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Putin Once Again Slows Gas Flow To Germany

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has once again halved Germany’s gas supply, a move that will further harm an already struggling EU economy.

Having only just seen the flow of gas from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline turned back on again after a nearly two-week maintenance period, Germany is once again facing a significant worsening of its already crippling gas crisis after Vladimir Putin’s government decided to once again half the amount of Russian gas it was supplying the EU state.

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Russia Retreating After Heavy Losses

Russia’s withdrawal of troops from a Ukrainian region that they encircled at the beginning of the war is proving their “inability to capture key Ukrainian cities,” the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense said Thursday.

In an intelligence update, the Ministry said “Ukrainian forces are continuing to counterattack to the north of Kharkiv, recapturing several towns and villages towards the Russian border.”

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One of the most popular french actors has taken Russian citizenship, to avoid the new tax rate for millionaires in France. French President Francois Hollande is introducing a tax rate of 75% on earnings above €1 million.

The actor Gerard Depardieu became one of many wealthy Frenchmen to quit the country.

The actor, who grew up in a working class family before becoming a successful actor, has said that he has paid millions in taxes over the years and that the new high tax rate is an attack on success.

Depardieu has now taken up Russian citizenship. He flew into Russia today, where he was greeted by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Russia has a flat income tax rate of 13%.

Depardieu has worked in Russia in the past, and has previously spoken of possibly taking up Russian citizenship.

Depardieu’s friend Arnaud Frilley told France’s RTL radio: “The President [Francois Hollande] called Gerard to ask if he was really serious about leaving France for good.

Gerard told him it wasn’t the taxes themselves that sickened him, but he was sickened by the way France spits on success. At one point he got very annoyed.

He also said he felt the way the media had treated him was terrible and that he needed to take a step back.

But he did say that he would remain French in his heart and that he felt he was a kind of spokesman for all other successful people like him who had not spoken out.”

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