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A Christian letter to nominee Trump

Dear Mr. Trump:

One of the things I appreciate about you is that you’re exceptionally direct. So am I.

And so I’ll be direct.

I am a Ted Cruz supporter and part of what they’re calling the “#NeverTrump” crowd. As it now stands, and, speaking of directness, absent some direct revelation from the Holy Spirit Himself, I cannot, and will not, vote for you in November. (I hope you’ll continue reading. I do not intend this as an attack in anyway.)

Still, and before I jump into my profound reservations about your presidential candidacy, let me share a few more things that I appreciate about you. First, though many people, yourself included, have said that you “are the establishment,” I nonetheless appreciate that you took on the mealy-mouthed GOP establishment this primary season. The conservative base of the Republican Party is sick of their empty campaign promises, gutless lack of resolve and failure to use all means necessary to rein-in Obama.

Next, I, and others, love your often witty, always delightful smackdowns of the mainstream media – a media so marinated in leftist ideology and political correctness that they wouldn’t recognize objective journalism if it bit ’em in the … well, you get the idea.

Finally, you have quickly come to both signify and personify Middle America’s utter disdain for all things politically correct. “I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness,” you told Megyn Kelly in the GOP’s first presidential debate. “And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either.”


Now for the negatives. While there are many, for the sake of brevity I’ll address but a few. These negatives alone, to me, are absolute deal breakers.

Mr. Trump, I don’t oppose you because I’m Republican and you’re not. I don’t even oppose you because I’m conservative and you’re not. I oppose you, sir, because I’m a Christ follower.

Now, let me be clear. I know that I don’t speak for all faithful, Bible-believing Christians. In fact, there are many I both know and respect who plan to vote for you, some who even publicly endorsed you from the onset. I do not intend to indict them, judge them or even persuade them to do otherwise.

Still, there are many more who, like me, cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for you.

Let’s start from 30,000 feet and bring it in for a landing. Some of my Christian brothers and sisters have noted, accurately, that God has a wonderful way of using unlikely, broken and even wicked people for good (we are none righteous, not even one [see Romans 3:10]).

He may be doing that with you, and I pray He is.

Still others have even compared you to King David, a “man after God’s own heart,” who was both a murderer and adulterer. I love David’s story because it reminds me of my own. I’ve done some pretty horrible things in my life that, but for Christ’s amazing grace, forgiveness and sacrifice on the cross, I’d be getting exactly what I deserve – eternal separation from God.

King David was a sinner. I’m a sinner. You’re a sinner. But, as best I can tell, it is gross error to compare you to King David in any way. David, you see, was contrite. He was more than contrite. He was humble because he was humbled. He basked in humility because he willingly received God’s well-deserved humiliation and discipline. David was utterly broken and gloriously repentant for his many sins. He begged God with some of the most sincere and beautiful words ever written, for forgiveness most undeserved.

And God forgave Him.

Humility does not mean weakness. David was meek, he was not weak. Meekness is restrained strength.

Here’s where I must be direct. You and I, Mr. Trump, are no King Davids. Not only is there no evidence that you are broken, contrite, humble and repentant for your own very public sins; you, even today, continue, unrepentantly, to commit those sins and boast of them on the campaign trail. Hell, some of them, like crowing about your book, wherein you brag about all the hot chicks you scored and the times you cheated on your wives, are even part of your stump speech.

For his adultery David begged God, “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin” (Psalm 51:1-2).

By contrast, when recently asked about God’s forgiveness for your own storied past, you said, “I don’t like to have to ask for forgiveness. Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?

”Well, because God demands it, for starters.

And so you remain an unrepentant serial adulterer who personally attacks his political opponents as “stupid liars,” sleazily suggests that their wives are ugly, absurdly intimates that their fathers conspired to assassinate JFK (you admitted the next day you were lying), brags about the size of his manhood from the debate stage, even now says that Planned Parenthood, an organization that gets filthy rich tearing live babies limb-from-limb and selling their body parts, “does wonderful things and we should not defund it,” essentially stated, just weeks ago, that men in miniskirts have a right to shower alongside our wives and daughters, and, neither last nor least, habitually and unapologetically verbally abuses women – somebody’s wives, mothers and daughters – by calling them “pigs,” “ugly,” “fat” or “great pieces of a–.”

