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WitchTok: TikTok for Witches

For TikTok users, WitchTok is probably nothing new. TikTok has an algorithm which adapts users content around their interests, and if your interest is witchcraft the WitchTok is the place for you.

Witchcraft has seen as massive resurgence in recent years; largely due to the internet and social media. Modern witches now take to TikTok, or WitchTok, to evangelize the masses and promote their beliefs.

Some use the platform to teach spells, do tarot readings, or potion making. The social media platform is particularly helpful this year as Halloween approaches, and they cannot meet in person. They are taking to WitchTok and other platforms for a socially distanced Halloween. And the fact that Halloween falls on a Full Moon makes it especially poignant for them.

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Trump Seeks to Ban TikTok

President Trump has announced he plans to ban TikTok in the US. The social media app is highly popular with young people. However, there are concerns that the Chinese owned app is gaining access to US teens personal data, and is a security risk.

TikTok has also seen calls for its ban in other countries over safe guarding issues. Children have been targeted by paedophiles on the app. TikTok have been criticized for not doing enough to protect children from being groomed.

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