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Egypt: Islamics suspected in student’s murder

While his girlfriend looked on, three suspected Islamic militants stabbed a university student to death.

This murder is fueling suspicions that various groups or individuals have been emboldened to apply strict Islamic laws and standards since the election of the new Islamist President, Mohammed Mursi.

This group who killed the university student, had confronted them and indicated that they shouldn’t be together if they were not married and that they must immediately go their separate ways.

from Egypt: Militants suspected in student’s murder | Concord Monitor.

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Lesbian Reverend at heart of Presbyterian gay marriage quandary

Jane Spahr, won’t be present at the Presbyterian Church’s legislative body meeting this week where they will discuss whether or not Presbyterian ministers will be allowed to perform same-sex marriages.

Jane Spahr-69, a lesbian evangelist, resident of San Francisco and… a Reverend, has a history of defying the church and for being rebuked by the church court for performing same-sex weddings in California.  She states: “I’m hoping that the General Assembly will be touched by the spirit, and they will see our marriages not as second class but as equal with our brothers and sisters”.

from Lesbian reverend at heart of Presbyterian gay marriage quandary –

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Bill O’Reilly Apologizes After Incorrectly Predicting SCOTUS Would Strike Down Mandate | Mediaite

Back in March, Bill O’Reilly proclaimed that the Supreme Court would not uphold the individual mandate in President Obama‘s Affordable Care Act. If proven wrong, he said he would “apologize for being an idiot.” On Monday night, he did just that, conceding that he failed to take into account Chief Justice John Roberts‘ taxation argument.

Bill “I’m not really sorry, but I am a man of my word, so I apologize for not factoring in the John Roberts situation. Truthfully, I never in a million years would thought the chief justice would go beyond the scope of the commerce clause to date and into taxation. I may be an idiot for not considering that”. (Note: ignorance doesn’t make you an idiot, just ignorant to the real reason listed below, now don’t be stubborn)

The apology and ensuing media critique below, via Fox News:

Read: Bill Apologizes

The reality is Fox many times tries to “seed” the viewers with a direction.

Over and over again they convince the viewers, we’ve beat up Obama and health care is stopped, it is only Nancy Pelosi who puts her faith in the Dalai Lama and the sand mandola occult cerimoney being performed right on Capitol Hill, and guess what, Nancy is attributed for pulling that off single handed… well she actually had a little help from those dark friends that were evoked during the tibetan ritual.


Then once again, Bill says: don’t worry, don’t worry the Supreme court will strike it down… and once again, Nancy turns to her god, the Dalai Lama and the tibetan dark arts, and guess what? All the Fox viewers are caught completly off guard once again…

Why? because of the level of witchcraft being used. Glenn Beck was also warned he would be off Fox if he didn’t listen… he didn’t, he’s off Fox…

Anyone else tired of listening to Fox trying to stir it up once again but not willing to deal with the root of the problem?

Perhaps it’s time to stop putting all your faith in Fox as if they alone can save you?

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Over two years, every time a 24 year old bachelor who lived in India watched pornography he experienced such a severe headache that it forced him to stop watching.

Dr. Amy Gelfand, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, says that there are two types of headaches associated with sexual activity.

Sex headaches are a mystery regardless of the type and no one really knows what causes them, says Gelfand.

There are no suggested links between headaches and specific sexual behaviors that have been found in studies by researchers.

The physical and neurological exam results were reportedly normal.

The man was advised to take a combination of different medications which, apparently, are helping.

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from Porn Viewer Joins Mystifying Sex Headache Club | Causes of Primary Sex Headaches |


Only Marijuana was detected in the system of the man shot while chewing Ronald Poppo’s face in Florida, so states the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner.  No other drugs were found, including bath salts.

The bizarre behavior has led to much speculation as to the cause.

A toxicology expert, Dr Bruce Goldberger, Professor and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida said that marijuana by itself wasn’t likely to be the cause of the strange behavior demonstrated by Rudy Eugene.

The Medical Examiner’s office in Miami is well known for being thorough in its work according to Goldberger.

It’s not clear what led to the May 26 attack on Ronald Poppo, a 65-year-old homeless man who remains hospitalized. Eugene’s friends and family have said he was religious, not violent and that he didn’t drink or do drugs harder than marijuana.  Yovonka Bryant said that she and Eugene would often, together, read the Bible and Quran.