Moreover, Mr. Trump, if elected you will be the very first U.S. president to have owned (and/or presently maintain stock in) strip clubs. Your Trump Taj Mahal strip club “Scores” in Atlantic City, for example, among the most mundane. You, sir, have profited, and continue to profit, from the sexual exploitation of precious young women created in the image and likeness of Almighty God – women who, not long ago, were not unlike my 11 and 12-year-old daughters.

You’re a worldly man, Mr. Trump. You know that many of these women are drug-addicted and were sexually abused as children. You also know that strip clubs (particularly Vegas/Atlantic City strip clubs) are hotbeds for sex trafficking (sex slavery) and prostitution.

This misogynistic exploitation of women and girls, on your part, is both reprehensible and inexcusable. Not only is it unbecoming of any man who wishes to hold the highest office in the entire land; it is decidedly unwise of any man who doesn’t wish to have some father or brother jerk him out of his limo for roadside dental work.

By all indication, you have neither asked these girls’ forgiveness, God’s forgiveness, nor ceased this shameless exploitation.

You have not repented.

And so I will not vote for you.

But I will pray for you.


GOP chairman kisses Trump’s ass | New York Post

GOP chairman Reince Priebus doubled down on his newfound love for Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying the tycoon’s unconventional campaign was actually a good thing for the party.Priebus, facing the task of unifying a fractured GOP, said Trump’s stunning takeover of the Republican Party as a step forward.“You know what, I think something different and something new is probably good for our party,” Priebus told CNN’s “New Day.”After Trump’s big win in the Indiana primary and the departure of rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from the race, Priebus called The Donald their party’s “presumptive nominee.”Priebus admitted the real estate titan’s rise to the top has taken him by surprise.“Look, I don’t think anyone predicted what happened,” the party big said on Wednesday. “So, look, we’re here. We’re going to get behind the presumptive nominee.”Just a few weeks ago, Priebus was snapping at Trump over the candidate’s complaints about delegate allocation rules that he believed were unfairly benefiting Cruz.“It’s the responsibility of the campaigns to understand” convention rules, Priebus tweeted about Trump’s beefs. “Complaints now? Give us all a break.”

Source: GOP chairman kisses Trump’s ass | New York Post

Kasich drops out of presidential race | New York Post

John Kasich will suspend his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination Wednesday evening, according to multiple media accounts.The Ohio governor was a no-show this morning at a press conference in Washington, DC, and his campaign said he will make an announcement at 5 p.m. in Columbus.Kasich was the only rival to front-runner Donald Trump remaining on Wednesday, after Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas quit the race Tuesday night following the New York tycoon’s decisive primary win in Indiana.

Source: Kasich drops out of presidential race | New York Post

Rafael Cruz: “I Implore Every Member of the Body of Christ to Vote According to the Word of God” (VIDEO)

Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, asked members of the Body of Christ to vote Cruz:

“I implore every member of the Body of Christ to vote according to the word of God. And vote for the candidate that stands for the word of God and the Constitution of the United States of America… The alternative could be the destruction of America.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

But one thing that worked for Cruz in Wisconsin has also been working in Indiana, and that is the quiet engagement of ministers across the state. When the campaign moved to New York and Pennsylvania, Cruz’s father, Rafael, a minister himself, spent a couple of weeks here in Indiana meeting with small groups of pastors, recruiting them to support his son.

Rafael talked about some political issues like the Supreme Court, but his larger message was about character, leadership, and faith. “He was giving a message about what the Bible says about leadership,” said Micah Clark, executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana, who attended a couple of the meetings. “He said we need to be biblically correct, rather than politically correct…He impressed the pastors with his knowledge of the Bible, which was diverse and strong; he would quote a dozen or more verses on character in his talk.”

In a brief video conversation with Clark posted on the AFA Indiana Facebook page, Rafael Cruz made the case for Ted. “I implore, I exhort every member of the Body of Christ to vote according to the word of God, and vote for the candidate that stands on the word of God and on the Constitution of the United States of America,” Cruz said. “And I am convinced that man is my son, Ted Cruz. The alternative could be the destruction of America.”

Source: Rafael Cruz: “I Implore Every Member of the Body of Christ to Vote According to the Word of God” (VIDEO)

Gingrich to GOP establishment: ‘Get over it’ | Washington Examiner

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that Donald Trump’s five big wins Tuesday night mean the only thing left for establishment Republicans to do is to get over it and accept that Trump will be the GOP nominee.

