Iran’s President Calls for “New World Order”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has given an interview with the Associated Press at the United Nations this week, where he calls for the establishment of a “New World Order”. Ahmadinejad wants to see the world move away from “years of American bullying and domination” In the interview he said, “God willing, a new order will come together and we’ll do away with everything that distances us…I do believe the system of empires has reached the end of the road. The world can no longer see an emperor commanding it.”

“Now even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying,” he said.

Ahmadinejad also called American and Israeli insistence that Iran abandon it’s nuclear program as a non-issue, claiming America was using it as an excuse for the US to impose it’s will on Iran.

President Ahmadinejad is due to speak at the UN tomorrow, the United States delegates have already said they will boycott his speech.

In the interview Ahmadinejad also addressed the issue of Syria. He is calling for a group of countries to work together to bring an end to the bloody conflict in the country. However, intelligence suggests Iran is actively helping the Assad, with weapons and logistical support.

This will be Ahmadinejad’s last appearance at the UN General Assembly as he is due to leave office next June.

To read more about his interview see The Telegraph

6 thoughts on “Iran’s President Calls for “New World Order””

  1. I seem to recall another socialist, (of the National German Socialist Workers Party), talk about a similar new order, (or “Reich”), about 70 yrs ago. I seem to recall other progressive/liberal / socialists in Europe having the same reaction they’re having now – appeasement. I seem to recall everyone saying how easy it would have been to stop the first guy if only people would have taken action sooner. I seem to recall 10’s of millions of people died trying to stop him, and the only ultimately stopped him from destroying the planet was he didn’t finish building nukes in time (U.S. beat him to it). I seem to recall liberals such as Truman telling us that the UN would prevent something like that from ever happening again.

  2. What he real wants is a world led by Shite Islam, he openly talks of this back home in Iran. He wants a return to the 7th century empire that I am convinced triggered the Dark Ages in Europe.

    How did Europe go from the highly advanced Greek and Roman empires to a period of stagnation in the Dark ages?
    How did an essentially pacifist ‘turn the other cheek’ Christianity become a violent crusading empire?

    Answer: the influence of the Islamic ideology which is a spirit of laziness, poverty and violence. Today’s Islam is manifesting the same elements in 56 OIC nations. You do the math.

  3. @happyconserv: very insightful comments. Before Ahmedinajad, there was a Hitler. Before Hitler, there was a Mohammad.
    We don’t need illiterate barbaric rascals taking us back to the stone ages.

  4. I will miss him, he is the only world leader with balls to stand up to the west.

  5. Meanwhile Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed yesterday at the UN that Israel will be around forever.

    And Canada severed ties with Iran a few days back and closed its embassy.
    “Our country has not been shy about warning the world of the danger the Iranian regime ultimately presents to all of us,” Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper said to the press today.

    “We want to see a peaceful resolution and we work closely with our allies to try to alert the world to the danger this presents and the necessity of dealing with it.”

    Netanyahu praised Harper for his recent decision to close the Canadian embassy in Tehran.

    “I think what you did, severing ties with Iran, was not only an act of statesmanship but an act of moral clarity,” he told the prime minister.

    “The fact that you took such clear, decisive steps is a great example to be followed by other nations, many of which attended a conference in Tehran and said nothing.”

  6. Iran’s actions are causing market jitters and driving up the price if oil. I hoped there is a resolution soon.

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