“We knew right away,” said Gestring, biological administrator of the FWC’s non-native fish research lab in Boca Raton. “It was definitely the largest one we have ever collected.”

The snakehead has caused considerable concern outside Florida, where the discovery of a close cousin to the bullseye, the Northern snakehead, spawning in a Maryland pond in 2002, triggered a media feeding frenzy akin to the one surrounding the Burmese python in the Everglades.

Scientists fear that snakeheads, predators that will eat just about anything and are generally larger than most native freshwater fish, could take a big bite out of local populations if they spread unchecked. The fish’s freakier attributes added to the curiosity. Much like the infamous walking catfish touted as a scourge of the Everglades in the 1960s, snakeheads can survive out of water for several days. And like the catfish, a few species purportedly can wiggle across short distances on land on their fins.

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” released by aquarium owners…Asian breeders…” probably not…

Probably released by the Dahli Llama and Buddhist monks who asked for and received permission to ” practice their beliefs “. In a pre-announced plan and over a few years, they visited every headway of every major river and lake in the US, chanting over the headwaters at lakes and rivers and shores in a language Americans didn’t understand yet smiled approval over in the many photographed accounts in newspapers. Wisdom?

These men released into the waters, objects; symbols- live and dead, which they ” brought with them and had prayed over ” that their chants and live symbols would ” travel the waterways of America and enter and live in all waters here.”

And so they did.

Similar work of Buddhists covered Central Park in NYC a few years ago; colorful banners were placed throughout the park as ” a work of art “. When the passive display of ” art ” became interactive, the monks began to chant in unison, appearing red robed under hundreds of yellow-gold banner-flags atop high poles.

When the chanting and horn blowing began, which released predetermined notes in a range believed by Buddhists to worship and reach the dead. It was a success. All birds and creeping things left the park. Dogs on leashes lowered to the ground, some howling. It was reported as an unexplainable coincidence.

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