LGBT Group Attacks Rev. Franklin Graham for NY Outreach During Coronavirus

Rev. Franklin Graham has been attacked by LGBT groups in New York. The evangelist’s organisation Samaritan’s Purse has organised teams of Christian volunteers to help with Coronavirus relief work in the city.

Samaritan’s Purse has set up a 68 bed field hospital in Central Park staffed by professional medical staff to help with the Covid-19 outbreak.

However the LGBT campaign “No Time for Nonsense” has accused the organisation of putting lives at risk by recruiting medial staff who believe in a biblical view of marriage.

The group have said that Graham’s organisation would turn LGBT individuals away who are suffering from the virus. However Franklin Graham has responded to these attacks by saying:

“We do not make distinctions about an individual’s religion, race, sexual orientation, or economic status. We certainly do not discriminate, and we have a decades-long track record that confirms just that,” Graham stated.

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