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If you think the economic problems in the world are only European – then think again! American debt is colossal. Our debt stands at $15.566 Trillion, and is now over 100% of GDP. With such massive debt, you’d think we’d be trying to balance the books? Last year our budget deficit was $1.3 trillion, and this year is projected to fall to $901 billion.

That means, as a nation, we owe more than we are getting in in revenue. Obama’s spending policies for a second term have no plan to create a balanced budget, instead current projections would see national debt hit $20 trillion by 2016. Debt has risen more under Obama than Bush. We have seen how the socialist policies, popular in Europe, are just as popular here. But could we see the same things that are happening in Greece, here in America? Socialism will bankrupt us. You cannot keep promising people free everything on borrowed money.

If America falls it will be Suicide of a Superpower.

Why Americans Should Hope that Nicolas Sarkozy Gets Re-Elected

If Sarkozy were to loose the Presidential elections on May 6th, which looks highly likely, should we care?

Sarkozy has been more pro-American than your average French President. He played a vital role in European diplomacy with Germany, helping broker many key pieces of legislation, often at a personal political cost domestically.

Sarkozy has also brought France back into the NATO fold, and stopped French opposition to US policy in the Middle East. Sarkozy also lead the international community in the fight against the Gaddafi regime.

So if Sarkozy looses the election it is likely France will distance herself from Germany’s policy on Europe, and it is likely France will again oppose US policy in the Middle East. And in these important days both measures could have serious implications to America.


The Italian Connections…

For many, say Italy and all that comes to mind is pizza, pasta, and perhaps the Pope.

We have already taught on the significance of Rome, in particular via the influence of Vatican City, the Catholic church and the spirit of religion. However, as we have entered the region God has shown us more significant issues in Rome, and Italy.

Surprisingly, Rome is a key media city with global significance. Many blockbuster movies have been made in movie studios around Rome, for example Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” .

Italian films have also had an impart in their own right. This is now being celebrated by a new album by The long-anticipated brainchild of producer-composer Danger Mouse and Italian composer Daniele Luppi. Both artists share a love Italian cinema, and have used Italian movie sound tracks to inspire this new collection. They have enlisted the writing and vocal talent of Jack White, of White Stripes; and the talented Norah Jones for vocals. The album, Rome, has been met with much critical acclaim; and reflected the rich movie heritage of Italy.

Furthermore, the latest rapping talent to catch the attention of the critics is a 22 year old Gomo Tulku, who currently lives in Tuscany, Italy. Gomo Tulku was born to Tibetan parents in Canada, but spent most of his childhood in Utah, USA. His name at birth was Tenzin Dhongha, but from an early age he was stopped by the Dalai Lama who pronounced he was a “tulku”- a special miracle being. His name was changed to Gomo Tulku, the name of his grandfather, who he is believed to be the reincarnation of. The first Gomo Tulku was one of the leading Tibetan teachers of his generation. Tenzin was taken to a South Indian monastery to be educated in the teachings of the Lamas. He is now a Tibetan monk, who lives in Tuscany where he has a group of followers. The young monk, looking cool, handsome, and western is realising a rap single. This is a young man who from his birth has been systematically demonized, and is now being tipped to make quite an impression. The music industry has their eye on him, but much is expected of him “spiritually” as well. Do you want your teenager rapping along to music inspired by Tibetan Buddhist spirits?

What is more we have discovered in 2009 the Dalai Lama was made a citizen of Rome by the mayor of the city. In a ceremony in Rome, The Dalai Lama bestowed upon the mayor his white scarf. The acceptance of these scarfs is giving the spirit of the Dalai Lama access to you. The honor of citizenship, grants the Dalai Lama a position of authority over the city. However, encouragingly, the Italian Premiere Silvio Berlusconi declined a meeting with the Dalai Lama during the visit, which offended Italian MP MPs Matteo Mecacci.

