French Presidential Elections


April 22nd will see the first round of the French Presidential elections. The conservative President Sarkozy is running for a second term, but is currently trailing in the polls. The front-runner is the socialist candidate Francois Hollande who has pledged to introduce a new 75% rate of tax on the rich, calling it an act of “patriotism”; as well as increase regulation on the financial sector. Hollande also plans to use France’s role in the European Union to steer the EU in a more socialist direction.

In 2007, God sent Prophet TV into Paris at the time of the election. At that time Sarkozy was behind in the polls, and it was thought he would not win. However, when the anointing on Prophet TV entered the region the atmosphere changed and the election was flipped. Sarkozy has led France to have closer ties with America and has been used to influence world events, like the ousting of Col. Gaddafi in Libya. Support Prophet TV has we raise the budget for our mission into Paris at this key time.


Sharing some testimonies

My name is David, I am 20 years old and I live in Heidelberg, Germany. I started listening to your BTW Series this January (my cousin told me about you/them) after having my calling revealed to me by the Lord. 🙂

I was just reading the Bible and read Galatians 6. The verse “Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.” just really stood out to me and I know I should share with you the great experiences I had with God fighting against the enemy. I am still at the beginning though, I’d say I became a Christian Mid 2011 (although I was raised Christian, I never really knew the Lord until last year when he revealed awesome things about himself to me, before that I only knew about him, but did not know him.)

On a Sunday afternoon I was listening to BTW NR.7 I think it was called “Authority in Christ”. After listening to it I felt very tired and laid down for a nap.
When I woke up, there was a demon on me. It felt like he had his knees on my body where my lungs are and he was holding my arms onto the bed with his two arms. I was struggling there in my bed, not being able to breath or to move. I began to pray in tongues, first without an audible voice because I could not open my mouth. As I spoke in tongues on the inside, I felt how I got stronger and how the demons hold on me got weaker. After a short time I was able to open my mouth and speak aloud. It was like the demon had gotten a hard punch in his face. :). He was more furious now and tightened his grip on me and again I couldn’t open my mouth anymore. So I prayed again inside in tongues, got stronger, could open my mouth and gave him the killing blow. I then stood up, turned on the lights and stood at my window looking outside. What I saw was very weird/interesting. It was dark outside (as it should be at that hour), even though the sun was shining. Behind the sun I saw the moon, about 10-20 times bigger as it usually is and below the moon I saw another moon. I heard many voices in my head and finally realised that the demon still had captured me in a false reality. As soon as I recognised that, I woke up again…
I realised that at first, my spirit woke up, and later my body woke up. That was certainly a good and revealing fight to me. And it was so much fun, God is so great.

Not long after this, in the middle of the night God spoke to me if I wanted to go to a place in my city where Satanists were and do something there for him and I realised I could say No, or Yes. I told the Lord that I wanted to do it and he gave me an instruction on how I would recognise the place where I had to go. As soon as I said yes, I was in the spirit on a street that I immediately recognised in Heidelberg, walking on the sidewalk. As I was walking towards the target, I saw a female Satanist in the house where God wanted me to go to, and even though I was still to far away that she would be able to see me, she felt that I was approaching her destination and I immediately could feel the fear in her. When I arrived at the place, the Satanist came running towards me trying to attack me. I just stood there and started praying in tongues and she fell to the floor and it looked like she had died?! There were two more men in this house, one of them also tried to attack me, the same thing happened to him what had happened to the woman and the other men I was able to save and I think I talked with him about Jesus, I am not sure anymore exactly.

