Are All Liberals Liars ?

First, as Rob told you last week, Nancy Pelosi denied that she had ever heard of Jonathan Gruber – only to have it discovered that her web site is full of deferential references to him as an “expert.” Now President Obama dismisses him as just some guy who was “not on our staff” and had nothing to do with ObamaCare.

We’ve been going to town in recent days with Gruber-related material, and it’s important to understand why. While Gruber’s words on his hit parade of videos have been illuminating, he really did not expose anything that many us hadn’t already figured out years ago. We knew that Congress gamed the numbers to manipulate the CBO “scoring.” We knew the White House was deceptive about the taxes hidden in the bill. We knew that messing around with insurance markets would wreak havoc with private-sector policies and costs, and that you couldn’t guarantee coverage for everyone while mandating that everyone pay the same price without severely curtailing the quality of service and care.