The policeman who shot a naked Eugene to death stated, that he was growled at when he told him to stop.  The cause remains unknown what led to the face chewing attack.  Friends and family indicate Eugene was religious and not violent and that he was not inclined to do any other drugs other than marijuana.

See and the famous Building the Warrior teaching series for more information.

from Medical examiner rules out bath salts in Miami face-chewing attack | Fox News

Flesh Eating Bacteria Strikes In America

Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) is a rare bacterial infection, which literally eats away at flesh. NF is a  drug resistant bacteria, and it can eat away at a persons flesh at a rate of 1 inch per hour. Treatment is in the form of surgery, and a quarter of cases end in death.

Although rare, there have been a wave of cases across the south of the country in recent months. Now, one of the victims has died of the disease. Pastor Linda Snyder of the United Methodist Church in Sacramento, died after battling the infection for six months.

Another Christian woman, 24 year old Aimee Copeland, of Augusta Georgia has had both hands, her left foot, and her other leg amputated to try and halt the spread of the bacteria. Amiee was infected after she fell off a ripline over the Georgia River.

Aimee was the first case of NF in Georgia, most of the other victims have reported becoming infected after being cut in water. In another case a woman developed NF after giving birth to twins, in South Carolina. She has already undergone 11 four surgeries to try and control the spread of the infection. There are now 5 cases in Georgia and South Carolina in recent months, although the authorities say they are unrelated.

Interestingly the cases in Georgia have centred around the Centre of Disease Control.

Little is known about the NF or how to treat it. In the current spate of cases across the south, are we seeing a manifestation of the demonic that has been release throughout America’s waterways by occult groups, in particular by Tibetan Buddhist rituals?

Totally Drug Resistant TB has emerged in India

For most TB, Tuberculosis, is a disease of their grandparents generation. For them it was the feared lung disease, also known as consumption, which has cost millions of lives down the ages.

With the discovery of antibiotics, TB became a disease of the past.

However, in India a Totally Drug-Resistant form of Tuberculosis  (TDR-TB) has emerged, with a mortality rate of 50%. Could TB again become a disease feared in the West? The wrathful deities of Hinduism and Buddhism (the Dalai Lama’s base is in the north of the country) rule the spirit in India – these seek to bring death. Only the Spirit of God, being given pre-eminence in a region produces health and life.

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Religious brought by Satan to defile- Well trained warrior, resists and get the win !

Had heavy warfare in the last few days. The shooting happened here in a Canadian mall on a saturday (all friday I was sensing heavy warfare).

When I heard the news, I felt that I was bleeding in the spirit.

Within hours my wife turns on me for not being catholic enough and we had a major argument with her ultimatum being i stop financially  supporting PTV, but I held my ground.

I woke up monday morning angry and bruised but went straight back into praying and prophesying.

Went on lunch from work to the murder site too to redeem the land. The net

result:- the Murderer surrenders that morning and Canada’s most wanted criminal Luka who comes from Toronto but committed some crazy murders outside this territory gets caught in Berlin!

Praise God!

So lot of warfare, but I’m right here. Got to stay undercover to calm the wife but I’m always watching outside the house and at work. So I am not going anywhere.

It frustrates me to not get on live every sunday and talk to everyone openly, but i have to be wise to win her soul now. All in good time, the Lord will use me to set her free of religion.

Everybody should listen to the “Famous Building the Warrior Series”, it really helped me!

Keep rocking in everything you do!


Christian Persecution in the Middle East

Christmas is a difficult time for the church in Muslim nations. It is often when authorities will clamp down on the churches, and when individuals will attack believers in their communities. Christmas 2011 has been no exception.

Since Mubarak was removed from power in Egypt the Christian community in Egypt have found themselves in an increasingly dangerous position, as Islamic fundamentalist groups seek to destroy the remnant of Christianity within Egypt (before the rise of Islam, Egypt was a Christian nation). At the end of the year in southern Egypt a young Christian man was arrest after a drawing of the prophet Muhammad was posted on his Facebook page. The 17 year old denies doing this, saying his friends posted the image. Whatever the truth may be, Muslims in his home town have reacted angrily retaliating by setting fire to the homes of other Christians in the town. Egypt like many other Muslim nations has strict Blasphemy laws; often used to detain Christians, or as justification for violence against Christians.

