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The President’s Refinance Plan

President Obama wants to help millions of responsible homeowners save hundreds of dollars each month by refinancing their mortgages.

Why refinance?

Today, home interest rates are at historic lows—on average, below 4 percent. The average homeowner could save $3,000 a year by refinancing at today’s low rates, but far too many borrowers are locked out of a chance to do so. Complicated application processes and eligibility requirements, costly appraisals, and the fact that many homeowners owe more on their mortgage than the value of their home make refinancing all but impossible for millions of Americans.

What is President Obama’s plan to help homeowners?

President Obama’s plan is simple: make it easier for millions of responsible homeowners to refinance, even if they are underwater, regardless of who owns their mortgage. The President’s proposal would establish a quick and hassle-free process for homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments and want to refinance—no more tax forms, and no more appraisals—just a lower interest rate, and lower payments each month.

Refi: In 60 Seconds

What about underwater homeowners?

When the housing bubble burst, home values dropped, and millions of homeowners who did the right and responsible thing—shopped for a home, secured a mortgage, and made their payments on time each month—were left with houses worth less than they paid for them and mortgages worth more than their homes. Today, many of these homeowners are locked out of refinancing because they are underwater.

President Obama’s proposal is specifically designed to reach underwater homeowners, and no borrower would be locked out of refinancing because they owe the bank more than the value of their home. In fact, underwater homeowners can choose to refinance into a loan that will help them rebuild equity more quickly.

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Can borrowers who are underwater refinance

under President Obama’s Proposal?

How does refinancing help the economy?

Millions of homeowners who refinance could see hundreds of dollars in savings each month, but that money does more than just help individual families. Those homeowners will have more money pay bills, more money to spend in shops and restaurants in their communities, or more money to save for college or new car. In turn, this spending—made possible by refinancing—will benefit our entire economy, and help spur the growth we need.

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How will refinancing help local economies?

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Will tax dollars fund the President’s refinance proposal?

Where’s my “refi”?

President Obama’s refinancing proposal requires Congress to act, and until they do, millions of families will be prevented from refinancing and saving hundreds of dollars each month.

Use the refi tool on this page to find out if you qualify.

Speak out to let the President know you support his plan.

You can use the hashtag #MyRefi to add your voice on mortgage refinance policy. Jump to the tool to see if you qualify.

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Katie Holmes went stealth to leave Tom Cruise and Scientology

On July 11 a new report about Katie Holmes showed that the soon-to-be ex-wife of Tom Cruise used stealth methods to leave him and his religion of Scientology.
According to “Extra” via several sources, Holmes took special measures to end her marriage by using disposable cell phones to orchestrate this move that apparently had been long in coming for the actress who had been wed to Cruise for five years.
 While Tom was filming his newest movie called “Oblivion” in Iceland, Katie went to some key players who became her confidants as she decided to pull the plug on her legal union with Cruise.
One such player was her dad, attorney Bert Fields, while the other was another former Mrs. Cruise, Nicole Kidman. Both helped Katie execute the complicated exit Holmes felt was necessary in order to leave her husband.Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is said to be in bad shape after this personal set-back as he continues to film “Oblivion” in June Lake, California.
People reports that the accomplished actor keeps asking, “Whats happening?” as if in a fog of some sort regarding the disillusion of his marriage. However, reports say that Cruise will be seeing his and Katies daughter Suri as soon as this weekend since custody arrangements have been made. Whether or not Katie Holmes will be on hand when Tom arrives in New York City is not known.
Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has left Tom Cruise and Scientology but she has joined a Catholic church in New York City as she starts her new life without the man who wooed her all over the world only five years ago. Stay tuned for more on this complicated matter. In the meantime take a look at L Ron Hubbard’s son speaking out about Scientology.

more at: Katie Holmes went stealth to leave Tom Cruise and Scientology – National Celebrity Headlines | Examiner.com.


