Massachusetts Governor Announces Covid-19 Tracking

Gov. Baker has announced a state wide tracking program for Covid-19 patients. It will involve a collaboration between the state and the non-profit Partners In Health.

“There is tracing happening now, but this program that we’re talking about today is a much more robust, targeted approach that we have, to be highly effective at slowing the spread of this highly infectious disease,” Baker said in a news conference. “It’s going to be a big part of our ongoing effort to manage and fight our way through COVID-19.”

It is hoped by tracing patients’ recent behaviour they will be able to track potential contacts and thus halt the spread of the disease.

“The call center will get contact information for as many people as possible, that they have come in contact with, and potentially exposed,” Baker said. “People will be contacted and informed, so that they can stay healthy, isolate when appropriate, and prevent further spread.”

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