In Iran 2011 saw a crack down on church activity, in particular upon converts from Islam. The crack down was intensified over the Christmas period, when pastors were arrested, and churches raided. In one incident even the children were initially detained by police. One man, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, has been sentenced to death for refusing to denounce his faith.

Christians detained in Iran can find themselves in the countries infamous Evin Prison, notorious for it’s brutality and harsh conditions. One woman lately released after nearly a year in detention, has been left unwell due to the harsh conditions she experienced- this is not uncommon.

However, the worst violence this Christmas against Christian’s in the region has been in the predominantly Muslim Northern Nigeria. Nigeria has seen churches destroyed and Christian’s killed, in an al-Qaeda lead offensive, with the objective of forcing all Christians to leave the region.

These places are spiritually dark. The devil delights in the spilling of innocent blood, and he has captured these people into the lie of thinking they are doing the will of God by attacking, and killing followers of Jesus. Many of these places were once Christian nations; Egypt was taken for Islam as Muslims settled in the region and had bigger families than the Christians, until they were the majority, since then the Christian minority have been oppressed.

When the mantle comes into Europe, we often see God moving in these Middle Eastern countries too; pray as Prophet TV comes into Europe that the small Middle Eastern church will be strengthened and that Sons of God will be raised up in these regions also.



The ready availability of video gaming and pornography is leading to more and more young men becoming addicted to gaming and porn.

This addiction is known as arousal addiction.

Arousal addiction is based on the desire for novelty and variety.

This leads addicts into more violent games, and more extreme porn.

These men lose the ability to form real relationships, and even hold down a job as they become detached from society.

In a culture where pornography is normal, where parents are taught to guide and inform their boys as they discover pornography, is this really surprising?

What most parents don’t understand is the power demons associated with porn, and many video games, are demonising their sons.

And their lives become controlled by the demons they are partaking of.

Extreme examples of this is the Norwegian gunman who killed 77 people at a youth camp. He used “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty” to help him prepare for the massacre.


The Demise of Guys: Are video games and pornography ruining Americas young men?

Nikita Duncan, a psychologist, artist and author partners with Starting Point to answer the Question:

“Where have all the good men gone?”

Her answer blames the struggles men have with video games and porn.

Duncan, together with Psychologist Philip Zimbardo and Stanford professor emeritus authored the e-book “The Demise of Guys: Why Boys are Struggling and What We Can Do About it: 

They state in the book that  “by age 21, the average guy has immersed himself in approximately 10,000 hours of video games – the equivalent of the amount of time it takes to earn two Bachelors degrees”.  

A claim is made that the male brain’s function is literally rewired which is creating… ” a generation with an unprecedented addiction – to arousal.”

Unlike drug or alcohol addicts, an arousal addict doesn’t merely crave arousal each time, Duncan argues that the addict doesn’t just crave arousal but something new and different which can be terribly damaging to that person’s relationships and interactions.


The famous Building the Warrior teaching series via

WHO, Ex-‘Gay Cure’ Supporter Come Out Against Sexual Orientation Changing Therapies

21 May 2012

Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Spitzer, once released a finding that supported a “gay cure” therapy.

Just under a week after the World Health Organization stated that sexual orientation changing therapy is a “serious threat to the health and well being of affected people” Dr. Robert Spitzer has now done a one-eighty and is now against the practice.

Per the New York Times, Dr. Spitzer, considered by some to be a “father of modern psychiatry,” gave an apology to the gay community for his “poorly conceived 2003 investigation that supported the use of so-called reparative therapy to ‘cure’ homosexuality.”

Dr. Spitzer now agrees with those who opposed him before regarding his previous work. Still others, not only going against reparative therapy, but are actively trying to kill it. The state of California is trying to ban the whole practice statewide.  The WHO produced a statement May 17, 2012 which says the therapy “lack[s] medical justification,” since homosexuality is not a disease.”

They also go on further and call for sanctions and discreditation towards any conversion or reparative therapy clinics, saying homophobia is a “public health problem and a threat to human dignity and civil rights.”

from WHO, Ex-‘Gay Cure’ Supporter Come Out Against Sexual Orientation Changing Therapies – International News – AllMediaNY.