Queen Elizabeth’s Visit to Ireland

May 17th saw the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth visit the Republic of Ireland. This is the first state visit by a British Monarch in over 100 years. The last was by George V in 1911, when Ireland was still part of Britain. In 1920 Ireland fought for their independence from Britain, since independence Irish Republicans have continued to use terrorism for many years to gain independence for Northern Ireland. The Queen’s husband’s, the Duke of Edinburgh’s, uncle, Earl Mountbatten, was murdered by the IRA (an Irish terrorist organisation) during the troubles, not far from Sligo. Prophet TV’s Northern Ireland gateway has dealt with much of the spilt blood from decades of conflict in the north.

 Britain’s history with Ireland has not been one to be proud of, and bitterness has lingered for generations, so the Queen’s visit was of great significance to the two nations.

The Queen toured different parts of the country and laid a  wreath of remembrance to those Irish soldiers killed during the Irish War of Independence; and during her visit the Queen gave a speech at Dublin Castle, in which she said: “We can all see things which we would wish had been done differently or not at all.” She also spoke of being able to, “to bow to the past, but not be bound by it”.

This message has been greatly received and the dignity and heart-felt nature of her visit has touched the Irish people.

Over the last year, a Prophet.TV partner has spent considerable time in Ireland travelling routes taken by the Queen on this visit (although not known by her at the time!) Furthermore, due to a business trip, the Lord had this partner in Ireland travelling through the country, mirroring the Queen’s movements throughout her visit. When we partake of the mantle on Prophet TV we carry the anointing on the ministry wherever we go. God has blessed Ireland this May, and chains of bitterness to the past have been loosed.