You see the momentum building here, Gingrich said on Fox News Tuesday night. I think it’d be very, very hard, virtually impossible, to stop him from winning the nomination at this point.

This is an enormous achievement building on New York, and means that he’s almost certainly going to have an absolute majority of the delegates before you get to the convention in Cleveland, Gingrich added.

Gingrich also laughed off the idea of a contested convention, after Fox host Bill Hemmer showed that Trump now has a likely path to getting the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Source: Gingrich to GOP establishment: ‘Get over it’ | Washington Examiner

IT’S OFFICIAL=> Ted Cruz Is Mathematically ELIMINATED from GOP Race – With Chart

As we predicted on April 2nd….    As of today, April 26, 2016, Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated from winning the Republican nomination outright.
On April 2nd we predicted that Donald Trump would have 953 delegates as of today (needing only 284 delegates for the nomination) and that Cruz would have 550 delegates as of today (needing 687 to win the nomination).

We also predicted that only 634 delegates would remain and therefore Cruz would need more delegates than would be available.

Ted Cruz is eliminated.

It is clear that Cruz was eliminated tonight.

It is not clear yet on how devastating the final numbers will be for Ted Cruz.

After winning all five primaries tonight —  Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania — Donald Trump has 954 delegates so far.

(We predicted 953!)

Ted Cruz finished third in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.
There are fewer delegates remaining than we originally projected because the delegates in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota were allocated in shady voter-less elections after April 2nd.

After tonight’s primaries Cruz has — 560 delegates after winning one delegate Tuesday.Cruz needs 677 delegates to reach 1,237 delegates.

There are only 622 available.

It’s over.


Source: IT’S OFFICIAL=> Ted Cruz Is Mathematically ELIMINATED from GOP Race – With Chart

Donald Trump Is a Central Figure in This Prophecy — Charisma News

In 2011, retired firefighter Mark Taylor says, God showed him a vision in which Donald Trump would become president of the United States.
April 28, 2011, the now-Republican presidential front-runner gave a speech in Las Vegas to a gathering organized by the Clark County Nevada Republican Party. At the time, he was mulling a possible 2012 presidential bid while hounding President Obama to release his birth certificate.
During the Las Vegas visit, Trump did an interview, which Taylor watched on television. During that interview, he said God told him he was listening to the president. Although Trump eventually did not run for office in 2012, the retired firefighter believes the businessman’s 2016 run is God-ordained, and shared his vision this week with Rick Wiles of TruNews:

The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this. For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed. They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it 7 fold back to the United States. The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again. The spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand and hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before.

The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond, and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.

The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. Let them waste their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen. They will say things about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president. Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.

Is Taylor right? Wiles explored that question, and all of the retired firefighter’s prophecy in detail during the 68-minute program. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here.

Source: Donald Trump Is a Central Figure in This Prophecy — Charisma News

Temple of Baal Arch Canceled for New York City — Charisma News

The Temple of Baal is not coming to Times Square in New York City next month. This is great news, and it represents an incredible victory for Christians in the United States.

As you will see below, the New York Times, Snopes and a whole host of other mainstream news sources reported last month that everything was on track for reproductions of the giant 48-foot-tall arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, to be put up simultaneously in Times Square in New York City and Trafalgar Square in London during the month of April. But now that will not be happening.

The only arch that will be going up will be in Trafalgar Square, and it won’t be the one from the Temple of Baal. Instead, the Institute for Digital Archaeology has changed plans and will be putting up a reproduction of the Arch of Triumph which the Romans originally built in Palmyra and that has nothing to do with Baal. So why has there been such a dramatic change in plans?

On Friday, I received an urgent message from a contact that has been investigating this, and she told me that she had talked directly to someone from the Institute for Digital Archaeology and that she had been informed that no arch was going up in New York during the month of April.

I pressed her for confirmation, because every mainstream source that I could find said that the arch from the Temple of Baal was indeed going up next month. So her information would definitely change everything, but I needed to be able to confirm this.

Well, confirmation came in the form of an article from the Telegraph, which is one of the most important news sources in the United Kingdom. On Friday, they reported that the original plan to put up the arch from the Temple of Baal in New York and London simultaneously had been scrapped.