At the end of February, on one day I was sitting in my chair, just being silent and spending time with the Lord and praying, when suddenly I felt a strong attack coming towards the place where I live in the Spirit. I was not exactly sure how do deal with it and just tried to resist/defend against it. I asked my cousin and someone else who lived there if they felt something going on in the spirit and they felt it as well.
The following evening, I was sitting on my chair again, doing the same things, when suddenly I felt these attacks/onslaught of the enemy coming to the place where I lived again. In an instant my whole body felt like it was frozen, I was so cold, I started shivering and foolishly tried to warm me on the heating. Realising that it would not help, I began to speak in tongues against it. Immediately some very “interesting” thoughts popped into my mind: “What are you doing? You can’t do that! You aren’t allowed to fight that!”. I stopped praying for a second, listening to these thoughts and thought, Hmm maybe I really should not do that. Few seconds later I realised that the enemy is trying to stop me to attack and destroy them and I just went even more !BÄÄM! and just fought against it like we are commanded to do. A few seconds later I had a strong feeling of “Victory” all around me and in an instant the coldness on my body left and everything was fine again.
Thank you Lord for giving us the strength, your anointing and the pleasure to fight against your enemies.
The next day, I was at home and we had visitors, because it was my mothers birthday. My cousin entered the room and soon he asked me if we would pray in tongues for like 20 minutes. At first a thought popped to my mind that really did not want to, but thanks to your teachings and revelations and evidences that God has given to me I knew that this was not my thought and that praying/speaking in tongues is awesome. So I was even more excited about it because of the (little) resistance I overcame. We began to speak in tongues and a few minutes later someone entered the room and we stopped. He left and we started again to pray in tongues. Maybe 3 minutes later he came in again and we stopped again…He left maybe 1 minute later and we started again. Another maybe 2-3 minutes later my sister enters the room, we stop again and she asks us if she could use my computer quickly. Immediately I thought to myself not to let her use my computer so that she would go out and we could pray in tongues. And then I realised what was happening. In an instant I remembered from a BTW the part where you spoke about “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” and I realised the devil had found a weapon that was prospering, which in this case was that someone would enter the room and stop us from praying in tongues. So I said to my sister that she could use the computer and my cousin, having realised the same, said “If you don’t mind us speaking in tongues”. So we just continued speaking in tongues. Maybe 2 minutes later, all of the sudden I was in a place in heaven, feeling Gods Authority and Power over the enemy. I was there standing at some kind of balcony in heaven but there was no rail (if that is the right english word) on it. I was standing at the edge of it and could see down to earth and in between there was the spiritual realm. Even though I was standing at the edge of the balcony and looking down from a high altitude, there was no feeling of falling down which people usually have when they are in a tall building on a balcony or something similar. Looking down there, I could see the demons around the place where I lived as little ants and I was able just to flick them away with my fingers. This was so funny and I just started laughing.
Experiencing these things with God is so great, feeling a little bit of his almighty power is just overwhelming.

There is more that has happened, one time I got home in the evening sat down got quiet and just felt 5-7 demons around me. They just felt like spheres of fear in the air to me. I was cautious this day, made a mistake and then in the evening did not cast all of them out, ( I felt like 1-2 of them were still hiding somewhere in my room). The next day I had immense pain in my right foot, it was so strong and I can’t remember ever having had such strong foot pain. But it taught a good lesson to me, so I am still thankful that it happened.

There is more to tell, and I am so looking forward for the awesome things that will come and how the Lord will teach me to be what he called me to be. Learning from Daddy and growing in his power/anointing/truth is just amazing.

Btw the cousin I was talking about, is the one who started an ICOTG in the Bergheimer Straße in Heidelberg.
Oh before I forget it, I am currently in Las Vegas visiting a church etc. And what God has set up for me there is simply amazing. About 1 Month before I came to Las Vegas, I got to know a man named Günther (I knew that he exists, since I had seen him in the church where I went to but I never really talked with him before or got to know him) and he is also called into heavy spiritual warfare by God. So now in my 2nd week in Las Vegas, at the church where I go to there a teaching course started and they had many people attending it from all over the world. On the first day I met a man named Allen Collins and his wife Rhoda Collins, they live in Canada. We spoke a little and I told them that I am from Germany, Heidelberg. Al told me that he has been to Germany and he has even been to Heidelberg. Then he began to tell me about this guy named Günther and Kai with whom he did spiritual warfare in Germany. Günther and Kai were/are pretty good friends of his. The teaching started and I began to wonder in my mind. Hmm he knows someone from Heidelberg named Günther and he has a friend named Kai. I thought “Thats an interesting coincidence”, since the Günther I know also told me about someone with the name Kai.
At the break, I asked Al about this Günther in Germany he knows. Well it turns out he know the exact same person which I got to know about 1 month before I came to Las Vegas and all us have a calling that goes in the same direction which is spiritual warfare.
So what is the chance of meeting someone from Canada in Las Vegas who stayed there for only ~2 weeks going at this time to the same church where I go to in Las Vegas and knowing someone from my hometown whom I got to know only 1 Month before I came to Las Vegas……This is just to funny. God really is amazing. And this just showed me that he takes so much good care of me and sets the right people directly in my path. I also want to ask Günther to teach/mentor me when I am back in Germany so this is also a big confirmation.

