Deadly Tornadoes Ravage Midwest


This last week has seen the deadliest outbreak of Tornadoes in the Midwest in nearly 40 years. So far the death toll stands at 272, however this is likely to rise yet further. In the worst affected regions, such as Tuscaloosa, Alabama, whole neighbourhoods have been destroyed, the mayor of the city has said that in Tuscaloosathe infrastructure is “absolutely decimated”. In the worst affected regions whole buildings are being reported missing and falling debris is now a real risk to people and buildings.

Meteorologists do not believe the Midwest has seen the end of this deadly season. With the tornado season spanning spring- early summer more could be on the way, with Sean Morris the CNN Meteorologist quoted as saying, “This could be one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in the nation’s history by the time it’s over.” The 2011 tornado season has started quickly, and has already caused more damage in two days than the whole season in 2010.

In the wake of the tornadoes, regions around the Mississippi River and Ohio River are witnessing record flooding, and the water levels are still rising.

The financial cost of this years tornado season is yet to be counted, it is an added financial burden the nation could do without.

The latest wave of storms this week has come a week after another tornado system killed 10 people in Arkansas, and 1 in Mississippi.

Tornadoes occur when the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with the cool northern air, creating a massive storm. However, for years Prophet TV has been fighting the water spirits behind these phenomena. Repeatedly we have shown when a Son of God stands in a region and builds a wall of protection around that region destruction does not hit. The Presence of God creates a bubble of protection, where the demonic cannot enter. The Gulf of Mexico is the source of much VooDoo, practised throughout the Caribbean region, particularly in Haiti.

The source of the Mississippi in Iowa is the location of a three-dimensional mandala. The creation of mandalas also evokes water spirits. These two seemingly different practises both evoke the same spirits, that seek to bring death and destruction- in particular to the church.

The Midwest is famous as the “Bible Belt”, where are the Christians in this region protecting against these water spirits, which destroy their property and kill their families? Jesus dealt with water spirits in His ministry, but the white American church does not understand these spiritual powers waring against them. It is time to wake up and walk in the Power and Dominion Jesus died to give His church.

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  1. When I think of Adam and Eve in the Garden, I picture them eninyjog the life we’ve all dreamed about,: daily communion with God and each other in peace, and love and absolute trust. We dream about that life because it is so far from the evil reality we see on the news. Adam and Eve had no such reality to use as a comparison. Eden was the only life they knew.Then the serpent came to drive a wedge between them and their Creator. Until that time, they walked, having faith in His words, believing that they were absolutely true. When faced with an alternate reality, however, doubt crept in and cast a dark shadow for them on the validity of His words. For the first time, they questioned His motives and purpose. They wondered if He was, indeed, holding out on them.And this is the point where I STOP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and say to myself>>>>>>>>>>how many times have I asked the very same questions? Maybe not in so many words, but I have doubted Him COUNTLESS times.And with this clear understanding, I can fully accept Adam and Eve as my ancestors and lay no blame upon them for their choices. I turn instead to Calvary and see Jesus, the LAMB without blemish and without spot: Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1: 19b & 20a), and thank Him from the bottom of my heart that He looked ahead to see their sin and mine. And, seeing that we had no hope of redemption, He laid down His own dear life as a holy sacrifice for the sin of all mankind. Thank you, Jesus.

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