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Happy Easter?

As Christians all over the world happily celebrated Easter last weekend, few understand the meaning or significance of the activities and traditions they partake in.

Easter was the pagan worship of the god Ester– notice the word Easter is no where in the Bible. The worship of Ester was associated with fertility and involved eggs and bunnies! It was from this that Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy was inspired to use the rabbit ears for his Playboy girls. Playboy, with the Bunny Girls, is dedicated to this god.

Boys and girls can be seen to become overly friendly at easter time, as the spirit of ester is evoked. In ignorance parents use the bunnies, the rabbit ears, the eggs to teach their children about the resurrection of Jesus, where in fact they are using ancient fertility rites.

As adults the women have no problem with wearing the Playboy bunny ears, taking their clothes off and the boys worship them for it. The further consequences are the use of abortion as contraception.

Jesus died not only for the forgiveness of our sins, but also so the Holy Spirit could be given, and we could walk in the same power as Jesus did. Most of the church stop at forgiveness and fail to walk in the fullness of what Jesus done for us on the cross.

Prophet TV trains people to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. As a result we see elections flipped, bombs don’t go off, corruption exposed at a national level, media networks ratings crash, storms averted, people healed, as we continue to demonstrate what ruling and reigning with Christ means. We train people to build a hedge of protection around their city, or neighbourhood so destruction does not hit. This level of intercession is difficult on the body of Christ, as God uses His people in the Spirit to overcome the witchcraft over these regions.

Imagine what the nation would be like if more of the church stopped the pagan rituals and supported Prophet TV and began the process of being built up to be a Son of God, walking in the power of God.