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The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to seven years, and barred from holding public office for life after being found guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute.

The trial which has lasted two years, explored the world of the then Prime Minister’s infamous bunga bunga parties. The 76 year old former Prime Minister was accused of paying for sex with Moroccan-born erotic dancer, Karima El Mahroug, who called herself “Ruby the Heart Stealer”, who was 17 at the time. Although prostitution is not illegal in Italy, prostitutes have to be over the age of 18, Berlusconi argued she had told him she was 24.

Supporters of the conservative Berlusconi have accused the verdict “absurd” and “a coup d’etat”, saying the three female judges presiding over the case were all left-wing. Berlusconi’s political allies believe the case has been used as a way of removing Berlusconi from the political landscape of Italy.

Berlusconi had been convinced he would win the case against him, and is set to appeal the judges decision.

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License To Pimp, San Francisco Documentary, Sheds Light On Strip Club Corruption

San Francisco.

Hima B. – Filmaker is in the midst of filming a documentary, her first.  It is called “License to Pimp”.  It is about the sex industry in San Francisco.

Hima, a former stripper, is concerned about the image that the media is portraying of the sex industry.  She states “…  I think a lot of young women have developed a glorified image of stripping… strippers are glamorized in music videos, movies, Playboy. The models in those images are seen as being beautiful, making lots of money and having fun.”

“All girls, even young girls, want to feel sexy; the desire to be appreciated for your beauty is a natural one,”

“I worked in nearly half of the clubs in San Francisco in the 90s… in that time I saw them change from legitimate strip clubs to essentially brothels.”

In the 90’s local strip clubs brought in fees that required dancers to pay to work.

“At first the fee was $5 and then $25, which was okay,” stated Hima “But then it jumped to $200 a night. It immediately resulted in women practicing prostitution in order to pay those fees, and the clubs went right along with it, installing private rooms everywhere.”

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History of Rome

Prophet TV is seeking to go to Rome. However, what makes Rome important?

Rome is the centre of the Catholic Church. In the centre of the city of Rome is Vatican City. The Vatican is an independent nation state and is home to the Pope. This is where all the major decisions are made as to the direction of the Rome Catholic Church. Catholic’s believe the Pope to be God’s representative on earth, and follow his every word- what the Pope says and does influences 1.1 Billion people world wide. Therefore the ruling spirit over the Vatican is very important. Although Catholics believe in Jesus, there is a powerful dragon over the Catholic Church, which controls the people through religion. As God has taught through Prophet TV, you go for the source, when dealing with the demonic- and in the case of the Catholic church that is Rome.

The Vatican city was built on the location believed to be where the apostle Peter was crucified. It was also the location of Emperor Nero’s circus. Nero was basically mad! He burnt Rome, to give himself an excuse to persecute the church, his persecution was the first major state organised persecution of the church. His circus was where many Christians died and were thrown to the lions.

In the centre of the Vatican is St. Peter’s Square- where the Pope gives all his grand sermons in front of mass crowds. In the centre is a large Egyptian obelisk. This was originally built in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, and was moved to Rome by the Emperor Caligula (12-41 AD).

One of the major issues facing the Catholic Church is celibacy laws. God has made us with sexual hormones and instituted marriage has the correct and righteous way for a man and a woman to enjoy intercourse. However, for Catholic Priests, and Nuns struggling to control these natural desires the enemy has been able to gain access to their lives and perversions have taken root within the Catholic church- the worst of these being the recent pedophile scandals. There is no real biblical reason not to allow marriage, so why are these celibacy laws in place? Up until the 12 century priests were allowed to marry. However, because of the medieval feudal system property, wealth and title were always passed father to son. So the Catholic church was losing vast sums of money, and land to the sons of its priests, and the sons were automatically made priests- regardless of education or “moral credentials”! Therefore the way they found to stop this was making celibacy laws! Basically it was all about the money!

Prophet TV has been teaching that when we open a door to the demonic, i.e through sin, that demon has access to us, and we need to be delivered. As with a man so with a city. So the centuries of undealt with sin in the Vatican City have allowed powerful principalities to gain access. Much blood has been spilled through the Vatican, as many of the Pope’s were ruthless, brutal murderers gaining power via corruption and killing their rivals- especially in the Middle Ages. Not hard to believe, since the Pope was the most powerful man in Europe. It is also apparent that the sexual scandals which have been exposed in recent years are no stranger the the Catholic church, past Popes would  entertain “boys”, engaged in homosexuality, and many frequented prostitutes. One Pope was said to have made the Vatican like a “whorehouse”.

Rome is a city that has global influence. The enemy knows this- he has targeted the Vatican for centuries. Only a Son of God has the authority to take down the dragon, and allow the Presence of God to come into a region to influence the thoughts of men. Support Prophet TV to enable us to run our Rome mission.