Could Iran be 6 Months Away from Having a Nuke?

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, believes that Iran is only 6-7 months away from having a nuclear bomb. Tensions are continuing to intensify, as the liklihood of an Israeli strike against Iran increases. Many believe Nethanyahu will strike before the November US Presidential elections. Israel’s fear is that if Obama was to win a second term he would not stand by his promises to help Israel after the election, however a strike before November would force his hand.

Also it has emerged that Iran’s newest nuclear facility has been struck by “saboteurs”, according to reports from Fereydoun Abbasi, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation. Abbasi disclosed that power lines into the facility had been blown up. The nuclear facility is deep under ground, near the city of Qom.

4 thoughts on “Could Iran be 6 Months Away from Having a Nuke?”

  1. About time. Iran should have the right to nuclear arms. This is a double standard by the west.

  2. How wondorous, Allah greets me every morning with even more depressing news. Nicholas, you should change your name to Ahmed, because it is more befitting your ridiculous views. I wonder if you would be standing alive if you tried to exercise such freedom of speech against the establishment in Saddams Iraq or even better in Prophet Mohammad ‘s era Saudi Arabia!

  3. Really Nicholas! With the power a nuke gives you means you need to be responsible- the west haven’t pledged to destroy anyone. Why not give North Korea a nuke whilst you’re at it… if Hitler was about would you have given him one too?

  4. Maybe Hitler wasn’t even evil and our western schools and media have been propagating revisionist history all along. I for one want to see the death of the old world colonial powers.

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