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Top American Nuclear Lab Scientists Recruited By China To Build Missiles And Drones

At least 154 Chinese scientists who worked on government-sponsored research at the U.S.’s foremost national security laboratory over the last two decades have been recruited to do scientific work in China — some of which helped advance military technology that threatens American national security — according to a new private intelligence report obtained by NBC News.

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Chinese Military May be Able To Spy On US Nuclear Command

More than 10,000 military members and civilians working at Offutt Air Force Base could be at risk of having cell phone calls, texts and data seen by the Chinese government because at least one cellular service provider installed Chinese equipment on nearby towers.

The U.S. Commerce Department is investigating the potential data collection and transmission capabilities of equipment from Chinese tech company Huawei that was installed on cell towers near U.S. military installations, including missile silos in western Nebraska, as Reuters reported.

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North Korea’s official government website released a propaganda video showing a young man sleeping and having a dream. In his dream the man goes in a space shuttle and orbits the earth. The dream shows a missile being launched, similar to one the rogue state tested in December last year.

The dream then shows a unified Korea, and an image of the America flag. This is followed by images of a city like New York under attack.

“Somewhere in the United States, black clouds of smoke are billowing,” runs the caption across the screen.

“It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself,” it added.

The music in the background is “We Are the World”. The video ends with the young man waking up and with him concluding this dream will “surely come true”.

It is expected that North Korea will soon perform more nuclear tests, despite further UN sanctions imposed in December.

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Iran’s Currency Crashing

Signs of public dissatisfaction are appearing in Iran with protests in central Tehran today.  Iran’s currency has lost more than 50% of its value in the last week.

Police in the hundreds with anti-riot gear swarmed the capital around the currency exchange district looking for illegal money changers and closing other legally operating venues down, according to witnesses reporting to AFP (Agence France-Presse).

According to the witnesses, many were arrested, smoke was seen in at least two places and stones where being thrown at police.

Ahmadinejad however, blames the sanctions imposed by the USA and European Union for the freefall of their currency but remains defiant and committed to Iran’s nuclear program “We are not a people to retreat on the nuclear issue… If somebody thinks they can pressure Iran, they are certainly wrong and they must correct their behaviour,”.


Iran’s President Calls for “New World Order”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has given an interview with the Associated Press at the United Nations this week, where he calls for the establishment of a “New World Order”. Ahmadinejad wants to see the world move away from “years of American bullying and domination” In the interview he said, “God willing, a new order will come together and we’ll do away with everything that distances us…I do believe the system of empires has reached the end of the road. The world can no longer see an emperor commanding it.”

“Now even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying,” he said.

Ahmadinejad also called American and Israeli insistence that Iran abandon it’s nuclear program as a non-issue, claiming America was using it as an excuse for the US to impose it’s will on Iran.

President Ahmadinejad is due to speak at the UN tomorrow, the United States delegates have already said they will boycott his speech.

In the interview Ahmadinejad also addressed the issue of Syria. He is calling for a group of countries to work together to bring an end to the bloody conflict in the country. However, intelligence suggests Iran is actively helping the Assad, with weapons and logistical support.

This will be Ahmadinejad’s last appearance at the UN General Assembly as he is due to leave office next June.

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Could Iran be 6 Months Away from Having a Nuke?

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, believes that Iran is only 6-7 months away from having a nuclear bomb. Tensions are continuing to intensify, as the liklihood of an Israeli strike against Iran increases. Many believe Nethanyahu will strike before the November US Presidential elections. Israel’s fear is that if Obama was to win a second term he would not stand by his promises to help Israel after the election, however a strike before November would force his hand.

Also it has emerged that Iran’s newest nuclear facility has been struck by “saboteurs”, according to reports from Fereydoun Abbasi, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation. Abbasi disclosed that power lines into the facility had been blown up. The nuclear facility is deep under ground, near the city of Qom.


Over recent years tensions have steadily heightened between Israel and Iran, as Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons.  It is thought that Israel were behind cyber attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities that slowed the Iranian nuclear program, but failed to disable it completely.

Now Iran have moved their operations deep underground in the mountains of Natanz. Israel are keen to strike Natanz, before the Iranian’s progress in their nuclear program reaches the point of no return.

There are now reports that Israel has told President Obama, if he does not decide on a course of action that will see an end to Iran’s nuclear program by September 25th, then Israel will go it alone.

New intelligence has emerged which seems to show that Iran are much further down the road to building a nuclear bomb than the West had previously thought.

Obama is not keen to be seen to be going to war immediately before an election. But Israel knows time is short, and a nuclear Iran is a prospect no one wants to consider. We have reported on the dangers facing Israel at this time, and why Iran are so singleminded in their desire to destroy Israel.


Muslims around the world are currently observing the fast of Ramadan. During Ramadan Iran hosts an anti-Zionist conference, where leaders from the Islamic world gather. During the event this year, on August 17th, Quds Day (Jerusalem Day), President Ahmadinejad gave what many believe, is his most anti-Israel speech yet.

Ahmadinejad has reiterated calls for the annihilation of Israel, he believes that only the “liberation” of Palestine will bring about world peace. Ahamadinejad said, “Anyone who loves freedom and justice must strive for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the way for world justice and freedom.” Ahmadinejad believes the “Zionists” control the world’s media, banking system, and governments.

This latest speech will only intensify the fear in Israel at this time. Israeli journalist Amos Harel, defense correspondent for Haaretz believes there is a 50% chance of Israel launching an attack on Iran before November, in a pre-emptive move to try and stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman said, they want the international community to unite to “prevent the Iranian regime –with its fanatical and hate filled agenda – from obtaining nuclear capability.

The Iranian leadership believe they are called by Allah to usher in the reign of the ‘Mahdi’ – an Islamic messianic figure, who will come to earth at a time of great trouble, and establish an Islamic kingdom of peace. However, they believe to bring about the Mahdi’s coming Israel must be destroyed. Israel understand that Ahmadinejad is a man to take very seriously.