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Illegal Aliens In Sanctuary Cities Regret Coming To America

Border crossers and illegal aliens are fleeing sanctuary cities in the United States and heading back to their native countries.

“The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” said Castejon as he laidon a blanket on the bare floor of the station the afternoon before they left. “There’s nothing here for us,”

“We didn’t know things would be this hard,” he said. “I thought the process was faster.”

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TSA Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal Alien

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) actually approved a course teaching 25 illegal aliens how to fly planes from a school owned by… another illegal alien.  6 of them actually went on to acquire pilot’s licenses.

Discovery of this was made by local police on a routine traffic stop of the owner.

The illegal alien owner held two FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) pilot licenses, also known as FAA certificates.

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security, Rep. Mike Rogers finds this “… amazing.  We have cancer patients, Iraq War veterans and Nobel Prize winners all forced to undergo rigorous security checks before getting on an airplane,…at the same time, ten years after 9/11, there are foreign nationals in the United States trained to fly just like Mohammed Atta and the other 9/11 hijackers did…”

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See for source article TSA Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal Alien | CNSNews.com.