When the IDA revealed last December that it was intending to use its data and expertise to build not one but two replica Palmyra arches – to be unveiled simultaneously in Trafalgar Square in London and Times Square in New York – it generated headlines across the world.

Since then there has been some backtracking on the original idea. There will be no simultaneous unveiling in New York – they may transport the London arch there later, or build another one – and the Palmyra arch that is being reconstructed is no longer the entrance to the Temple of Bel (which survived an attempt to blow it up in August 2015) but the Arch of Triumph (partially destroyed in October) formerly located at one end of the Great Colonnade.

As you can see, this report confirms what they were originally planning to do, and this represents a massive change of direction.

Just a few weeks ago, everything appeared to be all set for this arch from the Temple of Baal to go up in Times Square in April. For example, the following is what the New York Times reported on March 19:

NEXT month, the Temple of Baal will come to Times Square. Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the temple’s entrance are to be installed in New York and in London, a tribute to the 2,000-year-old structure that the Islamic State destroyed last year in the Syrian town of Palmyra. The group’s rampage through Palmyra, a city that reached its peak in the second and third century A.D., enraged the world, spurring scholars and conservationists into action.

Of course the New York Times was far from alone in reporting about this. The New York Post had also reported that this was a done deal.

A towering arch of an ancient temple in Palmyra, Syria, that has been mostly destroyed by ISIS terrorists will be recreated by a huge 3-D printer and put on display in New York City this spring, officials said on Monday.

The life-size model of the original 2,000-year-old structure, known as the Arch of the Temple of Bel, will stand approximately 48 feet high and 23 feet wide.

And as I write this article, Snopes is still reporting that the arch from the Temple of Baal is going to go up in New York and London.

While it is true replicas of Palmyra’s Temple of Baal arch are being constructed for temporary display in New York and London, the project solely involves reproducing the structure’s arch and not creating a functional building. Moreover, interest in reproducing the demolished antiquity is archeological in nature, not religious.

The big question is this: Why has there been such a sudden change in plans?

First of all, why is no arch going up in New York next month at all?

Secondly, why has the arch in London been switched to an entirely different arch?

Could it be possible that the alternative media has played a role? Since the original New York Times story last month, a massive firestorm has erupted in the alternative media and this story has gone megaviral all over the Internet.

Could it be possible that they have backtracked because of how much negative attention this story has been receiving?

Of course let us not underestimate the prayers of God’s people. Once this story went viral, Christians all over America started praying against this arch. From personal experience, I know that the prayers of righteous men and women are extremely powerful, and we may never know how much of an impact they had on this situation.

So let us celebrate this victory, but let us also understand that what this country is facing is not going to fundamentally change unless there is true repentance. Because even though a monument to Baal is not going up in New York City next month, we continue to embrace the ways of Baal as a nation.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, more than 58 million babies have been murdered in America, and of course this was a key feature of Baal worship in the ancient Middle East. One place where we find this in the Bible is in Jeremiah 19:4-6.

“Because they have forsaken Me and have profaned this place by making offerings in it to other gods whom neither they, their fathers, nor the kings of Judah have known, and have filled this place with the blood of the innocent, and have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings to Baal, which I did not command or decree, nor did it come into My mind— therefore, surely the days are coming, says the Lord, when this place shall no more be called Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter” (emphasis added).

Another key feature of Baal worship that we see reflected in modern society that I discussed in a previous article is the public exhibition of sexual acts. In ancient times, there would be crazed bisexual orgies around the altars of Baal, and large crowds would gather around to watch. And of course today we are a nation that is absolutely addicted to watching other people have sex. In fact, it has been estimated that 68 percent of all Christian men watch pornography on a regular basis.

Unless we change our ways, it is inevitable that the judgment of God is going to hit America extremely hard. This is one of the topics that I cover in my new book entitled The Rapture Verdict. God keep calling us to repent, but we keep shaking our fists at Him as a nation.

At some point, time will run out.

For the moment, let us celebrate this victory over the Temple of Baal.

But let us not relax one bit, because there is an enormous amount of work that needs to be done to try to wake this country up while we still can.

