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Bill Maher Blames Democrats For Trans Indoctrination In Schools

“I thought a great subject to talk about would be schools, because they’re in the news a lot,” Maher began the panel discussion on Friday. “We live in a prison yard in this country, which is everything is tribal. And like anything that has to do with schools or education is something really the Democrats have to answer for because they control it. I mean, when you look at the Democratic Convention, it’s like three-quarters of them are teachers. My sister’s a teacher. I’m a big defender of teachers, but what’s going on in schools is outrageous, and somebody needs to answer for it.”

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Mastercard No Longer Requires Legal Name in Support of Trans Customers

Mastercard have announced that it will allow customers to use a name other than their legal name. The move is to enable trans or binary people to use their “true name” and not their “dead name”.

MasterCard failed to respond to questions about whether this could be used by people to fraudulently change their name for illegal purposes.

The Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking for Washington DC’s government, which implements anti-fraud programs, said, “Whether this effort leads to increased fraud will, likely, depend on how it is implemented.” 

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