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Two men had an altercation, included firing guns at each other, between the academic building and library at Lone Star College Harris Campus in Houston, Texas, according to its Chancellor, Richard Carpenter. The campus was locked down by police while the situation was assessed and the shooters were in custody. The surrounding Aldine School District’s 4 campuses were also secured during this time.

Texas is a concealed carry state, but Lone Star College is a gun-free zone with a policy which does not allow guns on campus. Even with this policy, witnesses stated that each man drew a pistol, one from his backpack and the other from a jacket.

According to the school spokesman Jed Young, students were caught in the crossfire of two shooters. Of the more than 10,000 students on campus today, 3 people were shot and one woman suffered a heart attack.

There are various reports accounting for the wounded,a maintenance worker who was shot in the leg and innocent victims included a student and a teacher. One of the shooters was reported to be among the injured. The two victims taken to Ben Taub Hospital were reported to have multiple gunshot wounds and were in “relatively serious conditions.” Both were taken into surgery.

The second shooter turned himself in at the hospital after being hunted by tracking dogs in the surrounding woods.

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