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G7 Summit: UK PM “Build Back Better” in a “More Gender-Neutral, Feminine Way”

In a speech at the G7 summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged world leader s to “Build Back Better”, as the world rebuilds after the pandemic. He also called for a “more gender-neutral, feminine way”. The PM also said this was a time to come together to deal with issues surrounding climate change.

[W]hat the people of our countries now want us to focus on [is] beating the pandemic together, and discussing how we’ll never have a repeat of what we’ve seen, but also that we’re building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and… in a more gender-neutral, and perhaps a more feminine way,” said Johnson.

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Has the Navy been Neutered with new gender-neutral carriers?

The Navy’s new carrier classes will be without urinals.  Have woman or the genderless taken over the Navy or is it something else?

Actually, drain pipes from urinals clog more often and are higher in maintenance costs versus toilets.  The neutrality also offers flexibility to accommodate female sailors.

What you won’t get at prophet.tv is a neutered message.  However, some men are neutered.  For more on real men and how you can avoid becoming neutered see this teaching by prophet.tv on Building the Warrior.

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