EU Election Results: Eurosceptic and Far Right Parties Make Gains

As the results from the European Union Elections are now in it shows gains across Europe for Eurosceptic and right wing parties.

In France Marie Le Pen’s National Rally won the biggest share of the French vote with 23.3% of the vote where as the French President’s La République en Marche came second with 22.4%.

In Italy the leading party was also the Far-Right League, they have seen a huge surge in support for their uncompromising stance on illegal immigration.

In the UK Nigel Farage’s Brexit party stormed to victory with 31.6% of the vote, with the Conservative and Labour party suffering heavily. The result is seen as anger at the UK parliament’s failure to deliver on Brexit.

Across Europe Green parties also saw a significant rise in support, this is thought to be driven by younger voters.

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