TV Helicopter Crashes on Brooklyn Rooftop – New York Times

By SABRINA TAVERNISE and ANDY NEWMAN; Michael Brick, Thomas J. Lueck and Jess Wisloski contributed reporting for this article
Published: May 05, 2004

A television news helicopter covering a triple shooting in Brooklyn spun out of control and crashed onto the roof of a Flatbush apartment building last night, snapping in two but sparing the three people on board any serious injuries.

The WNBC-TV helicopter, Chopper 4, hit the roof of a four-story brick apartment building at 2502 Cortelyou Road about 6:30 p.m., and then plunged onto the roof of a two-story building, the authorities said.

The helicopter landed in two pieces on the roof of the smaller building, 2514 Cortelyou Road near East 25th Street.

”I cannot believe that three people walked away from that,” a neighbor, Dwayne Simpkins, said.

The people on board, a reporter, Andrew Torres, and two pilots, Russ Mowry and Hassan Taan-Marin, were taken to area hospitals. None of their injuries were life-threatening, the police said.

”We’ve spoken to all three men and they seem to be O.K.,” said Liz Fischer, a spokeswoman for WNBC. ”We’re just thankful that they’re safe.”


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TV Helicopter Crashes on Brooklyn Rooftop – New York Times

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  1. After Sept. 11 2001, much innocent blood was spilt in New York City. Death and murder were up. We sent our man into the city to begin to deal with the innocent blood spilt.
    As he focused on Tribeca, getting on the subway, he suddenly found himself on the wrong train and under brooklyn. Getting out of the train on the platform and waiting for the next train, a tremendous amount of virtue was flowing out of him.
    Little did he know, what was happening directly above his head.
    He finally got on the next train heading back, and went directly to his hotel room and collapsed, totally exhausted. Not understanding what happened, he flipped on the news and saw the report of the accident that had just happened, directly above his head.
    They were calling it a miracle. No one died.

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