grid is probably better than any other grid you’ll find anywhere else in the United States,” he told PIX11, saying they were “open to anyone’s ideas” on becoming even better.


The Manhattan blackout proved how fragile our infrastructure is

Midtown Manhattan was surreal Saturday night.

The center of our little island is supposed to be the center of the universe — yet I am writing this after eating a lukewarm peach for dinner by (hot) candlelight in 90-degree temperatures with the windows shut tight, racing against time to finish it before my computer runs out of its last moments of electricity.

Yes, we want to be the center of finance, tech and media, but we cannot even keep the lights on for a Saturday evening. Meanwhile, our fearless leader, Mayor Bill de Blasio, is radioing it all in from Iowa, where they have plenty of power.

Yesterday, at about 7 p.m., the lights in our apartment just west of Midtown flickered — hard.

We had seen this before. This past winter — Feb. 16, to be exact — as my husband and I were eating dinner, our lights went out, then went back on.

We looked at each other and then suddenly, boom! A manhole had exploded right outside our window. The next two manholes exploded in succession, each boom rattling the windows harder, and sending our next-door neighbor, two small dogs in tow, over to ask what she should do.

Our answer: nothing. The entire street in front of us was in raging flames; even the firefighters were standing well behind their trucks, which were well behind the fire, waiting for a good half-hour for Con Ed to turn off the power before they could put water on it. We couldn’t evacuate directly into a fire; we just stood, far from the windows … and the lights didn’t go out.

That incident took, maybe, half an hour, but it has caused months of chaos since then. Con Ed has spent the last five months digging up our street — 50th Street, just a five-minute walk west of the business capital of the nation — and refilling it, sometimes digging and refilling on the same day, trying to replace yards of burned-out infrastructure across two blocks while still allowing car and truck traffic to snake by. They work during the day; they startle us by waking us up in the middle of the night with klieg lights.

I have no idea if a Saturday night 49th Street substation “incident” — not far from our little one in February — has anything to do with the fact that Con Ed has been desperately digging up our street, one block north, for half a year.

I do know that our infrastructure is fragile — and our emergency response is inadequate. Walking around Midtown Saturday evening was an exercise in picking which dystopia you wanted to focus on.

Thousands of people spilled out of canceled theater performances — spilling into streets and avenues, where they were vulnerable to a wave of cars, buses and trucks moving past nonworking traffic signals, should this have been a terror attack.

Diesel generators kicked in at the World Wide Plaza office building on the West Side, spewing toxic fumes for more than an hour into the windows of nearby elderly tenement residents just a few hundred feet away

Their choice was to shelter in the heat or breathe in poison — this, 12 years after New York supposedly designed a “sustainable” plan for the environment.

Times Square was half-dark and half-light, depending on what venues had invested in generators that, long-term, make the island even hotter for people without air conditioning.

The MTA did a truly heroic job in getting trains stuck in tunnels to the next station so that people could clamber upstairs, but the power cut in Midtown meant that a dozen lines — traveling from Brooklyn to The Bronx — were paralyzed. You weren’t going anywhere if couldn’t go through Manhattan.

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New York City Has Power Restored After Massive Blackout

A large part of Manhattan, New York,  was plunged into blackness on   Saturday after a major transformer exploded.  More than 70,000 homes and businesses were left without power.

It is thought the power outage was caused by excessive load on  a transformer, causing an explosion and then a fire at the transformer. Firefighters were called to a fire at 7pm.

In the 1970s a blackout lead to extensive looting and rioting. However last night’s blackout passed without major incident.

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Satanists Take Scottsdale to Court Over Right to Lead Prayers

Scottsdale will be in court next week over its decision to block Satanists from leading invocation at the start of  council meetings.

The Satanic Temple, an international Satanist group, has been asking councils across the country to lead their invocations.

Most councils have denied Satanists access to lead innovations by saying the calendar is already full, or by ending the tradition of opening with prayer. But Scottsdale council flatly refused. This has led to the lawsuit.

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American Psychological Association Creates Task Force To Study Polygamy

The American Psychological Association (APA) has set up a task force to study polygamy (or non-monogous relationships to give it its politically correct title). The APA hope the Division 44 task force, as it is called,  will remove the stigma attached to such relationships.

They say on their website: “awareness and inclusivity about consensual non-monogamy and diverse expressions of intimate relationships.” Such relationships include but are not limited to: Polyamory, open relationships, swinging, relationship anarchy, and “other types of ethical, non-monogamous relationships.”

The APA have also set up another task force: the Religion and Spirituality Task Force. “The Task Force on Religion and Spirituality was created to encourage a confluence between sexual minority orientations and identities and religious experiences,” the page says. “It further attempts to create affirmation and acceptance for LGBT individuals of faith within theologically diverse ideological traditions. Given the importance of faith and even religious tradition in the lives of many LGBT individuals, the Committee seeks to reduce theological barriers often separating sexual minorities from the sources of their beliefs.”

However psychologist and member for 50 years of the APA, Daniel Boland says, “Consensual Non-Monogamy Task Force” proves that the APA has abandoned the scientific tradition in favor of prevailing political and cultural pressures.

“In this entire arena of so-called transgenderism and affiliated conditions, the APA has abandoned all respect for fact-based research and scientific tradition,” Boland said in an email. “It has capitulated to the most unstable, most radical elements in our society. It has thereby nullified its once well-founded claim to represent health service providers. It abandonment of its original professionalism renders it no longer credible to the public or to its members.”

In recent years leftist media have been seeking to normalise and promote polygamy.

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Federal Appeals Court Allows Trump’s Family Planning Rule Despite Litigation

The Federal Appeal court has ruled that the President’s new abortion-related restrictions can go ahead despite a number of law suits which are still being played out.

“We are greatly encouraged to see the 9th Circuit rule in favor of allowing President Trump’s Protect Life Rule to take effect while it continues to be litigated,” SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement.

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