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Twitter Releases Biden Admin Censorship Of Hunter Biden Laptop

Twitter CEO Elon Musk released information through journalist Matt Taibbi Friday afternoon showing that Twitter was working in conjunction with then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s team, removing tweets that team Biden wanted deleted.

Musk said that he decided to release the information because it was “necessary to restore public trust” in the platform after it censored the New York Post’s bombshell report about Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

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FBI Agent Who Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation Resigns

An FBI agent who was accused of bias in handling the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop has resigned.

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault is no longer with the bureau, Fox News has learned. Thibault retired over the weekend, according to a source familiar with the matter. He was walked out of the building on Friday, which is standard procedure, per the source.

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New Film, ‘My Son Hunter’ Details Corruptions

The film follows the “smartest guy” the President of the United States knows as he navigates a tangled web of prostitution, partying, international business dealings, drugs, sex, Chinese spies, a laptop from Hell, Ukrainian oligarchs, more sex, more drugs, and, of course, his responsibilities to the leader of the free world. With midterm elections around the corner, select committee investigations and FBI raids on the home of a former president, the new film, My Son Hunter could not be more aptly timed.

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11 Times Joe Biden Involved in Son’s Corrupt Business Dealings

Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by the FBI for tax fraud, money laundering, and the violation of lobbying laws. However, Joe Biden has claimed he has never discussed his son’s business dealings with him. However, new evidence has emerged that this is not the case.

There is evidence to show on 11 occasions Joe Biden has played  a role in the family’s business dealings over the last six years.

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Huawei Executives Released to China show Conflict of Interest says Schweizer

Peter Schweizer has said the release of two Huawei executives back to China is proof of a conflict of interest for President Biden, and is a “strategic retreat”.

“There’s no question those conflicts exist. Joe Biden himself, two of his family members, his son, Hunter Biden — of course — and his brother, James Biden, have received millions of dollars from politically connected Chinese interests,” Schweizer said during an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

“[T]here’s plenty of evidence to support that Hunter Biden was paying Joe Biden’s bills,” Schweizer said. “We know that there were contractors that were working on Joe’s private residence in Delaware while he was vice president, and Hunter and his business associates were handling the payment of those bills.”

“We know there were things like a private phone or several phones that Joe Biden had while he was vice president,” Schweizer continued. “The bill was three hundred plus dollars a month that was being paid by Hunter’s business. So we know at least tens of thousands of dollars of bills. Thus far. We’ve been paid and this is illegal. You cannot subsidize a family member in politics by paying their bills.”

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