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Fatal Fire at Greek Refugee Camp Sparks Riots

A fire at an overcrowded refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos has sparked riots. The charred remains of an Afghan women were found after the blaze.

Over 13,000 people are crammed into the compound, which has only facilities for 3,000.

“The situation was totally out of control,” said the local police chief, Vasillis Rodopoulos, describing the riot. “Their behaviour was very aggressive, they wouldn’t let the fire engines pass to put out the blaze, and for the first time they were shouting: kill police.”

Riots have increased calls for refugees  to be moved to the mainland.

Many islands in the Mediterranean close to Turkey has seen a sharpe rise in migrants desperate to reach Europe.

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Hungary’s Pariament Refuse Be Bullied into Soros’s Globalist Agenda

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has said his country will not be bullied by the EU into accepting new legislation being discussed that will see the EU budget tripled, in order to fund Third World mass immigration into Europe.

Prime Minister Orban told Hungarian media: “They are not going to decide in Brussels among the various left-leaning or leftward drifting parties or in the offices of the so-called civic organizations of George Soros what is going to happen in Hungary and in Europe,”

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French writer says Anders Breivik was what Norway deserves’ – Telegraph

French writer says Anders Breivik was what Norway deserves’ – Telegraph.

Last year Norway was shocked, when Andres Breivik killed 77 people in a bomb blast and shooting rampage at a youth camp.

Breivik has said his actions were politically motivated and an attack at the rise of Islam in Europe, fuelled by high immigration.

Now a highly respected French writer, Richard Millet, says Breivik is “without doubt what Norway deserves”.

Millet says he was commenting on Breivik’s 1,500 page manifesto which is an attack on the last 20 years of mass immigration, social democracy, and multiculturalism in Europe, though he in no way condones Breiviks actions.

Many have been highly critical of Millet’s comments, with one writer Annie Eraux, saying his comments are “a politically dangerous act.”

Last week Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison.


What’s Wrong With This Picture

What's Wrong with this Picture?

You guessed it, of the people celebrating about the new French election,
only ONE french flag …..in a myriad of other countries flags…

What does this mean?
Sarkozy was right about borders, …but too late, France is already taken over by people from other countries who now celebrate, that French citizens will support them, and the evil french business owner will be taxed 75% to support them, those who fled the poverty in their own country, to devour other countries, and in this case… France…

Merci beaucoup!

EU Threatens To Sue The UK


November 2011

The European Union has threatened to sue the UK if the British government do not  relax their benefit rules. Currently EU nationals must pass a “right to reside” test in order to claim the generous welfare benefits available. The EU argues that the UK criteria is too tough and ought to come in line with the more generous EU rules.

For many years now, there has been an open border system in operation between the member states of the European Union, and this has made travel between the nations readily accessible. As the EU has expanded in recent years, to allow less affluent nations to enter, nations like the UK have been anxious to stem the tide of EU wide immigration.

When Poland joined the EU in 2004, over 600,000 Polish economic migrants came to the UK. This massive wave of immigration was not supported in improvements to health care provision and school places. As a consequence some areas are struggling to cope with the massive influx of people seeking to access services.

As a consequence, the UK government has sought to limit EU immigration, especially since other eastern European nations have become members. If the EU is successful in changing the UK rules, it will cost the UK government an extra £2.5 billion, at a time when the government is seeking to drastically reduce the nations welfare bill.

The British government are incensed by this interference from Brussels, with the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, saying “These new proposals pose a fundamental challenge to the UK’s social contract. They could mean the British taxpayer paying out over £2 billion extra a year in benefits to people who have no connection to our country and who have never paid-in a penny in tax.

“This threatens to break the vital link which should exist between taxpayers and their own government.” He added: “I sense this is part of a wider movement, coming in the same week as the proposals for a financial transactions tax across Europe, which threatens to punish UK banks by decreasing their competitiveness abroad.”

Brussels have given the UK two months to comply, or the nation will be taken to the European Court, although Britain has been supported by France and Germany in opposing this move.