I just want to thank you and your awesome ministry, and just ask the Lord to bless you with vigour and endurance and even more strength to take down the enemy in the name of the Lord and I thank you for laying your life down for the one(s) you love.

And I also just want to thank God, who takes so much care of me, and who I can count on all the time. It is so amazing how he cares for me and he just puts the right people in my path so that I cant even miss them. He is so good.


Greece: Chaotic Mess Results from the Country’s Election

The two leading parties in Greece have seen their support plummet and are unable to form a coalition, with 70% of the of the electorate voting for parties who are against the EU/IMF bailout.
The recession in Greece has seen the Greek GDP shrink by 13% in two years, many believe the harshness of the EU imposed austerity is to blame for the depth of the recession.
Furthermore unemployment is sitting at 21% and climbing, with official poverty levels in Greece at 27.7%.
The Greek people are desperate for change, but some economists have warned an exit from the Euro would result in an 80% reduction in the Greek standard of living.
Greece is a comparatively young democracy, and was ruled by a military junta until 1974.
The far left and far right are growing in popular support.
For a nation hurting and feeling humiliated these are tense times.
If the politicians cannot form a workable coalition another election in June will be required.
The uncertainty, along with the French election vote, has resulted in turmoil in the European markets, and has destabilised the situation further in Portugal and Spain.
Also in Europe in the past week the Dutch and Romanian governments collapsed with their politicians unable to agree to the necessary austerity measures.
If Greece pull out of the EU/IMF bail out and default on their debts, the domino affect would cause an economic tsunami across the globe.
With the Greek economy the size of Minnesota, that may sink the rest of Europe and by consequence America.


A partner writes:

“I have a German Shepherd dog, and sometimes she will bark at roaming spirits that my parents invite in, or my uncle brings with him from sexual immorality, along with other demonic manifestations. I was concerned with whether or not I need to pray covering over her, or worry about her getting possessed or retaliated on.

Furthermore, in reference to parents and family, sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to save my family and should focus on other activities such evangelising and intercession from a distance, because when I deal with them they have the habit of sucking up my time away from things I should be doing, or restricting my movements because their own fear of me tapping into things outside of their understanding or because they feel they are the parents and I should do what they say, (by the way I’m eight-teen and graduating from high school), so I need to know how to navigate them respectfully”.


Obama talks gay rights at Clooney fundraiser

As the Presidential elections are only 5 months away Obama is busy on the fund-raising trail, building a substantial war chest.

Recently George Clooney hosted an Obama fundraiser at his Hollywood home, which raised nearly $15 million.

Tickets cost $40,000 each and amongst the 150 guests were Barbara Streisand, Salma Hayek, Tobey Maguire and Jack Black.

Obama delighted the crowd with his speech endorsing gay-rights, which came only days after he came out, openly expressing his views on same-sex marriage, after conversations with his children.

Since Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, he has been free in expressing his support of Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.

With so many big money democrat supporters – passionate about same-sex marriage, or homosexual issues, – Obama has seen this position pay off with significant donations pouring in.

Although his strong black support base tend to hold a traditional view on marriage, Obama seems to be hoping they will vote according to race, and not moral conviction.



It is interesting that in recent history, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) groups have shied away from the ballot box in their fight for same sex marriage. The American population have made their feelings known: they do not want homosexual marriage. However, these groups have turned to the legislature to win their battle.

After California rejected sodomite marriage in a referendum, homosexual law makers from San Francisco have sought to use the law to force their agenda through and they are seeing success fueled by the “equal rights” strategy.

In the meantime, Hollywood are pushing the LGBT agenda relentlessly. Teenagers today will view homosexual and lesbian lifestyles as normal; they are constantly bombarded with imagery via the media especially aimed at teenagers.  For example, American Horror Story, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Broadwalk Empire, Glee, Law and Order, Downton Abbey and Southland.

This is why Prophet TV has become established in media centers – To block the demonic spirits which seek to influence the leaders, law makers and celebrities who decide what will play on our TV and movie screens and what children are taught about healthy relationships and marriage in our society . However, we often stand alone!

Our New York and Santa Monica gates need more people to walk in this revelation and to stand in the gap to protect the people.  We also need a gateway established in San Francisco where lawmakers are pushing the sodomite marriage agenda through the courts. The devil is using the media as a tool to demonise and destroy this generation – and we have so much ground to cover in the battle….  Become a monthly partner so we can extend the places we are established, by joining with ICOTG!


