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First Legal Non-Binary Person in U.S. Changes Birth Certificate Back to Male

James Shupe was the first man to legally change his gender to non-binary. Shupe’s gender identity journey began in 2016 when he first tried transitioning to a woman, and then arrived at the “non-binary” option. Shupe became the poster boy of the LGBT community after successfully petitioning to have his birth certificate changed. However Shupe has now said it is all a fraud.

On his twitter bio it reads: “I reclaimed my male birth sex after becoming America’s first legally non-binary person because transgenderism is a fraud and gender identity is legal fiction.”

Shupe believed that changing gender would help with his mental health problems. However, he found they were made worse. Not only that the drugs he was taking during transition had serious side affects. He told media:

“I ended up in the psych ward three times because of hormones. I had blood clots in my eyes because my estrogen levels were 2,585 instead of 200, low bone density, problems controlling my bladder, and emotional instability,” he explained to PJ Media. “Blood tests indicated I was dropping into kidney disease territory (EFGR below 60) for about 18 months, I had chronic dermatology issues and skin reactions to estrogen patches, I passed out on the kitchen floor from Spironolactone.”

“The gender transitions were supposed to fix my mental health problems, but I kept getting worse instead. The [high-powered marijuana prescribed in Colorado] made me psychotic. I started hearing booming noises and having visions of being some Indian woman,” he continued. “I started believing I was some kind of chosen one who was picked to restore the third gender to North America, that’s what I thought the visions were telling me.”

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