Greeks Withdraw $1 Billion a Day Ahead of Vote

Reuters | June 13, 2012 | 07:01 AM EDT

Greeks pulled their cash out of the banks and stocked up with food ahead of a cliffhanger election on Sunday that many fear will result in the country being forced out of the euro.

Bankers said up to 800 million euros ($1 billion) were leaving major banks daily and retailers said some of the money was being used to buy pasta and canned goods, as fears of returning to the drachma were fanned by rumors that a radical leftist leader may win the election.

The last published opinion polls showed the conservative New Democracy party, which backs the 130 billion euro ($160 billion) bailout that is keeping Greece afloat, running neck and neck with the leftist Syriza party, which wants to cancel the rescue deal.

As the election approaches, publishing polls is now legally banned and in the ensuing information vacuum, party officials have been leaking contradictory “secret polls”.

On Tuesday, one rumor making the rounds was that Syriza was leading by a wide margin.

“This is nonsense,” one reputable Greek pollster said on condition of anonymity. “Our polls show the picture has not changed much since the last polls were published. Parties may be leaking these numbers on purpose to boost their standing.”

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Rudy Eugene is the Naked Man

Rudy Eugene eating mans face

A man in Baltimore, Maryland, was arrested after the body of his room mate was discovered.

What makes this case unusual is that the man’s heart and brain were removed, and eaten.

But this is not the only case of cannibalism in the news.

Another man was shot dead by police in Miami, after Police found the man naked, and gnawing off the face of a homeless man.

Police are putting this grizzly crime down to LSD.

The first known account of cannibalism came following an expedition to the West Indies, led by Christopher Columbus,

usually in rituals connected to tribal warfare. Columbus and his crew supposedly discovered that the Carib West Indies

tribe participated in a particularly gruesome practice of ritualistically eating the flesh of other humans.

So, are these cases a manifestation of the increase in witchcraft activity in our nation?

Read more: People who do Cannibalism

Student ate roommates heart and brain

Miami Cannibal Attack

Abu Yahya al-Libi ‘Dead’ al Qaeda Terrorist Appears in ‘New’ Video – ABC News

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New video surfaced featuring al Qaeda commander Abu Yahya al-Libi —  American officials declared dead last week — The video made before or after his reported death?

New footage, posted in jihadi forums referring to al-Libi in honorific titles, al-Libi discusses ongoing violence in Syria, makes no specific reference to any specific significant events. Does not mention the Houla massacre of May 25, in which the United Nations says more than 100 people, nearly half of them children, were executed, allegedly by government militiamen. Syrian opposition groups and the government have been engaged in a bloody struggle for more than a year, since well before al-Libi’s reported death.

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US: Russia sending Syria attack helicopters –

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration said Tuesday that Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime….

Pentagon in awkward position,  U.S. military has come under criticism in Congress for working through what is apparently the same Russian firm to purchase helicopters for the Afghan army. 

Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, had initially raised questions about the Russian contractor. He had written a letter Monday to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressing “grave concerns” about U.S. dealings with the firm that is “arming the Assad regime” in Syria. 



