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Prophet TV focused on the New York Fashion Week in Spring of this year. We became established at Lincoln Centre where fashion week is held. During that week Prophet TVencountered heavy spirits of death over the event, as well as sodomite spirits. As the week progressed the demonic spirit over Fashion Week was broken. Prophet TV, continued this intercession into the Paris Fashion Week which followed on and the result was the exposing of the ant-semitic spirit over John Galliano. John Galliano has now been removed as creative director at Christian Dior. After these events the “gothic death look” was no longer “in”; but was replaced by a fresher, clean living look, based on natural tones.

Fashion Week was again in New York this September, and Prophet TV was quietly holding our presence once again, and interceding over the event. The death spirits of before were unable to gain access, and Christians’ within the industry were able to evangelize openly, and saw many people within the industry saved.

When the demonic spirit over a region is removed, and the Spirit of God is able to come in, then people are open to the Gospel, and the evangelists are able to operate successfully in their gifting.  Support Prophet TV to enable this openness to the spirit of God to continue.

New York Fashion Week 2012

In the past Prophet TV has been used by God to change the spirit over the fashion industry. Last year whilst the mantle was in New York the spirit of witchcraft over New York fashion industry was broken; the mantle then followed the fashion industry to Paris for the Paris Fashion Week where John Galliano was exposed and ultimately fired.

Last autumn, again God used the anointing on Prophet TV to keep the atmosphere clear and this enabled an unconnected group of evangelists to go into Fashion Houses and tell people about Jesus. They testified to models and people inside the industry being saved.

This year has seen New York fashion week take the lead in the industries fight against anorexia and the use of young models. New York fashion week has drawn up guidelines to combat the growing trend to glorify the anorexic look (evidence of this can be seen in a recent photo shot of Kate Moss being praised on pro-anorexia websites), part of these guidelines also stipulates models should be over 16, and show ID as proof of age. However, the designer, Marc Jacobs, has openly flaunted this by using two 14 year old girls in his show. His decision has caused outrage, many are concerned as to the maturity and health of the girls.

God cares about the spirit that influences the clothes you wear, and the clothes your daughters wear. What happens at New York fashion week programs the minds of women world wide, so support Prophet.TV so we can continue to run these missions that impact you and your family.

John Galliano Update

Prophet TV reported on the dismissal of John Galliano from Paris fashion house Christian Dior, after alleged anti-semitic remarks made by the designed in a Paris bar. We repeadly see when the Presence of God is welcomed into a region then demonic is exposed- that which is hidden is brought into the light.

This week has also seen the dismissal of Galliano from his own label “John Galliano”. The label is 91% owned by Dior, and the board this week decided that Galliano’s services were no longer required at the label.

Fashion Week Spring 2011

This Spring has seen Prophet TV targeting the witchcraft over the global fashion industry. During New York Fashion Week the Prophet was located on the doorstep of the world influencing event, dealing first hand with the witchcraft being evoked during fashion week.

After the New York intercessory trip was completed the Prophet rejoined the Fashion Week cavalcade in Paris. Again an intercessory presence was maintained  in Paris and around the event, where the “spirit” in fashion designer John Galliano was exposed as anti-semitic.

The firing of Galliano as artistic director at Christian Dior has ended  the “Fashion’s King of Excess” 16 year reign or “influence” over women and their fashion.

As well as the departure of Galliano three other top fashion executives let their positions.

Once the “black death” witchcraft covering was broken, Paris Fashion Week saw the “black death” look lift and now a new healthy spring look is in, with lighter more feminine colors.