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In the UK elections, the Conservatives led by David Cameron, were elected by a landslide victory with a clear majority in the House of Commons.

The result was unseen by exit polls and journalists alike, who had predicted a close race between Labour and the ruling Conservatives. All media talk prior to election day was about coalition government, though neither main party would be drawn on who they would work closely with, in the event of a hung parliament.

Casualties of the day turned out to be the Labour Party especially in Scotland, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP (the UK Independence Party), who all suffered major loses.  The Scottish National Party (SNP), who recently lost but did well in the Scottish referendum last September, gained all the Scottish seats except 3, to form the 3rd largest party in the UK parliament.

Leaders Ed Miliband (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) immediately resigned as a result of the election night results and new leaders will be elected shortly.  Meanwhile, David Cameron (Conservative) continues to run the country, unopposed, for a further five years.



Britain is to join the war against ISIS, after the UK Parliament overwhelmingly backed air strikes targeting the terrorists in Iraq.

Prime Minister David Cameron said there was a “strong case” for extending the air strikes into Syria. He warned that the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was likely to last for “years”.

During an emergency session of Parliament on Friday, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour MPs largely united as they voted 524 to 43 in favour of joining military action in Iraq.

The FBI said earlier this week it had identified Jihadi John, the British terrorist who has been filmed apparently beheading Western hostages.

Last night, six RAF Tornados based in Cyprus were poised to strike targets in Iraq within hours. The military intervention marks the third war in Iraq involving British personnel in the past 25 years.

Britain is now on high alert for revenge attacks after a series of arrests over the past two days. Counter-terrorist police yesterday arrested two men on the M6 near Rugby.

The Prime Minister said: “‘Is there a threat to the British people? The answer is yes. ISIL has already murdered one British hostage and has threatened to murder two more.

“ISIL is a terrorist organisation unlike those we have dealt with before. The brutality is staggering — beheadings, crucifixions, gouging out of eyes, use of rape as a weapon. All those things belong to the Dark Ages. This is about psychopathic terrorists who are trying to kill us. Like it or not they have already declared war on us.” Mr Cameron said Isil posed a direct threat to Britain, citing six plots linked to the terrorist group which had been foiled across Europe.




In the UK the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has admitted that the government have given up trying to cut benefits spending. Since coming to power the UK government have sought to cut Britain’s budget deficit, and one of the main parts of this plan was to bring welfare spending under control.

However, Ian Duncan Smith has now said that they have given up trying to do this, instead they will focus on managing benefit increases. Duncan Smith also admitted that, “all those on benefits will still see cash increases in every year of this Parliament”.

A government minister told the press that there will need to be a more radical solution to welfare dependence in the UK.

The government have faced stiff opposition in their attempts to rein in public spending. The Department of Budget Responsibility have projected that the total government spending on benefits will be the equivalent of around £1,000 per family by 2015-16.

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The UK has had it’s credit rating downgraded one notch from AAA to AA1 by the credit rating agency Moody’s. Out of all the major economies this leaves only Canada and Germany with their top credit ratings intact.

The downgrade is a major blow for the government who have been tackling the UKs massive debt mountain, seeking to end the UK budget deficit by 2016.

Moody’s made the downgrade due to the continued poor economic growth, pointing out, “continuing weakness in the UK’s medium-term growth outlook, with a period of sluggish growth which [it] now expects will extend into the second half of the decade”.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has pledged to continue on his course of deficit reduction, calling Moody’s decision a “stark reminder of the debt problems facing our country – and the clearest possible warning to anyone who thinks we can run away from dealing with those problems”.

“Far from weakening our resolve to deliver our economic recovery plan, this decision redoubles it.”

Last year all three major credit rating agencies placed the UK on negative outlook.

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The House of Commons, in London, voted today to legalise same-sex marriage. The Prime Minister won the vote with a comfortable margin of 400 to 175 against. The bill will now pass to the House of Lords, where it is expected to face stiffer opposition.

The bill has divided David Cameron’s Conservative party, with more than half of his own MPs voting against the bill, and the Prime Minister relying on support from the Liberal Democrats and Labour to win the vote.