Source: Temple of Baal Arch Canceled for New York City — Charisma News

The rise of the orgy in the age of sex positivism | Love & Sex | Lifestyle | The Independent


Guests wander the luxury Mayfair apartment in formal attire, chit-chatting, lounging on sofas and sipping champagne. At midnight a bell is rung and everyone gets naked. Around half an hour later, after the initial awkwardness has worn off, the flat is a sea of writhing bodies.
Heaven Circle, probably the world’s biggest sex party club (it’s the one from that Channel 4 doc Sex Party Secrets you may remember), started out in 2012 as founder Chris Reynolds Gordon and just a handful of friends. Four years later, it has over 20,000 members, with parties taking place in London, Paris, New York, L.A., Vegas, Ibiza, Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna. They always sell out.
The parties are hugely opulent, a recent one having taken place in a £30 million house in Marylebone. “How do you find the venues?” I ask Gordon. “I live in them,” he tells me, which demonstrates pretty well how lucrative a business it is and the enormity of the world’s sexual appetite.
If you’re going to have sex with a total stranger, you’re probably going to want them to be attractive, so Heaven Circle vets its guests, even operating a tiering system with extra special parties for the sexual elite. A “sex olympics” is currently being planned, where the best performers from parties around the world will come together for a sort of fantasy team orgy. The mix at the parties tends to be mostly swinging couples, with a few single men and women thrown in too.
While the prospect of having so many sexual encounters in one go might frighten some, the organisers believe the parties to be safer than clubs. While the latter are plagued with unwanted gropes, the former is a less ambiguous environment. Everyone knows why they’re there.

Consent is also held in paramount importance, with undercover bodyguards at all parties (wearing Y-fronts and bow ties, the best kind of disguise).

“I go to some of the best clubs in London and I find my parties are just friendlier,” Gordon says. “I mean, if you’re about to f*** someone’s wife, you’ve got to be pretty friendly.

“In a normal club people are often a bit hostile, show off-y, they like to keep themselves to themselves. There’s not that kind of ‘Hey, how are you?’ – just randomly chatting to people – that we have.
While Heaven Circle is a secret indulgence for most members, it seems that in an increasingly sex positive age where dating and hook-up apps like Tinder are ubiquitous, this embarassment is fast eroding.

“70 or 80 per cent of our members use photos of their face,” Gordon explains, “you would never have got that before. It used to be pictures of, like, an arse bending over, now their photos are all them. They don’t give a f*** – even in the workplace, people will say ‘yeah I went to an orgy’ and the response will be ‘ah, cool.’ It’s not even taboo anymore.
“I remember about 10 years ago when Plenty Of Fish came out people wouldn’t want to talk about it, they felt only ‘weird’ people go on those kinds of services. Now it’s so mainstream, people are screenshotting Tinder and showing their friends.”

The company’s next step is Heaven Prive, which will see it facilitate members setting up their own parties, potentially creating an explosion of orgies in countless other towns and cities.

Source: The rise of the orgy in the age of sex positivism | Love & Sex | Lifestyle | The Independent

Michael Savage to Cruz: Renounce Colorado result

Calling the Colorado Republican Party’s decision not to hold a primary popular vote a scandal, talk-radio host Michael Savage declared Sen. Ted Cruz should disavow the move and call for a vote.
“What just happened in Colorado should, frankly, disqualify Cruz, who claims to be a constitutional conservative,” Savage told his listeners Monday.
Savage is a strong supporter of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who has been a regular guest on “The Savage Nation.”Savage said Trump has been “pushed aside by the ‘Republicrat and Demican’ party, which I have told you about since 1994.”
“I told you we don’t have a democracy. It’s how I rose to fame in the radio business. … I position, as I have been all my life, as a total cynic,” he said.
“This is a corrupt, rotten system. It’s a one-party system. It’s demagoguery. There is no two-party system. They are the ones who selected Obama. They are the ones who are selecting Hillary. Make no mistake about it.
”Savage said the “rigged Republican, back-room deal” was “not befitting a free republic” and “something you would expect of Uruguay in the 1940s.”
“How can Mr. Cruz support a rigged election in Colorado and still claim to be a conservative?”
As WND reported, Trump erupted on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning after a weekend that saw Cruz sweep all of Colorado’s 34 delegates without a popular vote.
“I’ve gotten millions … of more votes than Cruz, and I’ve gotten hundreds of delegates more, and we keep fighting, fighting, fighting, and then you have a Colorado where they just get all of these delegates, and it’s not [even] a system,” Trump said. “There was no voting. I didn’t go out there to make a speech or anything. There’s no voting.”His comments came after Cruz won the remaining 13 delegates at the weekend’s convention, bringing his total for the state to 34, an outcome he claimed was unfair and just shy of illegal.The ‘Stop Hillary’ campaign is on fire! Join the surging response to this theme: ‘Clinton for prosecution, not president’“They offer them trips – they offer them all sorts of things, and you’re allowed to do that,” Trump said, of the method by which some woo delegates. “I mean, you’re allowed to offer trips, and you can buy all these votes. What kind of a system is this? Now, I’m an outsider, and I came into the system and I’m winning the votes by millions of votes. But the system is rigged. It’s crooked.

