Saudi Petrodollars Fuel the Rise of Radical Islam

(source: France 24)

When Muslim extremists stormed the US embassies in Libya and Cairo protestors pulled down the US flag and replaced it with the black banner of Salafism.

Salafism is a puritanical branch of Islam which teaches a literal interpretation of the Koran. Salafism has been on the rise throughout the Arab world since the Arab Spring, and it is being bank rolled by Saudi Arabia.

“There is plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that Saudi money is financing the various Salafist groups,” said Samir Amghar, author of “Le salafisme d’aujourd’hui. Mouvements sectaires en Occident” (Contemporary Salafism: Sectarian movements in the West).

To find out more about the projects funded by Saudi petrodollars see France 24

4 thoughts on “Saudi Petrodollars Fuel the Rise of Radical Islam”

  1. The ruling family of Al-Saud in Saydi Arabia are major adherents to Salafism which is among the purest forms of Islam out there. The purer you want to get to Islam the more conflict you will see with anything un-Islamic.

  2. I am getting sick of hearing if their never ending hatred to everything around them. Here is running list of Things they are protesting against :-
    -The Great Satan- US
    -The Joos and Israel
    -The liberal and gay west
    -free press
    -The stupid Mohammad movie and assorted cartoons.
    -Pork meat and alcohol
    -Buddhists in Myanmar and Bangladesh.
    -Sunnis in Iraq and Shias on Iraq
    -Hindu India
    -Thailand and the Philippines
    -corrupt dictators in the Muslim world
    -Baha’is and Ahmadi
    -communist china
    -infidel Russia
    -the porn industry
    -Christian evangelists in africa

    There is more but this covers 99% of the un pure un Islamic world.
    So it is a never ending list of hating everyone else. Apparently It is always our fault.

  3. Genevieve, you forgot to mention that they also hate dogs, apes and pigs. True story, it is mandated in the Quran.

  4. Why are you an extremist if you are patriotic to a non American cause but considered a true son of the soil if you are patriotic to an American cause? Are not both an extremist view to a certain way of thinking?

    Why are Muslims fighting for their lands branded as terrorists while those in Cuba fighting for their rights ‘freedom fighters’?

    It is all in the perspective, one made jihadi is another man’s messiah.

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