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Twelve people were executed and eleven injured today after gunmen targeted staff by name at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, in the heart of Paris, France.  The editor, journalists, and four well known cartoonists and two police offices were murdered by gunman using assault rifles shouting “Allahu Akbar,” an Islamic phrase meaning “God is greater”.  The three gunmen are still at large – they escaped by car which has since been found abandoned, though someone has been arrested in Reims, north-east of Paris.

Other cities in France – Nantes, Tours and Dijon – have seen attacks on a smaller scale by lone individuals in the past 4 weeks and France has been on a state of alert over the Christmas period as a result.

The French Republic has been confrontational in dealing with violent Islamist groups in their territories worldwide, and tolerates no religious extremism from any group, recently banning the wearing of the burqa veil in public for Muslim women.

Human values and freedom of the press are at the heart of the issue for many, as hundreds gather in Paris and London, mourning and protesting at the horror of the attack. The controversial magazine has often mocked politicians and religions. The Charlie Hebdo offices were firebombed in 2011 and its website was hacked, after the cover featured the prophet Muhammad. In 2012 the magazine again published crude Muhammad caricatures, drawing condemnation from around the Muslim world.

The cover of this week’s issue of the newspaper focuses on a new book by Michel Houellebecq, “Submission,” published today, which depicts France led by an Islamic party by 2022 that bans women from the workplace.

Paris, and many cities in France and the UK are on high alert, as concern that shopping centres, media and newspaper offices, and religious organisations may be soft targets for extremists.

How do we stop this happening in our cities?



View European Court Human Rights Strasbourg in a larger map

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled concerning three Christians and their rights to express their faith.

The first case involved Nadia Eweida, a British Airways clerk, who won her case to wear a cross at work. Mrs Eweida had faced disciplinary action from British Airways for refusing to stop wearing the cross. Although wearing a cross is not a basic tenant of the Christian faith, the court ruled she had a right to manifest her faith through wearing it.

However the court rejected a similar case from nurse, Shirley Chaplin, on the grounds that wearing a cross was a breach of health and safety regulations.

The ruling means a persons right to manifest their faith can be overridden on grounds of health and safety.

The other two cases brought to the Human Rights Court are of particular concern to Christians and Muslims. They involved Gary McFarlane, a relationships councillor; and Lillian Ladele, a marriage registrar. Mr McFarlane was dismissed after saying he would be unable to provide relationship counselling to same-sex couples on the grounds that it compromised his Christian values.

Miss Ladele was disciplined for asking her employer to be excluded from conducting civil partnerships for same-sex couples on grounds of her faith.

The court in Strasbourg rejected both cases. Paul Lambdin, partner in the employment department at Stevens & Bolton, said, “It appears that those Christians, Muslims and others who disagree with same sex marriage and/or civil partnerships will be excluded from certain jobs.

He added: “These cases demonstrate the difficulty of divorcing a belief from its practice. “The practical effect is that Ms Ladele, Mr McFarlane and others with similar religious convictions may be lawfully excluded from certain jobs.”

Mike Judge, spokesman for The Christian Institute, which supported Miss Ladele, said: “What this case shows is that Christians with traditional beliefs about marriage are at risk of being left out in the cold.

“If the Government steamrollers ahead with its plans to redefine marriage, then hundreds of thousands of people could be thrown out of their jobs unless they agree to endorse gay marriage.”

With the UK government pushing to redefine marriage within the UK, it is likely there will be an increase in cases like those of Mr McFarlane and Miss Ladele.

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Europe’s first gay friendly mosque has opened in Paris, France. The new mosque opened in a small room inside the house of a Buddhist monk.

The “mosque” has been critised by Muslim leaders in Paris who have said that it is, “against the spirit of Islam”. However the founder of the mosque says he is breaking “prejudices in Islam”.

The mosque will also break with traditional Muslim teaching of women. The founder, French-Algerian gay rights activist and practicing Muslim Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, says he wants to also allow women to lead Friday prayers.