Russia sends warships to Syria – Telegraph

Russia sends warships to Syria – Telegraph.

Russia has sent a flotilla of warships to the Syrian port of Tartus. The West are viewing Russia’s move as further support for the Syrian leader Assad.

In recent weeks it was thought that Russia were trying to distance themselves from the Assad regime, despite in the past supplying Syria with weapons.

It is uncertain if the flotilla was carry weapons for Syria, or how many marines were on board.

America has also accused Iran of supporting Assad, by supplying weapons and logistical support.

When the UN wants to negotiate a global arms control deal, it turns to … Iran | Fox News

UNITED NATIONS –  A little more than a week after accusing Iran of supplying arms for Syrias bloody crackdown on democracy-minded rebels, the UN has given Tehran a key seat at negotiations for a global arms treaty.

The stunning appointment by member states attending the UN Conference of the Arms Trade Treaty in New York came last week, and is just the latest example of the world body appointing rogue and repressive regimes to leadership roles. The 15-nation committee to which Iran was appointed hopes to guide what could eventually become the first legally binding global treaty aimed at regulating the international trade of conventional arms.

Critics say asking Iran to help craft a treaty aimed at stopping arms proliferation to terrorist groups and rogue states makes a mockery of the talks. Just two weeks ago, the UN Security Council accused Tehran of shipping arms to Syria, and Iran is also suspected of hiding illegal nuclear weapons facilities from international watchdogs.“It defies logic, morality and common sense for the UN to elect this same regime to a global post in the regulation of arms transfers.”- UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer

“Right after a UN Security Council report found Iran guilty of illegally transferring guns and bombs to Syria, which is now murdering thousands of its own people, it defies logic, morality and common sense for the UN to elect this same regime to a global post in the regulation of arms transfers,” UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer told FoxNews.com.

For this and more current events go to www.prophet.tv

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Pastor Arrested for Holding Bible Study in Home

A Phoenix-area pastor is in jail after his home was raided because he was violating an occupancy law by conducting private Bible studies in his home, the Examiner reported.

Pastor Michael Salmon, an ordained minister who lives with his family in the Phoenix area, has led a Bible-study gathering of 15-20 people at his 4.5 acre property since 2005.

Police raided his home on July 6. In 2007, Salmon received a notice from the City of Phoenix that Bible studies are not permitted in a residence unless the property is converted to an A3 occupancy, which allows commercial and public use, according to the Examiner.”

It came down to zoning and proper permitting. Anytime you are holding a gathering of people continuously as he does, we have concerns about people being able to exit the facility properly in case there is a fire,” Phoenix City Prosecutor Vicki Hall said, according to the Examiner.

Salmon took some steps to meet the requirements, but did not want to become a commercial entity, calling the code unconstitutional. Now he is serving 60 days in jail for “creating an unsafe building environment,” the Examiner reported. The pastor has also received a $12,180 fine for his crime and could receive probation.

more at: Pastor Arrested for Holding Bible Study.

I see dead people: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has begun to see spirits of his ‘friends’ who have died.

After visiting his friend, Zalman King’s widow he states seeing Zalman who had died four hours earlier dancing in the background.  “It was a trip”.  Also in another occasion he describes walking in a stairwell and a spirit of the friend’s father walking by him.

“I just accept stuff like that and don’t try to figure it out. I saw these people,” Sheen said.

For more insight into spirits after people die see this teaching from Prophet.tv‘s Building the Warrior.

from I see dead people: Charlie Sheen – Celebrity Gossip Today! | San Francisco Luxury Living.

Can Google get foreign countries to embrace gay rights?

Google, of Mountain View, California is on a worldwide campaign to “change the hearts and minds” in support of gay rights.

Google calls it “Legalize Love” and they announced it at a Global Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Workplace Summit recently in London.  Anna Peirana who is from 429 Magazine, first reported this mission.  She describes it as an effort to legalize gay marriage.  Google expands this and states their mission is broader and is meant to include every country in its operations.  Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe states “It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work”.