News of Catholic Church Future

The Catholic Church have been debating wether or not to allow the ultraconservative splinter group, the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), back into the church.

By April 15th the Society of Saint Pius X will give their response to a “Doctrinal Preamble” outlining “certain doctrinal principles and criteria for the interpretation of Catholic doctrine … (while also) leaving open to legitimate discussion the examination and theological explanation of individual expressions and formulations contained in the documents of Vatican Council II and later Magisterium.”

The controversial Swiss based society has come under great criticism in the past for some one of it’s bishops denying the scale of the holocost.

Factions within the SSPX and within the church are both opposed to the organisation being allowed back into the church. With progressives fearing it will push the Vatican towards the right.

Mob Attackin Norfolk, Va, Nothing Being Done Due To Racial Issues

On April 14th a mob of 30 black youths attacked an Iranian white couple in an unprovoked attack in Norfolk, Virginia. Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were sitting at a stop light, when a black teenager threw a rock at their car. Foster stepped out of the car to confront the teen, at which point the mob attacked him. When his girlfriend tried to pull Foster back into car, the gang attacked her as well. Foster and Rostami are both local newspaper reporters, though nothing was written about the incident until May 1st.

Police initially classed the attack as a “simple assault”, rather than a racially motivated “hate crime”. Though 100 people witnessed the mob attack, only one 16 year old has been arrested  and little media coverage, suggesting the story has been hushed up.

Prophet TV has been reporting on the significance of racial division in America.
The demons influencing Charles Mason, spoke to him about a future black-white war.
Can we really believe that, had a black couple been attacked by a mob of white youths, the media would have remained silent?

Eurozone Crisis Deepens After French Elections

After socialist candidate Francois Hollande won the French Presidential elections, markets fell across the world.

Hollande is France’s first socialist President in 17 years. He won on the promise of a move away from austerity, more government spending, and high taxes on the rich.

Businesses in France are concerned, with many wealthy French planning to move to London.

Hollande’s victory could also bring about division at the heart of Europe, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeated calls that austerity must be stuck to. However, the southern European nations of Italy, Spain and Greece hope that Hollande will side with them in a move away from austerity.

If You’re into Global Economics, Read on

The following was sent to us by one of our partners:

if you’re into global economics, read on — thought provoking — if not, run away!!!

A note to readers. This 2000-word commentary is a longer-term view; think in terms of years, not months or days. The essay is not in conflict with the fully invested position currently held at Cumberland. The words reflect my personal thinking only. Some of my colleagues disagree. In my personal view, the future is uncertain (of course) and may be unattractive for the longer-term outlook. In my view, our American political system is failing us. In my view, we are joining the list of declining world powers. The framework to support that argument follows.

“The external menace ‘You’ll end up like Greece, if you do not do this and that’ and the internal opprobrium heaped on some categories of taxpayers are very powerful and dangerous instruments to deprive people of their own personal freedoms.” –Vincenzo Sciarretta

My friend Vincenzo is a journalist from Italy. He is a serious writer and researcher. He has covered the financial markets and economy of Italy for years. He and I co-authored a book on Europe during the optimistic period. If he and I were to write such a book now, it would probably be quite pessimistic.

Vince responded to my recent email series about the downward spiral underway in the euro zone. Readers may find those essays at Vince noted my reports from the meetings in Paris and my reference to the upcoming French elections, where the promise of the Socialist candidate is to raise the tax rate on the highest income level to 75%. I will end this commentary with a longer email from Vince, in which he quotes historian Will Durant and discusses the fall of the Roman Empire.

Now to write some thoughts that gnaw at me in the late of the night, when sleep is elusive.

Simply put: I’m worried.

When I get worried, I read and re-read in my library. I can honestly say that I have had my nose in a thousand of those books. The library holds many texts by giants. They wrote about history, economics, and finance. They took the strategic view. George Akerlof, Jared Diamond, Niall Ferguson, Carmen Reinhart & Ken Rogoff, Robert Shiller, and Nassim Taleb are among the modern writers. Milton Friedman, Martin Gilbert, Friedrich Hayek and his polar opposite John Maynard Keynes, Ludwig von Mises, R.R. Palmer, and Adam Smith are among the classics.

A favorite of mine is Paul Kennedy. Twenty-five years ago, this Yale historian concluded his monumental work The Rise and Fall of Great Powers with a profound observation:

“In the largest sense of all, therefore, the only answer to the question increasingly debated by the public of whether the United States can preserve its existing position is ‘no – for it simply has not been given to any one society to remain permanently ahead of all the others, because that would imply a freezing of the differential pattern of growth rates, technological advance, and military developments which has existed since time immemorial.”