Italy may not be making global headlines. It may not appear to have the global significance of many other places. However, the spirit over Italy quietly affects the media in ways we cannot see. The Buddhists have recognised Italy as a place of importance- they have positioned their next generation leading light there. There is more to Italy than pizza, pasta and the Pope! This is a key gateway location which needs spiritual protected. Partner with Prophet TV, as we seek to establish a gateway in Rome. We are seeing the demonic coming up fast, the battle is engaged, it is time to be serious about where and what you support.


Prophetic Bulletin for Switzerland

The small European nation of Switzerland could easily be overlooked as an important player in the spiritual landscape of our world.

This small nation, famous for it’s global banking institutions, is repeatedly revealing itself as an important focus for our church intercession.

This month will see Prophet TV making the first missionary visit to Rome, to focus on Vatican City, and the dragon of religion that sits enthroned over the Catholic Church.

The Vatican has close links to Switzerland. For nearly 600 years the Pope’s official body guard, and the Vatican’s official army have been the Swiss Guard. During the Renaissance the Swiss Guard were no more than mercenaries, who travelled throughout Europe, hiring themselves to fight in the many battles which would break out in different nations of Europe.

The Swiss where famed throughout Europe for their superior skills as men of war, their courage, and tremendous loyalty. These traits led Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484) to formally appoint them to be the official army of the Vatican, a position they have held to this day.

However, what is interesting to note, is that the Swiss nation for centuries was famed for producing the greatest warriors in all of Europe; and is now famous for it’s neutrality. Could the Swiss inheritance be as mighty spiritual warriors? And has the church in Switzerland failed to walk in her inheritance? Often the natural is a reflection of the spiritual.

Switzerland throughout World War I and II refused to be drawn into the wars, and choose a position of neutrality. How neutral the Swiss actually were is open to question. The Nazi’s used Switzerland to store their vast sums of money and treasures seized from Jews during the holocaust.

Switzerland is also home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This particle accelerator is the largest in the world, and has the capability of creating black holes. The LHC has been built on the foundation of unproven physics, which relies heavily on assumption, which if untrue, challenges the safety of the entire project. Prophet TV have been educating the church about the LHC for a couple of years now, and seek the budget to go to the Hadron Collider site near Geneva on an intercessory prayer mission.

Switzerland also has extremely liberal euthanasia laws. Since 1941 in Switzerland the terminally ill, the mentally ill and the severely depressed can gain assistance to end their lives. These services are also open to foreigners. The charity “Dignitas”, which runs the assisted suicide clinics in Switzerland, say they have helped over 1,000 foreigners end their lives, with about 200 people a year committing suicide in Zurichs’ clinics.

One of the questions Prophet TV is seeking to answer is who is seated in heavenly places over Switzerland? It is doubtful the church is ruling and reigning over this nation, with so much government sponsored death in the region.

Last year Switzerland welcomed the Dalai Lama to Zurich, where he met with the largest gathering of Swiss Buddhists ever seen. Is the Dalai Lama seated in heavenly places over Switzerland? Switzerland has the largest Tibetan Buddhist community in Europe. A new film being made about the Dalai Lama is to be funded by Swiss business – why would this be?

This is the hour the church needs a mighty spiritual army to be raised up in these key regions, to rule and reign with Christ, so there can be no place found for the devil in these regions; then the Kingdom of God can advance on earth.


Chinese still views America the enemy

On the face of it relations between America and China appear to have never been better. More and more trade happens between the two nations, and it could be said diplomatic relations appear cordial.

However, America should not become complacent. This week at the international Hay literary festival in England, highly acclaimed Chinese writer Xiaolu Guo has spoken about China’s view of America, and how the nation still views the US as her enemy.

Chinese children are taught to study American culture, by reading celebrated works of American literature, like Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. The thinking behind such studying, is that America is the best, the most powerful nation in the world; so to be better than them you must understand them fully. Guo explained, “The mentality is if you want to be number one in the world, you need to become them [your enemy] first …you need to have the same capacity as the enemy.”

It is interesting to note that whilst many Western nations are currently cutting back hard in defence budgets, and many calling for America to slash her defence spending; China is repeatedly raising there defence spending.

Dialogue between these two economic powerhouses is good, but America cannot afford to be complacent or naive about China and her governments agenda.