One evening a grandson was talking to his grandmother about current events.
The grandson asked his grandmother what she thought about the shootings at schools, the computer age, and just things in general..
The Grandmother replied, “Well, let me think a minute, I was born before:
‘      television
‘       penicillin
‘       polio shots
‘       frozen foods
‘       Xerox
‘       contact lenses
‘       Frisbee s and
‘       the pill
There were no:
‘       credit cards
‘       laser beams or
‘       ball-point pens
Man had not invented:
‘       pantyhose
‘       air conditioners
‘       dishwashers
‘       clothes dryers
‘       and the clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air and
‘     man hadn’t yet walked on the moon
Your Grandfather and I got married first, .. ….. … and then lived together..
Every family had a father and a mother.
Until I was 25, I called every man older than me, “Sir”.
And after I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man with a title, “Sir.”
We were before gay-rights, computer- dating, dual careers, daycare centers, and group therapy.
Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense.
We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions.
Serving your country was a privilege; living in this country was a bigger privilege…
We thought fast food was what people ate during Lent.
Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins.
Draft dodgers were those who closed front doors as the evening breeze started.
Time-sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends-not purchasing condominiums.
We never heard of FM radios, tape decks, CD’s, electric typewriters, yogurt, or guys wearing earrings.
We listened to Big Bands, Jack Benny, and the President’s speeches on our radios.
And I don’t ever remember any kid blowing his brains out listening to Tommy Dorsey.
If you saw anything with ‘Made in Japan’ on it, it was junk
The term ‘making out’ referred to how you did on your school exam….
Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and instant coffee were unheard of.
We had 5 &10-cent stores where you could actually buy things for 5 and 10 cents.
Ice-cream cones, phone calls, rides on a streetcar, and a Pepsi were all a nickel.
And if you didn’t want to splurge, you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail 1 letter and 2 postcards.
You could buy a new Ford Coupe for $600, . .. . but who could afford one?
Too bad, because gas was 11 cents a gallon.
In my day:
‘      “grass” was mowed,
‘      “coke” was a cold drink,
‘     “pot” was something your mother cooked in and
‘     “rock music” was your grandmother’s lullaby.
‘     “Aids” were helpers in the Principal’s office,
‘      “chip” meant a piece of wood,
‘     “hardware” was found in a hardware store and
‘    “software” wasn’t even a word.
And we were the last generation to actually believe that a lady needed a husband to have a baby.
No wonder people call us “old and confused” and say there is a generation gap.
How old do you think I am?
I bet you have this old lady in mind….you are in for a shock!
Read on to see — pretty scary if you think about it and pretty sad at the same time.
Are you ready ?????
This woman would be only 58 years old.

Senator Mark Leno introduces bill permitting inmates to ‘self-identify gender’

Mark Leno D-San Francisco, State Senator introduced State Senate Bill 1586 which would mandate the placement of inmates of a transgender nature in opposite sex facilities at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

This law has been dubbed “CeCe’s Law” by Leno and is calling for other states to follow this lead.  Leno states further…“It is time we moved past the archaic notion one’s genitals define their gender, especially in a correctional setting …CeCe McDonald may be a 6 foot 2 inch black man with a full complement of male genitalia on the outside but on the inside there’s a woman who cannot be safely housed inside a male prison”

from Bill would permit inmates to ‘self-identify gender’ – Paco Villa Corrections Blog.

House committee schedules contempt vote against Holder – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

By Sharyl Attkisson Topics Domestic Issues ,Congress

(CBS News) CBS News… the House Oversight Committee… to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

The dispute stems from Holder failing to turn over Fast and Furious documents.

Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News investigative correspondent based in Washington. All of her stories, videos and blogs are available here.

via House committee schedules contempt vote against Holder – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.


Excerpts from:

Drudge Report: Buchanan book warns of end


Fri Oct 14 2011 07:00:25 ET

“As the faith that gave birth to the West is dying in the West, peoples of European descent from the steppes of Russia to the coast of California have begun to die out…

The books reads as if its been written to be left behind in the ruins, only to be found by a future civilization.

Suicide ranked #2,668 on AMAZON’s hit parade early friday.

It streets on Tuesday.

“We have accepted today the existence in perpetuity of a permanent underclass of scores of millions who cannot cope and must be carried by society — fed, clothed, housed, tutored, medicated at taxpayer’s expense…

We have a dependent nation the size of Spain in our independent America…

The End of Christian America

…the drive to de-Christianize America, to purge Christianity from the public square, public schools and public life… suicidal for the nation.

“…consequence of a dying Christianity is a dying people. Not one post-Christian nation has a birth rate sufficient to keep it alive….The death of European Christianity means the disappearance of the European tribe, a prospect visible in the demographic statistics of every Western nation.”

The robust and confident Church of 1958 no longer exists. Catholic colleges and universities remain Catholic in name only. Parochial schools and high schools are closing as rapidly as they opened in the 1950s.

For more go to:

Suicide of a Superpower

Police: Mega Pastor Creflo Dollar choked and struck daughter

Creflo Dollar, the televangelist whose show air’s on the TBN-Trinity Broadcast Network  and the God.TV Network, has been arrested on assault charges.