Although the bill is likely to face a tougher challenge in the Lords, it is predicted that the bill will become law, by May.

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Lawmakers in France passed the first part of the Marriage Equality Bill today. They voted on the most controversial article of the bill which redefines marriage as an agreement between two people of the same or opposite sex. The article was passed with an overwhelming majority of 249-97.

The Marriage Equality Bill also seeks to grant same-sex couples equal adoption rights as heterosexual couples.

Over the Channel in Britain, parliament is also set to debate gay marriage next week. The UK government are keen to legalise same-sex marriage, and are expected to win the vote this week. However, the bill will face stiffer opposition in the House of Lords. A final vote in the Commons is expected in May.

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As British Prime Minister David Cameron continues to push ahead with his government’s plans to legalise same-sex marriage in the UK, many in his party are feeling alienated. The majority of grass roots Conservatives are opposed to the plan.

A minister has now suggested the driving force behind the policy is the Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron.

Mrs Cameron is the daughter of a baronet, and is known for her socially liberal views. She is said to be horrified by the socially conservative views of America’s Republicans.

The suggestion came out, at the same time as Mandrake asked David Cameron’s mother why her son was so determined to go ahead with a policy, that so many conservatives are opposed to. Mary Cameron, a former Justice of the Peace, replied, “I know, but David just won’t be told.”

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View European Court Human Rights Strasbourg in a larger map

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled concerning three Christians and their rights to express their faith.

The first case involved Nadia Eweida, a British Airways clerk, who won her case to wear a cross at work. Mrs Eweida had faced disciplinary action from British Airways for refusing to stop wearing the cross. Although wearing a cross is not a basic tenant of the Christian faith, the court ruled she had a right to manifest her faith through wearing it.

However the court rejected a similar case from nurse, Shirley Chaplin, on the grounds that wearing a cross was a breach of health and safety regulations.

The ruling means a persons right to manifest their faith can be overridden on grounds of health and safety.

The other two cases brought to the Human Rights Court are of particular concern to Christians and Muslims. They involved Gary McFarlane, a relationships councillor; and Lillian Ladele, a marriage registrar. Mr McFarlane was dismissed after saying he would be unable to provide relationship counselling to same-sex couples on the grounds that it compromised his Christian values.

Miss Ladele was disciplined for asking her employer to be excluded from conducting civil partnerships for same-sex couples on grounds of her faith.

The court in Strasbourg rejected both cases. Paul Lambdin, partner in the employment department at Stevens & Bolton, said, “It appears that those Christians, Muslims and others who disagree with same sex marriage and/or civil partnerships will be excluded from certain jobs.

He added: “These cases demonstrate the difficulty of divorcing a belief from its practice. “The practical effect is that Ms Ladele, Mr McFarlane and others with similar religious convictions may be lawfully excluded from certain jobs.”

Mike Judge, spokesman for The Christian Institute, which supported Miss Ladele, said: “What this case shows is that Christians with traditional beliefs about marriage are at risk of being left out in the cold.

“If the Government steamrollers ahead with its plans to redefine marriage, then hundreds of thousands of people could be thrown out of their jobs unless they agree to endorse gay marriage.”

With the UK government pushing to redefine marriage within the UK, it is likely there will be an increase in cases like those of Mr McFarlane and Miss Ladele.

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The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, along with other senior members of the Conservative Party have come out in support of same-sex marriage. They are uniting under the slogan “Freedom to Marry”.

The move has angered many within the Conservative party, who hold to a traditional view of marriage. Prime Minister David Cameron would like to legalize gay marriage, and allow marriage ceremonies to take place in churches, but also let churches who do not want to conduct same-sex marriages, the right to refuse.

The UK already allows civil partnerships for gay couples, but the group of 19 senior Tories has said, “We recognise that civil partnerships were an important step forward in giving legal recognition to same sex couples. But civil partnerships are not marriages, which express a particular and universally understood commitment.”

Sources within the coalition say that the government is keen to have a bill voted on before Easter next year. Conservative backbenchers are calling for any such vote to be a free vote.

