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Hackers Can Access iPhone Via Text

Google  Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich has said that hackers can access an iPhone via iMessanger through an interaction-less bug in the text.

“These can be turned into the sort of bugs that will execute code and be able to eventually be used for weaponized things like accessing your data,” said Silvanovich at a security conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, according to a report by Wired.

Silvanovich became interested in researching interaction-less bugs when studying a similar vulnerability in What’s App.

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There have been many reports in recent months about the systematic approach Chinese hackers have taken to access sensitive US information. These cyber attacks have been against US business, governmental and military agencies.

A confidential report has now revealed that the Chinese hackers have compromised weapons designs.

The Chinese military have been seeking to modernise their weapons systems and challenge the military superiority of the US. Experts believe one of their tactics has been to steal military secrets to use in the advancement of their own military technology.

Senior members of the military with knowledge of the latest wave of cyber attacks have said the vast majority have been carried out by the Chinese. These attacks have prompted President Obama to step up the rhetoric against China, warning them to stop the rampant cybertheft.

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European Union to Bring New Data Protection Laws

The EU has passed new laws which will significantly improve data protection for individuals online. The web has highlighted many data protection issues, and these will only increase. In the past, Facebook has come under attack for not being careful enough with it’s users personal information, and the case of Sony, when 77 million customers had their personal information stolen by hackers, made it very real what can happen to your personal data when mishandled.

The new laws will not only impose heavy penalties on those who breach the new rules, but also give individuals new rights as well, including the “right to be forgotten”.

As we increasingly use cloud technology and have our personal details stored all over the world in massive servers, we need to know those who control this information are doing so in a safe and responsible manner.


The Age of Cyber Warfare Beckons..

In the last few weeks and months we have seen a string of news stories of hackers attacking various high profile government agencies, and companies across the globe. Most of these appear to be conducted by loose networks of hackers spread across different countries, many merely teenagers in their bedrooms.

However, what a few kids have been able to do should concern us all deeply. To date these groups have stolen data from Sony, hacked the IMF, Pentagon, and the Italian e-crimes department.

And now we are could be about to see something much more serious than these breaches. Last year, a computer virus was detected with a level of sophistication never before seen. The Stuxnet virus was professionally developed with the purpose of attacking the Iranian nuclear program. The virus was specifically designed to attack the centrifuges within the nuclear plants where Iran have been enriching Uranium. The cyber attack was effective, and hindered Iran’s nuclear program, for a while. Analysis of the code showed a level of sophistication only possible for a government funded virus; it is now believed to have been developed by Israel and America.

The Stuxnet code has now become available to the wider public, and although in it’s raw form it would be of little use, given the specific purpose it was designed the code could be altered and used to attack key sites in the West. For this reason Stuxnet has been called the first Cyber-weapon. Cyber security experts have been warning it is only a matter of time before a major attack happens capable of bringing down a major international corporation, or devastating key infrastructure, such as power or water supplies; even resulting in loss of life. The Department of Homeland Security said several “nation states, terrorist networks, organized criminal groups, and individuals located here in the United States” were “capable of targeting elements of the US information infrastructure to disrupt, or destroy systems upon which we depend”.

With so many major companies and governmental departments being successfully targeted by hackers, we need to pray for the protection of vulnerable agencies and companies upon which we all depend.