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Hong Kong’s Last Pro-Democracy Newspaper to Close this Week

The pro-democracy newspaper, “The Apple”, is the print its final newspaper this week. The closure comes after Hong Kong police raided their premises last week. Police arrested  five editor and executives, and froze assets $2.3 million.

“It’s a sad and alarming development. It’s not entirely unexpected, given the Beijing authorities and Hong Kong government have been grinding toward this goal,” Former Deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Yates said Wednesday on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.”

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New Police Departmetn for Hong Kong to Enforce New National Security Law

Hong Kong’s chief security official, John Lee Ka-chiu confirmed that a new police force will be created to enforce the New Security Law which Beijing is imposing on the island.

The unit will have intelligence gathering capabilities and will coordinate with Chinese officials.

“I’m sure that the mainland [Chinese] authorities have a much wider network of intelligence gathering and also a much higher level of analysis. They have a helicopter view of the whole thing. So they will let us know the whole picture when we, as a city, may not be able to just use our information,” Lee said.

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Chinese President Xi Warns of “Crushed Bodies” Over Hong Kong Protests

President Xi has issued a stern warning to protesters in Hong Kong, saying the protests will end in “crushed bodies and shattered bones”.

Violent protests, which began in June,  are continuing. The protests are over Chinese government interference in Hong Kong. Many fear that the Chinese government may send in the military to quash the protests. Police have been secretly infiltrating the protesters in a bid to stop the movement; and there are reports that mainland Chinese forces are aiding Hong Kong police already.

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Protesters in Hong Kong Sing Hallelujah to the Lord

A simple hymn sung in Hong Kong’s churches has become the anthem of the protesters across the city. The protests are about new extradition laws that China want to impose on Hong Kong.

At first the Christian protestors hoped the hymn would release tensions with the police. For Christians the protests are not only political but also religious. They can see the new laws being used to limit religious freedoms they enjoy, but are not shared by the church in mainland China. Many Christians in Hong Kong have smuggled Bibles to the mainland, and the new laws could see them arrested and sent their to face trial. Hong Kong is also a safe haven for Chinese believers who have fled the persecution of the mainland.

However, the hymn has quickly been taken up by all the protestors, not only those of faith. The Hong Kong authorities have said have suspended the bill, however protestors say they will continue until the bill is scrapped entirely.

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