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The UK government is currently seeking to legalise same-sex marriage. It now appears that if the legislation is passed, school teachers who refuse to promote same-sex marriage in schools could face the sack.

The Coalition for Marriage sought legal advice on the further implications of re-defining marriage affecting schools, churches, hospitals, foster carers and public buildings.

The findings of the legal advice concluded schools would be within their rights to sack staff who refuse to use text books or teaching material that promote homosexuality.

Parents who refuse to allow their children to take part in lessons where same-sex marriage is promoted, would find they are unable to do so.

The report also found that the impact of the re-definition of marriage would have far reaching implications, even meaning official forms would need to be rewritten with the terms “husbands” and “wives” replaced with more “neutral” terms.

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Muslims protest ‘age of mockery’ as thousands descend on Google HQ – Telegraph

Muslims Protest outside Google HQ LondonMuslims protest ‘age of mockery’ as thousands descend on Google HQ – Telegraph.

Muslim’s from across the United Kingdom have descended on London to protest outside the British Head Quarters of Google.

The protesters are demanding Google remove the anti-Muslim movie, “The Innocence of Muslims”, off YouTube. The organiser of the rally, Masound Alam has warned of further protests outside Google offices world wide until the movie is banned, adding “This is not freedom of expression, there is a limit for that. This insult of the Prophet will not be allowed.”

Protests held up banners saying “Freedom of Speech = Hatred to Muslims?”, and are arguing that we are in an “Age of Mockery”.

One of the speakers, Sheikh Faiz Al-Aqtab Siddiqui, told The Daily Telegraph: “Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people.

“Organisations like Google are key players and have to take responsibility for civility. You can’t just say it doesn’t matter that it’s freedom of speech. It’s anarchy.”

YouTube have responded saying the video does not violate any of their terms of usage, and will therefore stay on their site. What is offensive to one person, or in one country is not in another.


BBC News – Controversial preacher Todd Bentley refused entry into the UK

Controversial preacher Todd Bentley refused entry into the UK

A controversial Canadian preacher, who claims he can cure illness by kicking people in the face, has been refused entry to the UK, the Home Office has confirmed.

Todd Bentley describes himself as a “healing evangelist, revivalist, and author” and is based in the US.

He had been invited to preach at Portadown Christian Centre, County Armagh, next month.

However, local clergy had raised concerns with his unorthodox methods.

These are said to include choking people and pushing them over.

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The Dalai Lama is to be touring the UK, starting June 16th- 23rd.

His tour will begin in Manchester, central England. Where he will spend three days. On his first day he will concentrate on the youth, giving a talk: “Stand Up and Be the Change”.

When he has finished in Manchester he will go to London for an event, before heading north to Scotland.

The Dalai Lama will talk in Edinburgh, Dundee, and Inverness.

This is an important time in the UK. London is holding the Olympics in August, and this is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Prophet TV have reported on the terrorist threat the Olympics poses to London, with security experts even talking about the threat of a dirty bomb attack.

As the Dalai Lama travels the length of the country the Olympic torch is also beginning carried the length of breath of Britain.

The Jubilee has been a wonderful focus for the people of Britain promoting unity across the country, at a time where division is common.

In Scotland, the nationalist movement is pushing Scottish independence, a move which would be disastrous for Scotland and highly costly to the rest for the UK as well.

The Dalai Lama’s visit to Inverness will see him visiting the UKs most northerly city. Inverness is beside Loch Ness, famous for the Loch Ness monster.

Prophet TV has reported on the plan of the Tibetan Buddhist spirits to bring division to America. Are they seeking to bring division to the UK as well?

We have also shown time and again how the Dalai Lama leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. With the eyes of the world on London this summer, what could the enemy have planned?


The biggest threat to growth in America is the economic situation in Europe.

World leaders are growing frustrated at the Eurozone’s failure to find a workable solution.

The United Kingdom is highly exposed to the trouble in Europe.

With the UK back into recession and figures showing that government spending is propping up the UK economy it is essential the economic storm does not cross the Channel to Britain.

However as Prophet TV has been reporting for years the financial markets are faith based systems.

Even now if confidence can be restored and correct decisions taken disaster could still be averted.