For further teaching on corporate missions see prophet.tv.

See this link for the source article. Can Google get foreign countries to embrace gay rights? – The Week.

Google Slapped With $22.5 Million Fine for Privacy Violation

On Monday the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) levied the largest fine to date on Google for a privacy violation.  The slap was worth $22.5 million.

Google had been attempting to work around Apple’s Safari on its mobile devices.  They were watching mobile users’ browsing habits, even if those same users had believed they had blocked that access.

This isn’t Google’s first interaction with the FTC.  In fact, in addition to Google, Facebook and Twitter have also been charged with privacy violations before.

Interestingly enough, if you have been a regular listener to prophet.tv this would not have taken you off guard.  Tune in to prophet.tv to ‘see the news before it happens’.

Taken from Google Slapped With $22.5 Million Fine for Privacy Violation: SFist.

The Rise of Mommy Porn

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has taken the publishing world by storm. The book, originally self-published on Kindle has become the fastest selling adult paper back book, breaking the record previously held by “The Da Vinci Code”.

The book has been called “mommy porn”, and has women across the country hooked, selling 20 million copies in America alone. It centres on the relationship between a young, unworldly, literature student and a billionaire businessman. The book depicts scenes of sado masochism.

Many men have been alarmed at the book, which has been marketed as “have a holiday from your husband”. The book is now set to be turned into a movie.

Record US heatwave blamed for spike in murders – Telegraph

Record US heatwave blamed for spike in murders – Telegraph.

The record breaking heatwave in the midwest and east of the country has seen a rise of deaths, and also a spike in murders. New York is being described as a cauldron, as the temperatures rise and tempers snap in the blistering heat.

Thousands are still without power in the region, after storms took out the power. Meaning homes are without air-conditioning or refrigeration.

The midwest are also seeing crops shrivel up and die in the heat.


US Christian group renounces homosexuailty cure campaign – Telegraph.

The Christian organisation Exodus, who claimed it can cure homosexual lifestyles through therapy, has dropped it’s claim to be able to fully “cure” people of same-sex attraction.

In California a bill was passed last month banning reparative therapy for minors, other states are expected to follow.

If evangelical churches cannot effectively help people trapped in a lifestyle they want to change, what about using the power of the Holy Spirit to help set people free? The law leads to condemnation, …..the Spirit to life.


What is poverty? Who do you define as poor? What is a luxury, what is a necessity?

Who defines poverty in America is an important question. The definition of poverty will dictate how much money is given in welfare.

Is our definition of poverty defined by media telling us what we need?

Even the poorest person in America is still far better off than a poor person in Sudan.

We are in danger of creating a nation of people who think they are entitled to the trappings of wealth without working for it.

Over years of ever increasing welfare, we now have created a nation of welfare dependants, who never would have been.

And now it is political suicide to try to take benefits away- you can’t hurt the poor after all.

This is the creation of a social welfare state, where we all need the government to look after us.

And a social welfare state breeds welfare dependance, making it very hard for the poor to leave welfare and work for a living.

But who will pay for all this – the rich guys?

The rich already pay more than 50% of all they earn in tax.

If we keep increasing the number of people receiving benefits, then who is paying into the system? This will eventually crash the system.

Treatment for the Mentally ill Homeless in San Francisco

San Francisco has a large “severely mental ill” population who refuse treatment.

Both residents and tourists have complained about the “mentally ill homeless people” that create havoc, according to city leaders.

For years the city has debated how to deal with them.  A version of a controversial law called Laura’s Law, has been recently implemented.

For a further description of Laura’s law that was created in 2002 in California see the referenced article S.F. tries version of Laura’s Law for mentally ill – SFGate.

For an in depth understanding of how mentally ill homeless people could influence a city spiritually see this teaching episode on Building the Warrior from Prophet.tv.

See also this associated article.

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