Kennedy then argued that the United States has the ability to moderate or accelerate the pace of decline. Such is also the case for other great powers, many of which are in a state of decline from their centuries-old power peak. Among others in his treatise, Kennedy’s history lessons examine Spain, France, Rome, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

I think I just covered a lot of the euro-zone geography.

In 1987, Kennedy warned us, “The task facing American statesmen over the decades, therefore, is to recognize that broad trends are under way, and that there is a need to ‘manage’ affairs so that the relative erosion of the United States’ position takes place slowly and smoothly.” He added the additional warning that it not be “accelerated by policies which bring merely short-term advantage but longer-term disadvantage.”

Unfortunately, America’s leadership has not heeded such warnings.

For decades futurists have complained about the rising use of government debt financing by the United States. They predicted calamitous outcomes, which did not arrive as expected. Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan applied monetary policy in ways that allowed inflation and, hence, interest rates to spend a quarter century in decline. The Volcker-Greenspan era opened with the highest interest rates since the Civil War. Building on this downward momentum, Ben Bernanke has taken the target short-term interest rate to near zero and held it there.

During the same three decades, the US altered its fiscal policy, first under Ronald Reagan and almost continuously since. (The Clinton administration was the exception.) Rising deficit financing has been facilitated by falling nominal interest rates. That combination leads to level, or even falling, aggregate debt service. You can owe more and more and have smaller and smaller monthly payments. That is the magic of falling interest rates. Until they hit the zero boundary.

What happens when the music stops and the chairs are full? Are we reaching that point in the United States? It appears we have done so in Europe, certainly in Greece, the eldest of the declining great powers. We are also getting there in Japan and the UK. All four confront similar financial straits: zero-bound interest rates coupled with expanding national government debt.

About 85% of the capital markets of the world trade by means of the dollar, yen, pound, and euro. The G-4 central banks have collectively expanded their holdings of government securities and loans from $3.5 trillion to $9 trillion in just four years. At the prevailing very low interest rates, the functioning of monetary policy and the role of fiscal policy merge. Is there any difference between a million-dollar suitcase of one hundred dollar bills and a million-dollar, zero-interest treasury bill? You need an armed guard to protect the first one. With the second one, you need to clear an electronic trade in a safe financial institution, not an unsupervised (no more Fed surveillance) Federal Reserve primary dealer like MF Global. Your earnings on either the cash or the T-bill are the same: you earn zero. You can use the treasury bill to secure a repo transaction at a near-zero interest rate. You can use the cash to conduct many types of black-market or gray-market trades. Is it any wonder that the hundred-dollar bill is so popular? Isn’t it understandable that roughly two-thirds of US currency circulates outside the United States?

Is this a healthy situation? How long can it persist? What happens next? When interest rates eventually rise, what will be the result of this blend of monetary/fiscal policy as its unwinding turns malignant?

Moreover, who then will be the politicians that inherit this mess? Who will occupy the central banker’s chair?

I worry because there is no rationally explained strategic-exit plan in the G4. Not in the US. Not in Japan. Not in the euro zone. Not in the United Kingdom.

I also worry because the direction of taxation is up, if certain politicians continue to have their way. I worry because US business tax rates are now the highest in the entire world. In addition, I worry because of the increasing power that national governments wield in the mature economies of the world.

Applied power eventually leads to serfdom.

Increasing taxation is a characteristic of a declining great power.

Governments are failing to heed Paul Kennedy’s warnings. They are worsening the longer-term outlook. The Western world’s leaders ignored Kennedy when he wrote “… accelerated by policies which bring merely short-term advantage but longer-term disadvantage.”

Zero-bound interest rates are a short-term advantage. We enjoy them. We profit from them. We expect them to continue for a while. They are like the oxygen administered to a very ill patient. If the patient dies, the oxygen has eased the pain in the terminal phase. If the patient lives, the lungs have been scarred and need many years of healing and repair. Today, the patient is receiving oxygen in the G4. Death is being delayed (Greece) or, perhaps, thwarted (elsewhere in the euro zone, Japan, US, and UK).

We do not know how this will play out. History only warns us that many of the likely outcomes may be unpleasant. The authors I cited have articulated their differing and diverse views. Their conclusions have tended to be in the form of warnings.

