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Apple’s Next Update To include Personal Digital Voice

Apple on Tuesday previewed a suite of accessibility features that will be coming “later this year” in its next big iPhone update.
The new “Personal Voice” feature, expected as part of iOS 17, will let iPhones and iPads generate digital reproductions of a user’s voice for in-person conversations and on phone, FaceTime and audio calls.

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iPhone “Zero Click” Spyware

A new cyberattack targetting iphones has been detected. The “Zero Click” attack exploits iMessage, and allows hackers to gain controls without any human interaction.

A successful zero-click attack was observed this month on a fully patched iphone 12.

“Attacks like the ones described are highly sophisticated, cost millions of dollars to develop, often have a short shelf life, and are used to target specific individuals,” said Ivan Krstić, head of Apple security engineering and architecture. “While that means they are not a threat to the overwhelming majority of our users, we continue to work tirelessly to defend all our customers, and we are constantly adding new protections for their devices and data.”

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Hackers Can Access iPhone Via Text

Google  Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich has said that hackers can access an iPhone via iMessanger through an interaction-less bug in the text.

“These can be turned into the sort of bugs that will execute code and be able to eventually be used for weaponized things like accessing your data,” said Silvanovich at a security conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, according to a report by Wired.

Silvanovich became interested in researching interaction-less bugs when studying a similar vulnerability in What’s App.

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Bible App Downloaded 65 Million Times

YouVersion’s Bible app has been downloaded 65 million times.  It is has been ranked third for iPad and ninth for the iPhone by Appsfire in non game categories.

The site/app was created by Bobby Greunewald.  He used to run a professional wrestling website!  The inspiration came to him while waiting in a security line at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.  Before he arrived at his gate of departure Greunewald had registered the domain name which is YouVersion.

There is approximately 300 versions that can be downloaded and options for people in 144 different languages.