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After Obama and Biden came out in support of same sex marriage, Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, clarified his views, saying “marriage is between a man and a woman”.

As the debate continues, pollsters wonder how this matter will impact the election.
We have a President who openly declares same-sex marriage is alright.  This would be unthought of a few years ago. It shows that American public opinion on homosexuality has been so programmed by the liberal left, that this appears to be no longer a problem, for the majority of American people.

Is that true, or will this become a major election issue? The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual community began to make progress in politics in San Francisco in the 1970’s with Harvey Milk……..

And Hollywood used it’s influence to program the minds of the youth with pro-sodomite imagery. With this level of political endorsement and the continual bombardment of homosexual and lesbian propaganda,……. consider what the attitude of YOUR children will be towards same-sex marriage?

This is why Prophet TV needs to be in key media areas, and why we have established a gateway in San Francisco. We must break the spirit controlling these regions which impact the entire nation and the world.

Greece: Chaotic Mess Results from the Country’s Election

The two leading parties in Greece have seen their support plummet and are unable to form a coalition, with 70% of the of the electorate voting for parties who are against the EU/IMF bailout.
The recession in Greece has seen the Greek GDP shrink by 13% in two years, many believe the harshness of the EU imposed austerity is to blame for the depth of the recession.
Furthermore unemployment is sitting at 21% and climbing, with official poverty levels in Greece at 27.7%.
The Greek people are desperate for change, but some economists have warned an exit from the Euro would result in an 80% reduction in the Greek standard of living.
Greece is a comparatively young democracy, and was ruled by a military junta until 1974.
The far left and far right are growing in popular support.
For a nation hurting and feeling humiliated these are tense times.
If the politicians cannot form a workable coalition another election in June will be required.
The uncertainty, along with the French election vote, has resulted in turmoil in the European markets, and has destabilised the situation further in Portugal and Spain.
Also in Europe in the past week the Dutch and Romanian governments collapsed with their politicians unable to agree to the necessary austerity measures.
If Greece pull out of the EU/IMF bail out and default on their debts, the domino affect would cause an economic tsunami across the globe.
With the Greek economy the size of Minnesota, that may sink the rest of Europe and by consequence America.