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Large Hadron Collider Coming back Online

A new phase of operations at the Large Hadron Collider — the world’s largest particle accelerator — is scheduled to start in a few weeks. The collider’s reopening (it’s been closed since 2018) is an important event for global science, as what is generally considered one of the biggest science experiments ever conducted has already helped reveal important details about the fabric of reality.

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Anti-Matter Captured at LHC

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. This monolithic underground structure spans the French-Swiss border with a 17 mile circumference.

Much of modern day particle physics is based on assumptions of unknown factors. For example, if you want to study a theory you have proposed, say theory A. However, theory A can only be true if fact B is also true, then you assume fact B is true for the purpose of your theory A. This is how a lot of modern day science operates. The LHC was built on the basis that many facts that are scientifically unproven are in fact true.

Last year scientists at the LHC rejoiced at the creation of mini-black holes. They declared them safe, in accordance with black hole theory; however, black hole theory is unproven and there are scientists who believe the creation of mini-black holes could have apocalyptic consequences.

This month has seen the particle physicists again rejoice, for the first time they have managed to capture atoms of anti-matter. They managed to create then capture anti-hydrogen atoms before they were annihilated. When matter and anti-matter collided they instantaneously annihilate each other, with the release of massive amounts of energy.

Prophet TV has been sharing the revelations God has given us about the need to pray into the work of the LHC. In 2008 Prophet TV was interceding about the work of the LHC and the result was closure of LHC for a year. Why is this important to God? However, work has since resumed and the LHC continues to reach higher and higher energies, and is expected to reach full operational capacity in perhaps 2013. Why is the Dalai Lama targeting this region? Support Prophet TV so we can run missionary trips into Switzerland and pray in this region, so the scientists will be led by the Holy Spirit and not the demons currently evoked over the region- demons that seek to release destruction and not the Kingdom of God.


Prophetic Bulletin for Switzerland

The small European nation of Switzerland could easily be overlooked as an important player in the spiritual landscape of our world.

This small nation, famous for it’s global banking institutions, is repeatedly revealing itself as an important focus for our church intercession.

This month will see Prophet TV making the first missionary visit to Rome, to focus on Vatican City, and the dragon of religion that sits enthroned over the Catholic Church.

The Vatican has close links to Switzerland. For nearly 600 years the Pope’s official body guard, and the Vatican’s official army have been the Swiss Guard. During the Renaissance the Swiss Guard were no more than mercenaries, who travelled throughout Europe, hiring themselves to fight in the many battles which would break out in different nations of Europe.

The Swiss where famed throughout Europe for their superior skills as men of war, their courage, and tremendous loyalty. These traits led Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484) to formally appoint them to be the official army of the Vatican, a position they have held to this day.

However, what is interesting to note, is that the Swiss nation for centuries was famed for producing the greatest warriors in all of Europe; and is now famous for it’s neutrality. Could the Swiss inheritance be as mighty spiritual warriors? And has the church in Switzerland failed to walk in her inheritance? Often the natural is a reflection of the spiritual.

Switzerland throughout World War I and II refused to be drawn into the wars, and choose a position of neutrality. How neutral the Swiss actually were is open to question. The Nazi’s used Switzerland to store their vast sums of money and treasures seized from Jews during the holocaust.

Switzerland is also home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This particle accelerator is the largest in the world, and has the capability of creating black holes. The LHC has been built on the foundation of unproven physics, which relies heavily on assumption, which if untrue, challenges the safety of the entire project. Prophet TV have been educating the church about the LHC for a couple of years now, and seek the budget to go to the Hadron Collider site near Geneva on an intercessory prayer mission.

Switzerland also has extremely liberal euthanasia laws. Since 1941 in Switzerland the terminally ill, the mentally ill and the severely depressed can gain assistance to end their lives. These services are also open to foreigners. The charity “Dignitas”, which runs the assisted suicide clinics in Switzerland, say they have helped over 1,000 foreigners end their lives, with about 200 people a year committing suicide in Zurichs’ clinics.

One of the questions Prophet TV is seeking to answer is who is seated in heavenly places over Switzerland? It is doubtful the church is ruling and reigning over this nation, with so much government sponsored death in the region.

Last year Switzerland welcomed the Dalai Lama to Zurich, where he met with the largest gathering of Swiss Buddhists ever seen. Is the Dalai Lama seated in heavenly places over Switzerland? Switzerland has the largest Tibetan Buddhist community in Europe. A new film being made about the Dalai Lama is to be funded by Swiss business – why would this be?

This is the hour the church needs a mighty spiritual army to be raised up in these key regions, to rule and reign with Christ, so there can be no place found for the devil in these regions; then the Kingdom of God can advance on earth.