Dollar, reportedly, assaulted his daughter for being “disrespectful”. Creflo Dollar’s 15 year old daughter had wanted to go to a party, but was not allowed because of poor school grades. Dollar has reportedly admitted spanking her, and then wrestling her to the floor after she began to hit him back. However, his daughter claims that her father punched her repeatedly and choked her for 5 seconds.

His daughter phoned the police, who found a scratch on her neck. She told police the scratch was as a result of her father choking her.

In a statement to the press Creflo Dollar has said, “As a father I love my children and I always have their best interest at heart at all times, and I would never use my hand to ever cause bodily harm to my children. The facts in this case will be handled privately to further protect my children. My family thanks you for your prayers and continued support.”

This comes after other unwelcome press coverage of his ministry. Creflo Dollar, founder of World Changers Ministries, was allegedly the favourite preacher of Rudy Eugene. Eugene was shot dead by police, who found him naked, eating the face off a homeless man in Miami.

Creflo Dollar, along with Bishop Eddie Long, is one of America’s leading African-American preachers. He has built a ministry around preaching prosperity. His ministry along with Bishop Eddie Long’s, was one of six others investigated by Iowa U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley from 2007 to 2010. The investigation was conducted into the financial activities of the ministries. The investigation found no evidence of wrong doing.

Italian Bank on unscheduled holiday?

Original Italian language version

BNI depositors unable to make withdrawals / payments, payments of utility bills, mortgage payments, taxes

Peter Giordano, Adiconsum: “Grave of the Bank of Italy’s attitude that takes action without considering the impact on depositors, and especially on single-income families and pensioners”

The Bank of Italy authorized the suspension of payments by Bank Network Investments SpA (BNI) without communicating anything to the depositors.

Very serious and unacceptable – says Peter Jordan, Secretary General Adiconsum – the attitude of the Bank of Italy SpA in each BNI, because highly prejudicial to the interests of customers.

Bank of Italy, in fact, after extending the receivership of the bank, thus giving the impression of an imminent rescue, then gave the green light for compulsory winding up, without giving any prior notice to the depositors, leaving them in no condition to perform any type of operation, even basic ones for daily survival, such as withdrawals / payments, utilities payments, rates, taxes.

We must unfortunately note that offensive measures as those adopted to customers BNI – Giordano complaint – not an isolated case. Decisions without taking into account the heavy impact, particularly on savers in possession of a single bank account on which accrediting salary or pension, are not new to Bank of Italy, and also affected depositors of Banca MB.

The attitude of the Bank of Italy – Jordan continues – is bureaucratic and deed and as Adiconsum we asked in a letter sent to the Bank of Italy and the lifting of the BNI and an urgent meeting to define the way in which customers, especially Fixed-income families and pensioners, can perform normal daily operations.




A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


Caiden Cowger is a 14 year oldwith his own internet radio show. In a recent broadcast he said “Obama is making kids gay”. His show has now been removed from two internet radio hosting sites, under “hate-speech” rules.

In the program Cowger tells how he believes homosexuality is  “perverted” and that the it is becoming increasingly hard to tell other teenagers the gospel, if they are gay. He tells about a boy in his school who claims he has bullied after a girl witnessed to him. The boy’s mother, Rhonda Mangus, (she is a former gay news feature editor for Now Public Media) led the campaign to have Cowger’s program removed from Speaker internet radio.  She claimed the program breached the terms of usage policy, which state: “unlawful, defamatory, libellous, slanderous, threatening, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, harassing, harmful, hateful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive or is otherwise inappropriate.”

There has been some confusion over Cowger’s youtube video of the program. Some saying that YouTube removed the program under it’s hate-speech policies. However, Cowger dismisses this, saying his account was hacked and he has had to set up a new YouTube channel.

However, listening to Cowger’s program he merely states his opinion. His comments may upset and offend a lot of people. But states he is against “gay bullying”, and at no point does he endorse abuse against homosexual teens. The problem with the usage policy is it is subjective. What is offensive to one person, is not to another; what one person deems “inappropriate” is different from anthers. The Bible, the Koran, is offensive to some people. Are we going to ban the Bible, for fear of offending?

What should be of greater concern, than a 14 year old boy saying he thinks “Obama is making kids gay”. Is that the liberal left media is trying to shut him down. Right or wrong what about free speech?

Random Events, Free Will, Pre-destiny or Something Darker ?