Read More at France 24

Muslims protest ‘age of mockery’ as thousands descend on Google HQ – Telegraph

Muslims Protest outside Google HQ LondonMuslims protest ‘age of mockery’ as thousands descend on Google HQ – Telegraph.

Muslim’s from across the United Kingdom have descended on London to protest outside the British Head Quarters of Google.

The protesters are demanding Google remove the anti-Muslim movie, “The Innocence of Muslims”, off YouTube. The organiser of the rally, Masound Alam has warned of further protests outside Google offices world wide until the movie is banned, adding “This is not freedom of expression, there is a limit for that. This insult of the Prophet will not be allowed.”

Protests held up banners saying “Freedom of Speech = Hatred to Muslims?”, and are arguing that we are in an “Age of Mockery”.

One of the speakers, Sheikh Faiz Al-Aqtab Siddiqui, told The Daily Telegraph: “Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people.

“Organisations like Google are key players and have to take responsibility for civility. You can’t just say it doesn’t matter that it’s freedom of speech. It’s anarchy.”

YouTube have responded saying the video does not violate any of their terms of usage, and will therefore stay on their site. What is offensive to one person, or in one country is not in another.


Madonna calls President Obama a black Muslim

Madonna asked everyone in the audience of her Washington, DC performance Monday night to vote for President Obama because he is a “black Muslim.””Y’all better vote for fking Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right?” the shouted from stage while sipping from a bottle of water with a straw. “”We have a black Muslim in the White House! Now that’s some amazing st.” Madonna, 54, also stripped down to her bra to reveal “Obama” stenciled in big letters on her back, before promising or warning?: “When Obama is in the White House for a second term Ill take it all off.” President Obama is not a Muslim. Or is He?

more Madonna calls President Obama a black Muslim, says shell strip onstage if he wins second term | Fox News.

Anti-American fury over film hits Australia; protesters clash with police


Protesters outside US Embassy in Sydney


As the United States continued to strengthen security at diplomatic stations, fury over an anti-Islam film spread to Australia, where demonstrators clashed Saturday with police outside the American Consulate in Sydney.

Carrying signs that read: “Obama, Obama, we like Osama” and “Behead All Those Who Insult the Prophet,” hundreds of protesters gathered on the steps of the consulate.

The demonstration turned violent after protesters were pushed back from the building.

Authorities used tear gas and police dogs to disperse protesters who threw bottles and shoes — considered a grave insult among Muslims. Six police officers were injured and eight people were arrested, Sydney police said. Seventeen people were treated for the effects of pepper spray used by police.

In his weekly address, U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged “images on our televisions are disturbing.”

“But let us never forget that for every angry mob, there are millions who yearn for the freedom and dignity and hope that our flag represents,” Obama said.

Obama reiterated that those who killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi will be brought to justice.

FBI investigators probing the killings put off a visit until conditions in the volatile region are safer.

Agents had hoped to arrive in Libya on Saturday, federal law enforcement officials said.

Disagreement over how Benghazi attack began

Top Western diplomats warned leaders in countries where the unrest has been most pronounced to ensure the protection of its missions and its people.

“I am following the unfolding events with grave concern and call on national authorities in all countries concerned to swiftly ensure the security of diplomatic missions and protect diplomatic staff,” Catherine Ashton, the European Union foreign affairs chief, said in a statement.

U.S. Marines were dispatched to Libya, Yemen and Sudan to safeguard American diplomatic posts, according to U.S. officials.

Slain ambassador returns Inside the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Egyptians demand apology from Obama

Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya

Protest targets German embassy in Sudan America’s mixed message to Egypt The search for the Benghazi attackers Egyptians demand apology from Obama Libya struggling to deal with militants Does U.S. need to up security abroad?

Capital cities and other cities in North Africa and the Middle East where protests against an anti-Islam film have broken out.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that the United States would take action to protect its diplomatic facilities if the countries in question did not stop the violence and seek justice for the attacks.

“Reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those behind these violent acts,” she said Friday. “And we will … keep taking steps to protect our personnel around the world.”

From Morocco to Malaysia, thousands of Muslims have taken to the streets in recent days — with sometimes deadly results — over the release of a 14-minute trailer, privately produced in the United States, that mocks the Prophet Mohammed as a womanizer, child molester and ruthless killer.

Despite the firm condemnation by U.S. government officials, some in the Muslim world — especially those raised in regimes in which the government must authorize any film production — cannot accept that a movie like “Innocence of Muslims” can be produced without being sanctioned by Washington, said Council of Foreign Relations scholar Ed Husain.

“They’re projecting … their experience, their understanding (that) somehow the U.S. government is responsible for the actions of a right-wing fellow,” said Husain, a senior fellow at the New York think thank

for more see – Anti-American fury over film hits Australia; protesters clash with police – CNN.com.

US identifies Coptic Christian man behind anti-Islam film – USA – FRANCE 24

US identifies Coptic Christian man behind anti-Islam film – USA – FRANCE 24.

It is believed the man behind the film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world is an Egyptian ‘Coptic’ Christian living in California. He has been named as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and is currently on probation after being convicted of bank fraud.

It is thought Sam Becile, who was initially thought to be behind the movie is the persona Nakoula used. Initial reports said that Sam Becile was an Israeli Jew living in California, but Israel had no records of him.

Fury Spreading to other Countries Following Muslim Weekly Friday Prayers

Across the Muslim world, furious protests and demonstrations are being witnessed today.

Demonstrators scaled the walls of U.S. embassies in the countries of Tunisia and Sudan, a German embassy was set alight, an American fast food restaurant was set on fire in Lebanon and demonstrators in Cairo were prevented from attacking the U.S. Embassy by police who required armored vehicles.

All in all, the manifestation of demonstrations and violence has spread to about 20 countries with the most violent incidences occurring in Middle Eastern countries. Click to see map of Protests Spread Across the Globe

Demonstrations started following the weekly Muslim prayers that occur on Fridays.

Common among demonstrators is the chant “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet”.

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Sam Bacile, anti-Muslim filmmaker in hiding following anti-American Violence

The Israeli filmmaker who created the film “Innocence of Muslims” which ignited ultraconservative Islamist violent acts, is now in hiding.

There have been assaults on the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and the U.S. Consulate in Libya.

Sam Bacile states “Islam is a cancer, period” and that his film is a provocative political statement which condemns the religion.

Claims are made in the film that Muhammad was a fraud, a “feckless philanderer” and an “approver of child sexual abuse”.

Bacile was warned that he might be the next Theo van Gogh.  A Muslim extremist killed Van Gogh after making a film that appeared to be an insult to Islam.

Source Filmmaker Sam Bacile in hiding after anti-Muslim film sparks violence in which American diplomat was killed | Fox News.

Saudi authorities warn non-Muslims to respect Ramadan

Got Muslim?

Traveling or working in Saudi Arabia? If not Muslim you had better learn how to behave as one during Ramadan or you will be expelled, according to Saudi authorities.

Saudia Arabia is a ultraconservative Sunni nation.  It is home to Islam’s holiest religious site.

Source Saudi authorities warn non-Muslims to respect Ramadan | Fox News.

Gaza Christians protest ‘forcible conversions’

Christians by the dozens in the majority Muslim city of Gaza (a city in the Gaza strip of Palestine) have conducted a protest.  They claim that fellow christians are being held against their will and forced to convert to Islam.

Gaza contains about 1.7 million Muslims.  The Christians number about 1500.  Since Hamas has gained power about 5 years ago the Christians have noticed an increase in persecution.

The forced conversions are new to Gaza.

For more information on understanding the spirit over the land see prophet.tv.  See also this teaching on Building the Warrior.

see: Gaza Christians protest ‘forcible conversions’ – Offbeat News | San Francisco Luxury Living.


