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The Democrat controlled Senate has decided to drop the assault weapons ban in the gun control bill. The leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, dropped the ban from the bill on Tuesday. Californian Senator Dem. Diane Feinstein, who sponsored the measure, said she is “disappointed” that the ban was dropped from the bill, but has said she will offer the ban as an amendment.


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Senator Mark Leno introduces bill permitting inmates to ‘self-identify gender’

Mark Leno D-San Francisco, State Senator introduced State Senate Bill 1586 which would mandate the placement of inmates of a transgender nature in opposite sex facilities at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

This law has been dubbed “CeCe’s Law” by Leno and is calling for other states to follow this lead.  Leno states further…“It is time we moved past the archaic notion one’s genitals define their gender, especially in a correctional setting …CeCe McDonald may be a 6 foot 2 inch black man with a full complement of male genitalia on the outside but on the inside there’s a woman who cannot be safely housed inside a male prison”

from Bill would permit inmates to ‘self-identify gender’ – Paco Villa Corrections Blog.