Who runs the world? GAYS!

MFM Transmedia presents “Run the World (Gays)” by creator, writer, and producer Christian Schulte, director and choreographer Leah Dowdy, and editor/cinematographer Alicia Slough. “historic and unprecedented turnout of LGBTQ candidates running in the 2018 Midterm RTW” is a celebration of the Election.

The music video strikes an inclusive, unifying, and powerful message, that together, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We strive to take our responsibility seriously, and carry on the baton of progress from the previous generation. While our ancestors fought for hope and acceptance, and we now run for equality and acceptance —in society, in our communities, and in elected office.

This group of young artists are promoting activism and awareness through music and dance, set to the undeniably fierce empowerment anthem: Beyonce?’s “Run the World (Girls)”. In 2018, we have seen individuals from every race, creed, sexual orientation, and gender identity rise to the occasion of running for office on every level of government. This work embodies the collective pride we have in them, as they seek to represent our interests and protect our American rights and values. It sends a clear and defiant message that it is possible to live in the kind of country we imagine for ourselves; a nation in which anyone with a dream for a better way of life can become a leader, while simultaneously being exactly who they were born to be.

Cast members include Asia Miller (Dream Girls, The Greatest Showman), Steve Fogelman (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire), Kendra Alexander (America’s Got Talent, “Til’ the World Ends”, Britney Spears), Hana Kozuka (GMA, MTV’s TRL), Lily Davis (After Everything, Happy!, SyFy) and Shaun-Avery Williams (Christmas of Many Colors, NBC).

Involved with the “RTW” production team are director/choreographer Leah Dowdy (“Lose You”, Camille Trust) cinematographer/editor Alicia Slough (Modern Hero), MFM Transmedia founder Molly Fahey (Grand Theft Auto V, Shirley), and sound producer Andry De Leon.

Christian Schulte, (The President Show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) the creator, writer, and producer of “Run the World (Gays)” endeavored to make a political mark ahead of this high-stakes election, while also turning the focus to inclusion and unity over division and partisanship. “I can think of nothing more American than standing up for what you believe to be right, and fighting with your heart, ideas, and faith in something that is bigger than yourself,” said Schulte. “We honor those who came before us that gave us hope, and we continue their run toward a government and a country that is kinder, stronger, more accepting, and more representative of each of its citizens.