Islam is a prominent religion in most western European cities now. France has the largest population of Muslims in Europe; and over the years the UK has welcomed thousands of Muslim immigrants, especially from Pakistan.

There are regions of England, where Muslims outnumber Christians; and the schools have more children with English as a second language, than those who speech English as a mother tongue. One of the reasons for this, is the poor integration of Muslims and other immigrants into the community. Multicultural Britain has housed large immigrant populations together, instead of dispersing them throughout the regional population.

As the Muslim population grows in Europe, there are increasing demands from within the Islamic communities to change Britain to make it mostly Islamic. In some areas, Islamic courts have been set up and allowed to operate under Sharia Law, especially for cases like divorce. It is thought there are 85 Sharia courts operating in the UK. This is despite the oppression of women, so obvious in countries governed by Sharia law.

Futhermore, the British public are largely ignorant of the fact that they consume large amounts of halal meat every year. It has been discovered that halal meat is on sale in every major British supermarket. The meat is not marked as halal. Most of this meat is imported from New Zealand- nearly 100% of New Zealand lamb is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. Halal meat is ritually slaughtered by cutting the animals throat and draining the blood out; an Islamic prayer is made for each animal before being killed. Animal welfare groups have raised concerns of this method of slaughtering animals, where in conventional abattoirs, animals are stunned before being killed.

In the financial world, there  has been a tremendous growth in “Islamic” finance. With the Financial Services Authority (FSA) launching the “Bank of London and the Middle East”. Islamic finance in Britain is now big business, and has resulted in the legal and tax obstacles being removed for the introduction of sharia-compliant products.

Within education, Muslims schools have raised concerns, with some private Islamic schools being found to teach hate towards Jews and Christians. It should also be noted that many of the recent terror plots exposed involving radical Islamists, were radicalised in British universities.

However, the liberal political elite are scared to take action. They fear being labeled as Islamaphobic, and seem to be unable to grasp the dangers of thousands of people living in Britain as an alternative society, opposed to British values.

As the Muslim population in Europe grows more dominant over the coming decades, through the high birth rate in Muslim women, it will interesting to see how these two worlds collide.


About 50 years ago when the picture perfect English city of Rochdale was prospering Pakistani Muslims started moving in.  Mosques sprang up and the site of bearded muslims with caps and woman in black robes and veils became commonplace.  Now, shops are boarded up or have converted to pawn shops or dollar stores.  Even the local Mc’Donalds has left.

The government has shown that over half of the Pakistani’s in Britain are in poverty, much higher than the general population.

In 2008 a local young 15 year old girl became caught in the ring of predators.  She first attempted to break out of the pit by acting out at the kebab shop where she first had met her “boyfriend”.  On police arrival she indicated that she had been raped repeatedly showing the proof of her semen stained underwear

The police believed her but lawyers did not prosecute and after 11 months the case was dropped.

Things worsened, the predators expanded as did the amount of victims.  The first girl was driven around at night and forced to have sex with ever more men, up to five a day.

Health workers continued to report an increasing number of underaged girls who claimed to have been sexually abused.  A new regional chief of the Crown Prosecution Service (Afzal) reversed the earlier decision to ignore the case and chose to follow up on the allegations.

Eleven men were charged.  Offenses ranged from conspiracy to rape with more individuals being suspected of involvement.  British Parliament suspects that the abuse is far more widespread than originally thought.  Afzal’s office indicates that there is about a dozen other similar cases ongoing, one of which involves 13 men with 24 girls.

Almost all the perpetrators are Pakistanis who are either 1st or 2nd generation to Britian.  Few of them had prior sexual charges.  One of the charged, Abdul Rauf claimed that he has been a Muslim preacher.  Others had contact with local politicians.

For more on a possible reason this went on for so long before it was brought to the open and exposed, see the information below or, linked here from prophet.tv

from UK underage sex ring sparks racial tensions | Fox News.