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Barak Obama Re-Elected

Barak Obama has been re-elected President for a second term. Mitt Romney conceded shortly after learning the key swing state of Ohio went to the President. Florida and Alaska are still to declare.

The Presidential elections have coincided with elections for a number of seats in the House and the Senate. This has seen the GOP, (Grand Old Party) retain control of the House: with 221 for the Republicans and 164 for the Democrats, so far. The Democrats have a narrow majority in the Senate: with 51 seats over the Republicans 44. It is feared that the gridlock in Congress could continue after the election.

A number of States were also voting on far reaching issues such as gay-marriage, Obamacare, the legalisation of marijuana, and the use of condoms in the porn industry. So far Maine has voted to legalise same-sex marriage: the first state to do so after a popular vote on the issue.