Leading Pioneer in Gender Theory Admits Aspects of His Work “Made Up”

Christopher Dummitt a pioneer in gender theory has come out to say he was wrong about much of his work in gender theory and sex, saying that a lot of what he proposed as truth was “made up”.

He admits that as a young, newly graduated scientist he was “angry and assertive” about his ideas regarding gender theory, and was hiding the fact he had no proof to back up his opinions.

However, his work and others have now been taken to lay the foundation of gender theory. Dummitt says, “[it is] so disappointing to see that the viewpoints I used to argue for so fervently — and so baselessly — have now been accepted by so many in the wider society”.

Indeed, his “flawed reasoning, and other scholarship using the same defective thinking” is now being used by “activists and governments to legislate a new moral code of conduct”.

Dummitt is now arguing for more research into sex and gender from a different ideological background and for the peer review process to be more thorough.

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