Iowa Journalist Who Exposed Racist Tweets Fired for His Offensive Tweets

Des Moines Register reporter Aaron Calvin exposed racist tweets made by a sports fan, who’s charity fundraiser had gone viral. Carson King an Iowa State University football fan posed for a photo with himself holding a can of beer asking for money to replenish his beer supply.

What was a joke, took him by surprise when money started to come in. However King said he give the money to a local children’s hospital. That’s when things went viral and serious money began to roll in. Carson King found himself a local celebrity.

However report Aaron Calvin began to look into King’s background, uncovering two racist tweets he made 8 years earlier whilst still in high school.

When the Register reported he story there was backlash. Carson King apologised for the stupid things he found funny and said as a kid. However Calvin found his past tweets came under the same intense scrutiny. he was found to have sent offensive tweets about same-sex couples, domestic abuse as well as racist tweets. The Register  has now fired Aaron Calvin.

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