Source: Michael Savage to Cruz: Renounce Colorado result

Trump erupts as Cruz sweeps Colorado without votes

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump erupted on Twitter Sunday night after a weekend that saw Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas sweep all of Colorado’s 37 delegates without any votes being cast by citizens in a traditional primary process.“How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger – totally unfair!” wrote Trump.He followed it up with a second tweet: “The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!”What do YOU think? Should Trump run 3rd party if he doesn’t win GOP nomination? Sound off in today’s WND Poll!It was last August when officials with the Republican Party in Colorado decided they would not let voters take part in the early nomination process.The Denver Post reported Aug. 25: “The GOP executive committee has voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll after the national party changed its rules to require a state’s delegates to support the candidate that wins the caucus vote.”“It takes Colorado completely off the map” in the primary season, Ryan Call, a former state GOP chairman, told the paper.The ‘Stop Hillary’ campaign is on fire! Join the surging response to this theme: ‘Clinton for prosecution, not president’In late February, just before Super Tuesday, the Post published a scathing editorial, saying the party blundered on the 2016 presidential caucus:“GOP leaders have never provided a satisfactory reason for forgoing a presidential preference poll, although party chairman Steve House suggested on radio at one point that too many Republicans would otherwise flock to their local caucus.“Imagine that: party officials fearing that an interesting race might propel thousands of additional citizens to participate. But of course that might dilute the influence of elites and insiders. You can see why that could upset the faint-hearted.”One self-avowed Trump supporter took to YouTube on Sunday to express his displeasure with the process and burned his Republican registration on camera. Watch the video:

Source: Trump erupts as Cruz sweeps Colorado without votes

I helped the FBI catch a crime boss, and they ruined my career | New York Post

A California man who helped the FBI over four years build a case against an international drug trafficker and money launderer — only to be falsely implicated as being part of the crime syndicate — has asked FBI Director James Comey for help in clearing his name, The Post has learned.
But Comey has not yet lifted a finger to help the one-time confidential source, the man claims.
The man, a professional gambler and philanthropist who uses the pseudonym Robin Hood 702, traveled to Sydney, Australia, in August 2011 to help the FBI and local cops nab Owen Hanson, a former USC football player-turned-alleged drug dealer.
Hanson and cohorts of the alleged Southern California-based syndicate were indicted by a San Diego grand jury in January — largely due to Robin Hood’s help. But a story about the probe in the Sydney Morning Herald one month after the visit wrongly fingered the gambler as being part of the syndicate.
That report led to Robin Hood being barred from every casino in the world.
“Being barred from every major casino — through no fault of my own — means I have no means of support,” Robin Hood wrote in a March 5 letter to Comey, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.
“What the compliance officials at these casinos do not know is that I had nothing to do with any illegal activity,” the letter reads. “In fact, I was in Australia to help fight illegal activity. I have not been charged with any crime and I have not been implicated in any crime.”
To be sure, Hanson has threatened to kidnap and kill Robin Hood and his wife, Greice, because of the gambler’s work at bringing the alleged felon to justice, according to court papers.
Because he can’t set foot in any casino in the world, the letter states, Robin Hood is being robbed of his livelihood and his ability to support his family and his charitable foundation — which has handed out more than $1 million to needy families around the world.
Robin Hood asked Comey to reach out to compliance officers at two large Las Vegas casinos — the MGM Grand and Caesars Palace — to set the record straight. Comey has yet to respond to the letter and has not reached out to the casinos, Robin Hood said.
“All I want is to be able to provide for my family and to help more families in need across the United States,” Robin Hood said in the letter, which he signed “Jackpot,” his code name while helping the FBI.

Source: I helped the FBI catch a crime boss, and they ruined my career | New York Post