Paul Kennedy favors candor. In his second, exquisite work, Preparing for the Twenty-First Century, he wrote: “Many earlier attempts to peer into the future concluded either in a tone of unrestrained optimism, or in gloomy forebodings, or (as in Toynbee’s case) in appeals for spiritual revival. Perhaps this work should also finish on such a note. Yet the fact remains that simply because we do not know the future, it is impossible to say with certainty whether global trends will lead to terrible disasters or be diverted by astonishing advances in human adaption.”

Of course, we hope for the latter and worry about the former. History gives us little comfort.

For the time being we shall remain on the sanguine side with regard to this global experiment with increasing debt, zero-bound interest rates, and a monetary/fiscal policy compromise that obfuscates the difference between them.

As long as this persists, it means financial markets do well, stocks rise, risk assets regain favor, bonds with hedges yield results, and cash continues to earn zero return.

That is now. It may change tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or not for quite some time. There is no way to know.

For the downside from history we return to Vincenzo’s email to me:


“Dear David,


“I invite you to read the last few sentences of the below article from The Lessons of History, by Will and Ariel Durant. It is about how the destruction of the Roman Empire through the taxation channel made people ‘slaves,’ in other words how serfdom emerged. This is my number one fear for Italy, but I guess France is making the same mistakes, just starting from a lower debt level. You can also find an online version of the book, thanks to Google.


“Rome had its socialist interlude under Diocletian. Faced with increasing poverty and restlessness among the masses, and with the imminent danger of barbarian invasion, he issued in A.D. 3 an edictum de pretiis, which denounced monopolists for keeping goods from the market to raise prices, and set maximum prices and wages for all important articles and services. Extensive public works were undertaken to put the unemployed to work, and food was distributed gratis, or at reduced prices, to the poor. The government – which already owned most mines, quarries, and salt deposits – brought nearly all major industries and guilds under detailed control. ‘In every large town,’ we are told, ‘the state became a powerful employer, standing head and shoulders above the private industrialists, who were in any case crushed by taxation.’ When businessmen predicted ruin, Diocletian explained that the barbarians were at the gate, and that individual liberty had to be shelved until collective liberty could be made secure. The socialism of Diocletian was a war economy, made possible by fear of foreign attack. Other factors equal, internal liberty varies inversely with external danger.


“The task of controlling men in economic detail proved too much for Diocletian’s expanding, expensive, and corrupt bureaucracy. To support this officialdom – the army, the courts, public works, and the dole – taxation rose to such heights that people lost the incentive to work or earn, and an erosive contest began between lawyers finding devices to evade taxes and lawyers formulating laws to prevent evasion. Thousands of Romans, to escape the tax gatherer, fled over the frontiers to seek refuge among the barbarians. Seeking to check this elusive mobility and to facilitate regulation and taxation, the government issued decrees binding the peasant to his field and the worker to his shop until all their debts and taxes had been paid. In this and other ways medieval serfdom began.”


Thank you, Vincenzo, for this serious response. Thank you Paul Kennedy for superbly articulating history and issuing clear warnings.


Thank you, dear reader, if you are still with me. I hope I have provoked some thought.


Now we will seek another night’s sleep and hope it is not elusive.


David R. Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer


May 1st is traditional pagan festival of fertility, it is also traditionally recognized as International Workers’ Day.

This May 1st the Occupy movement have called for Occupy Beltane.

Bloomberg News states, “Calls for a general strike with no work, no school, no banking and no shopping have sprung up on websites in Toronto, Barcelona, London, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, among hundreds of cities in North America, Europe and Asia.”

The conservative CNS News reported on April 19th: “As part of Occupy Wall Street’s call for a nationwide ‘general strike’ May 1, elements within the group are looking to shut down bridges and tunnels in both New York and San Francisco. Occupy Oakland, the most radical of all the local Occupy groups, passed a resolution April 15 that vows to shut down all travel from Marin to San Francisco.”

Some believe the movement Anonymous will also seek to be involved in the May 1st activities.

Beltane is the derived from the Celtic name for the month of May. It is also the name of the fertility god worshiped in Celtic witchcraft.

Beltane festivals are often celebrated using the May Pole- a phallic symbol, to represent fertility. Often celebrations are marked by sexual liberation, and debauchery. Fire also plays a big part in the celebrations with Beltane Fire Festivals common on April 31st.

Random Events, Free Will, Pre-destiny or Something Darker ?